105+ Best Eye Puns You’ll Ever See

The eyes are one of the five human senses and allow you to see. They’re also excellent for wordplay. Read the top eye puns anyone has ever seen.

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Different parts of the eye work together to give you vision. Eyesight is fantastic because it allows you to see the beautiful world.

Aside from sight, it’s one of the best words for humor. It’s so easy to create hilarious puns.

Read the following eye puns for a good laugh. They’re also perfect for sharing when learning about them or visiting an optometrist.

Hilarious eye puns that are cornea than ever

1. That’s a fantastic eye-dea.

2. Eye have no clue.

3. Eye, eye, captain.

4. You have m-eye heart.

5. This is goodb-eye.

6. There’s a lot of pupil here.

7. Bad puns are how eye roll.

Eye rolling.
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8. Eye see what you did there.

9. You’re an eye-con.

10. Let’s take a h-eye-ke.

11. You look im-macula-te.

12. Iris you a Merry Christmas.

13. It’s hard to dec-eye-de between the two.

14. They’re cr-eye-ing for help.

15. Wh-eye would you do such a thing?

16. P-eye is the best dessert.

17. Don’t l-eye to me.

18. We’ll f-eye-nd a way to work this out.

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19. What a t-eye-me to be alive.

20. The construction company is building a new sk-eye-scraper.

21. You look so st-eye-lish.

22. The cross-eyed teacher quit because they couldn’t control their pupils.

23. The left eye said to the right, “Between us, there’s something that smells.”

24. You’re my fovea-rite person.

25. I’m using a new hand moistur-eye-zer.

26. There’s a webpage for people with chronic eye pain. It’s a site for sore eyes.

27. Eye-solation makes you feel lonely.

28. Turn r-eye-te at the intersection.

29. The stadium has br-eye-te l-eye-ghts.

30. R-eyes and shine.

31. This is the eye-deal solution.

32. Let’s take an eye-Q test.

33. I run a few m-eye-les every morning.

34. I’m reading a book about samur-eye warriors.

Eye with lashes.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

35. D-eye-monds are a girl’s best friend.

36. Hey g-eyes, how’s it going?

37. He’s one of my eye-dols.

38. The font was eye-talicized.

39. They look eye-dentical.

40. Eye-ron sharpens eye-ron.

41. Thanks for the inv-eye-te.

42. We’re stranded on an eye-land.

43. The speaker was insp-eye-ring.

44. I’ll need d-eye-rections.

45. I’m traveling to Eye-rland.

46. The situation had d-eye-re consequences.

47. Be careful when driving in the cold. The roads are eye-cy.

48. Read the f-eye-les.

49. The company’s offering a free tr-eye-al.

50. My doctor told me to eat more f-eye-ber.

51. My daughter is learning how to dr-eye-ve.

52. This is your f-eye-nal warning.

53. I m-eye-ght need your help.

54. It’s been a wh-eye-le. We should catch up.

55. He was dealing with a family cr-eye-sis.

56. I appreciate your adv-eye-ce.

57. It was done beh-eye-nd my back.

58. Eye-ther one works for me.

59. I appl-eye-d for a new job.

60. My friend has a degree in f-eye-nance.

61. It’s all in the name of sc-eye-nce.

62. I like to have var-eye-ty.

63. The competition is acq-eye-ring their company.

64. NASA is replacing old satell-eye-tes.

65. You’re a w-eyes person.

Two eyes.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

66. I’d like to fly on a pr-eye-vate jet.

67. You meet all the req-eye-rements.

68. I want to become a better wr-eye-ter.

69. Good t-eye-mes.

70. I exerc-eyes tw-eye-ce a week.

71. I love my w-eye-fe.

72. Draw a l-eye-ne in the sand.

73. The scientists are running two experiments s-eye-multaneously.

74. This is so exc-eye-ting.

75. They moved to quash the ind-eye-tment.

76. I’m filling out a form to submit an inq-eye-ry.

77. Don’t leave your car eye-dling.

78. Watch out for poison eye-vy.

79. I’m going to the store to pick up a few eye-tems.

80. His eye-dentity was stolen.

81. My optometrist said I have bad vision, but I don’t see the problem.

Eyes and eyebrows.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

82. Eye doctors always take the elevator. They hate stares.

83. Eye puns aren’t puns. They’re optical illusions.

84. My friend keeps losing his contacts. I told him he needs to keep an eye on them.

85. I’m looking for a new eye doctor. I can’t see mine anymore.

86. Programmers have perfect vision because they can C++.

87. I rubbed ketchup in my eyes. In Heinz-sight, that was a bad idea.

88. Can you do me a fovea?

89. A fish without eyes is fish-ually impaired.

90. I love learning about d-eye-nosaurs.

91. Eye think we make a great pair.

92. If you don’t have vision insurance, you should look into it.

93. Apple is launching a new eye-Phone.

94. I’ll meet you at the cornea.

95. A deer without eyes is a no-eye-deer.

96. The optometrist fell into a lens grinder and made a spectacle of himself.

97. Iris my case.

98. Eyes, eyes, baby.

99. Eye like to b-eye in bulk.

100. Eye see you’re upset. There’s no need to lash out.

Eye with eyelashes.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

101. Eye am what eye am.

102. The cornea, the better.

103. Life can be eye-ronic.

104. It def-eyes gravity.

105. My new plant is a bons-eye tree.

106. Have a good n-eye-ght.

107. The company is looking for a new suppl-eye-r.

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