80+ Funny Sleep Puns to Make You Laugh All Night

Sleep is an essential aspect of life. Since everyone sleeps, you can make anyone laugh with sleep puns. Read the funniest ones for a good laugh.

Person sleeping on their side.
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There’s nothing as refreshing as getting a good night’s sleep.

While the amount of sleep varies, most adults need between 7 to 9 hours.

Sleep affects your mental and physical health. Getting enough rest is essential for feeling good.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following sleep puns.

You might laugh yourself to sleep, or they’ll keep you up laughing all night.

The ultimate list of sleep puns

1. Good night, deer.

2. It was like a sleep on the face.

Person sleeping on their back.
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3. Corduroy pillows make headlines.

4. Sleeping is so easy. I could do it with my eyes closed.

5. Chickens go to sleep when they’re eggs-hausted.

6. A sleeping dinosaur is a dino-snore.

7. A princess sleeps on an heir mattress.

8. Dragons sleep during the day because they fight knights.

9. Have a good sheep.

10. Jeff Bezos sleeps with paj-Amazon.

11. I’m going to sleep until I feel butter.

12. After falling off the bed, the blanket said, “Oh sheet.”

13. I sleep in a castle once per month. It’s my fort night.

14. I fell asleep on a crossword and woke up with a puzzled look.

15. The food that sleeps the most is pizzza.

16. If you want to put an astronaut’s baby to sleep, you rocket.

17. I was offered a job at the mattress store, but I told them I’d sleep on it.

18. The water was sleeping through my clothes.

19. I need my beau-tea sleep.

20. I’m feeling slee-pea.

21. If you eat cookies before bed, you’ll have a crummy sleep.

22. I had clear dreams after forgetting to remove my contacts.

23. I sleep on a lamp. I’m a light sleeper.

24. If you want to know how long you sleep, bring a ruler to bed.

25. Before a spy goes to sleep, they go undercover.

Spy sleeping.
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26. That’s a sleep hill.

27. Sleeping upside down is challenging for young bats. But they’ll get the hang of it.

28. I wear sleepers around the house.

29. The floor is sleep-pery.

30. I wear non-sleep shoes to work.

31. I wear caffeine-infused socks to prevent my feet from falling asleep.

32. It’s been a long day for the broom. It wants to go to sweep.

33. Wheels are the sleepiest part of a car. They’re always tired.

34. A bed’s favorite heavy metal band is Sleep-knot.

35. I’m becoming a better sleeper because I practice every night.

36. Scuba divers put on a snore-kel before going to sleep.

37. Dreaming in color is a pigment of your imagination.

38. A sleeping bull is a bulldozer.

39. I put sugar under my pillow to have sweet dreams.

40. I fell asleep on my iPhone. It downloaded a nap.

41. Vegetables sleep on a bed of lettuce.

42. I eat when I can’t sleep. It’s called insom-nom-nom-ia.

43. I slept on my bike because I didn’t want to walk in my sleep.

44. The Italian chef told his daughter, “It’s pasta bedtime.”

45. There was a kidnapping at school. It’s okay because he woke up.

46. Fish sleep in a river bed.

47. When kids don’t want to sleep, they’re resisting a rest.

Kid in bed reaching to the side.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

48. The gingerbread man sleeps on cookie sheets.

49. Keyboards never sleep because they have two shifts.

50. Cows read dairy-tales to their calves every night.

51. I was wondering why I couldn’t sleep all night. Then, it dawned on me.

52. Tall people sleep longer in bed.

53. It’s a sleep year.

54. I walked quietly past the medicine cabinet because I didn’t want to wake up the sleeping pills.

55. A sleeping wood chopper is a slumber-jack.

56. A turtle that sleeps during the day is noc-turtle.

57. Clowns always wake up with neck pain because they sleep funny.

58. A sandwich sleeps in peanut butter and jammies.

59. A bookworm sleeps between the covers.

60. I started working at a sleep study clinic. It’s my dream job.

61. Mechanics sleep under cars when they have to wake up oily.

62. I got tired after coloring with cra-yawns.

63. Chess players sleep in king-sized beds.

64. Dogs wear paw-jamas to sleep.

65. I slept in the fireplace to sleep like a log.

66. Tulips sleep in flower beds.

67. The clock was tock-ing in its sleep.

68. I leave the music on when I go to bed. It ensures I have a sound sleep.

69. A sleepwalking nun is a roamin’ Catholic.

70. A sleeping bag is also known as a nap-sack.

71. Look before you sleep.

72. A quantum sleep.

73. Tennis players go to sleep around tennis-h.

74. The cow said to its calf, “It’s pasture bedtime.”

75. If you want to prove you’re not a light sleeper, sleep in the dark.

76. Someone stole all the energy drinks from the store. I don’t know how they can sleep at night.

77. Insomnia is no joke. People are losing sleep over it.

Person sitting in bed and unable to sleep.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

78. When I sleep in a hotel, I say, “Suite dreams.”

79. The grain farmer was arrested while sleeping. He was lying under oats.

80. I’m slee-bee.

81. I put my phone case to bed. I rest my case.

82. Rocks sleep in bedrocks.

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