50+ Funny Sock Puns to Knock Your Socks Off

Socks provide a layer of protection for your feet. There are different types and lengths. Whether wearing or shopping for them, read funny sock puns.

Pair of crew socks.
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Socks are an essential item in your wardrobe. While they provide a layer between your feet and shoes, socks can do much more.

They come in various lengths. Examples include no-show, ankle, crew, and thigh-high.

Some socks have a lot of padding, while others are thin.

You can also wear compression socks for exercise and sports. They can prevent fatigue and soreness.

Regardless of which type you wear, laugh with the following sock puns.

Hilarious sock puns

1. You sock.

2. Sock it up.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

3. I’m reading about the Greek philosopher Sock-rates.

4. Sock-agawea was a significant part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

5. I’m playing in a sock-er tournament.

6. One sock said to the other, “We’re the perfect pair.”

7. Life would sock without you.

8. I started wearing new socks to the gym, and they got ripped.

9. Golfers always bring extra socks because they might get a hole-in-one.

10. I got a job at the sock exchange.

11. The socks broke up. One of them always had to be right, so the other left.

12. The hat said to the sock, “I’ll go on ahead, and you go on a foot.”

13. After being taken off, the sock felt defeeted.

14. I found the missing sock. It feels like I reunited lost soles.

15. Sometimes, you need to make sock-rifices.

16. I wear the same socks to church every week. They’re so holy.

17. The groom wore wool socks to the wedding in case he got cold feet.

18. When you cross a fish with a pair of socks, you get a sockeye salmon.

19. The sock business reached a high level of sock-cess.

Pair of socks.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

20. They sock-umbed to the pressure.

21. The speaker gave a sock-cinct speech.

22. I wear seer-sock-er suits in the summer.

23. It’s a sock-red building.

24. We’re having a potato sock race.

25. I’m here to tran-sock some business.

26. You’re looking socks-y.

27. I was given a keep-sock gift.

28. My favorite brand for running shoes is Sock-ony.

29. We’re going shopping at Socks Fifth Avenue.

30. I spilled water on my bread, and it became sock-y.

31. I’m making la-sock-na for dinner.

32. We’re having a di-sock-greement.

33. Thank you for your sock-gestions.

34. I have a sock-ret to tell you.

35. The building is sock-ure.

36. Let’s have a sock-ond round.

37. I spoke to the sock-retary to set up a meeting.

38. I’m going to sock-lude myself to study.

Pair of socks.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

39. A bear without socks is barefoot.

40. The pain of losing a sock is unpairable.

41. My sock collection is the by far the best. It’s unmatched.

42. I ride my sock-way to work.

43. I’m studying sock-ology.

44. I’m a sock-er for you.

45. The biggest sock company is in Sock-holm, Sweden.

46. That person’s the laughing-sock.

47. The socks are being sock-piled.

48. A sock maker’s favorite cookie is sock-olate chip.

49. She’s a wealthy ari-sock-rat.

50. We’re sock-ing up on socks for the year.

51. Socks are on sale because the company over-sock-ed.

52. The financial advisor recommended investing in the sock market.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.