120+ Hilarious Deer Puns to Make You Laugh Doe Hard

Deer are mammals with hoofs in the Cervidae family. They’re also the only animals with antlers. Read hilarious deer puns for a good laugh.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Deer have long legs, short tails, and antlers. While they’re adaptable animals, their home is the forest.

There are also many types of deer. Examples include white-tailed, red, fallow, moose, and elk.

Whether seeing them in the wild or zoo, read the following deer puns for a laugh.

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The ultimate list of deer puns

1. Whoa deer.

2. Whoomp! Deer it is.

Deer sitting down.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

3. I’m just won-deer-ing.

4. Not all who wan-deer are lost.

5. That’s doe truth.

6. The deer got braces because it had buck teeth.

7. You’re doe funny.

8. I shed a few deers.

9. I’m a big fawn.

10. I’m quite fawn-d of you.

11. I doe not remember you.

12. My deer.

13. Consi-deer it done.

14. I made apple ci-deer.

15. Follow the lea-deer.

16. They have mo-deer-ate views.

17. You’re won-deer-ful.

18. That’s un-deer-standable.

19. The fawn is starting kin-deer-garten.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

20. They came to a mutual un-deer-standing.

21. A deer with skin issues goes to a deer-matologist.

22. You’re so en-deer-ing.

23. I’m need deer-ections.

24. There was a volcanic deer-uption.

25. The organization’s looking for volun-deers.

26. Take control of the s-deer-ing wheel.

27. The Three Muska-deers.

28. Doe your best.

29. Deer practice martial arts in the doe-jo.

30. It’s a deer-etical situation.

31. We’re in this toge-deer.

32. I’d ra-deer not.

33. What’s doe-ne is doe-ne.

34. Open the doe-r.

35. There must be a doe-zen of them.

36. The fawn is spinning.

37. You look fawn-cy.

38. You’re a weir-doe.

39. Buck off.

40. I read it in a stag-azine.

41. Stag them on top of each other.

42. I read stag-gering facts about deer.

43. A deer’s favorite fast food restaurant is Deer-y Queen.

44. I saw deer drinking water from the fawn-tain.

45. Doe-n’t worry. Be happy.

46. Deer you are.

47. You’re so deer to me.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

48. It costs less than a buck.

49. For real doe.

50. Hanging on for deer life.

51. I deer you.

52. Oh, deer.

53. Just doe it.

54. I love eating cookie doe.

55. I’m glad we fawn-d each other.

56. You have no i-deer.

57. I went deer-ectly home after work.

58. Deer deer.

59. Deer talk about feelings with a deer-apist.

60. Ten-deer and kind.

61. You’re a deer-lightful person.

62. A sad deer is deer-pressed.

63. Doe-ble or nothing.

64. Open the win-doe-s for fresh air.

65. Par-doe-n me.

66. Nice tuxe-doe.

67. I saw a sha-doe.

68. It was a fawn-tasy.

69. A deer’s favorite football team is the Tampa Bay Buck-aneers.

70. You’re fawn-tastic.

71. I’m having so much fawn.

72. A rich and young deer gets money from the trust fawn-d.

73. I want a re-fawn-d.

74. Buck-le up.

75. I always make a to-doe list.

76. You wouldn’t deer.

77. It has deer consequences.

78. I drink non-deer-y milk.

79. You’re out-doe-ing all of us.

80. I’m taking time off but not going anywhere. It’s a stag-ation.

81. I’m doe-roughly impressed by you.

82. I love reading the work of Henry David Doe-reau.

83. I caved in doe to deer pressure.

84. At the crack of fawn.

85. I’ll be fawn in the morning.

86. I’m don’t mean to stag.

87. Better buck next time.

88. All in a doe’s work.

Three does.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

89. Dip your doe in the water.

90. Hoove are you?

91. A deer without eyes is called a no-eye deer.

92. Let’s play truth or deer.

93. You’re one of my deer-est friends.

94. The deer is deer-ecting a new film.

95. What’s for deer-ner?

96. Use a deer-mometer to measure the temperature.

97. You doe-k my breath away.

98. A deer in space is a star buck.

99. Deer brush with hoof paste.

100. Deer love sour-doe bread.

101. Easy doe-s it.

102. The doctor increased the doe-sage.

103. You’re one of doe-se people.

104. Hello, deer-ling.

105. I’m doe proud of you.

Puns based on types of deer

1. Roe, roe, roe your boat.

2. I’ve seen moose of them.

3. I marsh ask you a question.

4. I find you a-moose-ing.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. You’re w-elk-ome.

6. I’ve red that book before.

7. You’re a p-roe at this.

8. I love sitting on my b-elk-ony.

9. I made a moose-take.

10. A person that’s obsessed with elk is an elk-oholic.

11. You’re my roe-le model.

12. I went ac-roe-ss town.

13. According to my c-elk-ulations.

14. The restaurant has a charming at-moose-phere.

15. I went to the deer moose-eum.

16. Deer go on dates to the moose-ical.

17. Nice moose-tache.

18. I really caribou-t you.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

19. Like moose-ic to my ears.

20. You roe-se to the occasion.

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