200+ Funny Fish Puns That Are Of-fish-ially the Best

Fish are aquatic animals. They have gills, fins, and scales. Whether fishing or learning about them, read funny fish puns for a good laugh.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

You can find different fish species in every body of water.

There are more than 20,000 species, with the whale shark being the largest.

The smallest fish is the dwarf pygmy goby, rarely growing longer than half an inch.

Fish are a diverse and beautiful species. If you’re ready to laugh, read the following fish puns.

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Hilarious fish puns

1. It’s of-fish-ial.

2. Fish, what?

3. You’ve got fish-ues.

4. When you’re online, protect yourself from fishing.

5. I’m learning about arti-fish-ial intelligence.

6. You’re so ef-fish-ient.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

7. The company is at a de-fish-it.

8. I’m going to of-fish-iate a wedding.

9. Some people are super-fish-ial.

10. You have to be pro-fish-ional at work.

11. I have to con-fish something.

12. We’re going to a fish-tival.

13. I took on a job as a pro-fish-or at the local college.

14. It was a fish-ious cycle.

15. We’re having a fish-tive celebration.

16. The group shared their mani-fish-to.

17. People don’t like anchovies because they’re a little fishy.

18. I think you’re fin-tastic.

19. We’re looking to improve ef-fish-iancy.

20. There’s going to be a de-bait.

21. Best fishes.

22. The jury found the fish to be gill-ty.

23. You look so-fish-ticated.

24. You’re the gill of my dreams.

25. Fish drink coffee every morning for the caf-fin.

26. Fish are great at keeping sea-crets.

27. I’m watching the fin-ale.

28. My goal is to drink a gill-on of water.

29. The fish schooled you.

30. The fish didn’t make it on the team because it wasn’t up to scale.

31. I’m ab-scale-utely excited to go to the aquarium.

32. Fish-ure!

33. I’ve got no-fin left to give.

34. Fish raise money by fin-draising.

35. Fish keep money in a river bank.

36. Fish sleep in a river bed.

37. Fish can check their weight anytime because they have plenty of scales.

38. I began watching a show about fish. I’m totally hooked.

School of fish.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

39. My boss said I need to go into the of-fish.

40. I’m having so much fin.

41. The richest fish is worth a gill-ion dollars.

42. Fish are always keeping it reel.

43. I fish you were here.

44. I don’t want to get fin-volved.

45. You’re being sus-fish-ious.

46. Be careful what you fish for.

47. Just fin time.

48. I can’t see the fish because it’s in-fish-ible.

49. We made a big fin-vestment.

50. There’s a fin line.

51. A fish’s favorite dessert is gill-ato.

52. Thanks for the fin-formation.

53. Some fish can be of-fin-sive.

54. I’m requesting a re-fin-d.

55. The fish didn’t graduate because its grades were below sea-level.

56. I bought a fish tank on scale.

57. Fish keep up with the ocean by listening to the current news.

58. A fish that doesn’t believe in war is a paci-fish-t.

59. The government is working on fish-cal policy.

60. I’ll be here fin-til the end.

61. A fish’s least favorite day is fry-day.

62. The teacher con-fish-cated their phones.

63. The device is mal-fin-ctioning.

64. I’m on the fin-ce about it.

65. The new technology is fin-novative.

66. It was an fin-timate date.

67. The fish went on a date to the sym-fin-y.

68. We’re having cheese fin-due.

69. You can fish it, but you can’t take it.

70. A fish without an eye is a fsh.

71. I’m waiting for a fish-ual.

72. A fish can re-gill-ate its body temperature.

73. Sin-gill and ready to min-gill.

74. Happy fin-niversary!

75. I’d like to fin-troduce you to my fish.

76. You have fin-tegrity.

77. The fish is a re-gill-er to the restaurant.

78. I’m learning how to play an fin-strument.

79. We’re going snor-gill-ing.

80. Fish eat ba-gills for breakfast.

81. I’m trying to em-fish-size the importance.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

82. It gave me the gills.

83. They fulfilled the pro-fish-y.

84. Call me on my cell-fin.

85. You look fin-cy.

86. I’ll always de-fin-d you.

87. I can’t trust a fish-onest person.

88. I fin-sist.

89. Fish better have my money.

90. I’m fish-ually impaired.

91. How much do you want to bait?

92. I’m a big fin of you.

93. To in-fin-ity and beyond.

94. I’m fishing you the happiest birthday.

95. My fish-ion’s a little blurry.

96. That fish is a reel legend.

97. Good things come to those who bait.

98. During an argument, the fish said, “I don’t sea your point.”

99. You’re so fin-ny.

100. Any-fin is possible.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

101. You’re gill-iant.

102. The fish blushed after seeing the ocean’s bottom.

Funny fish puns by species

1. I’m feeling betta than ever.

2. The injured fish went to see a sturgeon.

3. Cod I borrow you for a minute?

4. Oh my cod.

5. You can tune a guitar, but you can’t tuna fish.

6. You’re being orca-ward.

7. Keep your anemones close.

8. There’s no trout about it.

9. Ask salmon else.

10. If you think of fish puns, let minnow.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

11. Oh carp.

12. You look ex-squid-site.

13. It’s bass-ically the same thing.

14. The puffer fish is looking blow-ted.

15. It was a great oppor-tuna-ty.

16. It took tuna half years.

17. You’re full of carp.

18. My friend was lost. We flounder.

19. I told the shark to jaws relax.

20. I didn’t do it on porpoise.

21. Roe, roe, roe your boat.

22. I’m ad-marlin you.

23. The fish got in tetra-ble.

24. I perch-ased a new fish tank.

25. I’m eel-y excited.

26. I’ll have bowfin them.

27. Without a trout.

28. I’d like to discus it with you.

29. The movie has excellent ray-tings.

30. Get in the gar.

31. I’m feeling shad.

32. I’m glad we cod it in time.

33. I need to bass-k you a question.

34. Trout with the old and in with the new.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

35. I’m wearing a gar-digan.

36. I enjoy spending time trout-side.

37. A fish that takes pictures is a pho-tautog-rapher.

38. The fish took its clothes to the tailor.

39. Keep things shrimp-le.

40. I love watching gar-toons.

41. I’m going through the data-bass.

42. Some fish are trout-spoken.

43. It’s time to coho-me.

44. You’re being sailfish.

45. Bring your umbrella because it’s ray-ning.

46. When you cross a banker and a fish, you get a loan shark.

47. This is the plaice to be.

48. We made a few lobster-vations.

49. That’s trout-rageous.

50. I get gar-sick on road trips.

51. Fish prefer bass-ketball or bass-ball.

52. My fish are trout-growing the tank.

53. The city’s building a new tuna-l.

54. Wahoo! I’m so excited.

55. You’re shrimp-ly amazing.

56. What’s scup?

57. The road is closed. We need to take a different trout.

58. I’m cleaning the gar-pet.

59. Put it in the bass-ket.

60. I’m trout-sourcing my work.

61. The horse was scallop-ing.

62. It’s made of plaice-tic.

63. What a load of pollocks.

64. The fish graduated from the a-cod-emy.

65. It was the fish of the de-cod.

66. You’ve got to be squid-ding.

67. You’re clam-azing.

68. Let’s go play at the ar-cod.

69. It was salmon else.

70. Let’s get out of this plaice.

71. That was c-ray-zy.

72. The shirt has a snook fit.

73. The fish works as a security gar-d.

74. You can’t change the bass-t.

75. I’m going shopping at the trout-let mall.

76. I was laughing tilipia.

77. We’re for-tuna-te to have you.

78. It’s a-trout time.

79. I’ll bass on this one.

80. I’m taking my kids to the gar-nival.

81. It was a koi.

82. You’re krill-ing it!

83. Keep calm and gar-ry on.

84. Join us for the barb-ecue.

85. Ayu! Come over here.

86. Blue tang clan.

87. I’m making mackeral-oni for dinner.

88. We snook into the event.

89. Carp-e diem!

90. It’s a pain in the bass.

91. You cod do better.

92. Whale, this is a surprise.

93. Snapper out of it.

94. This is the first time I’m herring about this.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

95. Salmon had to say it.

96. You’re krill-ing me, smalls.

97. The fish astronaut went to trout-er space.

98. Squid tend to over-ink things.

99. You’re so roe-mantic.

100. For heaven’s hake.

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