90+ Funny Shoe Puns That’ll Reach Your Sole

Shoes are an essential part of every outfit. The type you wear depends on the occasion. Read hilarious shoe puns for the next time you put on a pair.

Pair of athletic shoes.
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Shoes protect your feet, help you perform, and make you look stylish.

The modern style with laces at the top date back over 5,000 years. Today, there are many types of shoes.

You can choose between boots, sneakers, dress shoes, high heels, and sandals.

The following are the funniest shoe puns that you’ll love.

Share the shoe puns with your friends and footwear lovers to make them laugh their socks off.

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Funny shoe puns

1. Shoe are the best!

2. A thief wears sneakers.

3. A bully hates one type of shoes, good two shoes.

4. I miss shoe.

5. My wife wore heels for the first time. She’s reached new heights.

High heels.
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6. A Frenchman in sandals is called Philippe Philoppe.

7. Shoe fly, don’t bother me.

8. The shoe took a test and laced it!

9. Oh shoe-t.

10. The local shoe factory burned down last night. Thankfully there were no soles lost.

11. I shoes to be positive.

12. One shoe said to the other, “We’re sole mates.”

13. I boot new shoes at the store.

14. I didn’t think orthopedic shoes would help me, but I stand corrected.

Pair of athletic shoes.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

15. The salesperson said these shoes would heel me.

16. A Latin American creature that eats shoes is the Shoe-pacabra.

17. Ah-shoe! Bless shoe.

18. They called the police on the person wearing flip flops because they thought they were a clef-toe-maniac.

19. The shoes’ gravestone said, “May your sole rest in peace.”

20. The famous shoe philosopher is Sock-rates.

21. A ghost’s favorite shoe type is boots.

22. Shoe la la. I like these shoes.

23. The robot went to the shoe store to get rebooted.

24. One of my favorite games is shoe-ffleboard.

25. I need help trouble-shoe-ting.

26. I can shoe you the way.

27. I’m going to take a shoe-wer.

28. I hurt my shoe-lder playing baseball.

29. A place that has shoes for display is a shoe-room.

30. We swam to the shoe-re.

31. The boots store passed out bro-shoe-res about their new styles.

Pair of boots.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

32. Open the para-shoe-te.

33. I’ll catch shoe later.

34. This shoe-d help.

35. A plumber’s least favorite shoes are clogs.

36. The rain ties its shoelaces with a rainbow.

37. Santa can’t wear shoes because he has missile toes.

38. The one foot that’s impossible to find a shoe for is a square foot.

39. Baloo doesn’t want to wear shoes. He prefers bear feet.

40. A British apartment’s favorite shoes are flats.

41. The worst job I ever had was at a shoe recycling center. It was sole-destroying.

42. Shoelaces love to tell knot-knot jokes.

43. My friend has a talent for making clown shoes. It’s no small feet.

44. I bought shoes from a drug dealer. He must’ve laced them because I’ve been tripping all day.

Pair of Converse shoes.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

45. I’m going to wear a shoe on my head to be a foot taller.

46. Don’t buy velcro shoes. They’re a rip-off.

47. All shoemakers go to heaven because they have good soles.

48. Frogs wear open-toad shoes.

49. A bread’s favorite shoes are loafers.

50. The shoes didn’t have time because they were all tied up.

51. When the shoe stepped on the gum, the gum said, “I’m stuck on shoe.”

52. High heels keep you on your toes.

53. He went brogue.

54. It’s a-boat time.

55. Avoid people who try to sa-boot-age your efforts.

56. I’m going to the boot-anical garden.

57. One of my favorite desserts is shoe-rros.

58. I made a breakfast wrap with shoe-rizo.

59. It’ll happen shoe-ner or later.

60. She was the shoe-sen one.

Puns about shoe brands

1. One shoe said to the other, “Let’s Converse.”

2. Geese love to wear Duck Martens.

3. I Keen-t figure out what’s going on.

4. I couldn’t figure out which letter owns a shoe brand. Then, I realized a D does.

Adidas shoe.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. Is that the letter “b” or Asics?

6. I forgot Nike-s at home.

7. Kenneth hot. Kenneth Cole.

8. I’m Sorel the time.

9. Oh, it’s On.

10. My favorite dog breed is a p-Ugg.

11. The artist was sick and had to Kenzo-l the performance.

12. I’m deciding between Chaco spray paint.

13. Focus on the Trask at hand.

14. That Sperry kind of you.

Pair of boat shoes.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

15. It’s Naot the right time.

16. It’s too Loewe. I can’t reach it.

17. Donuts are Frye-d dough.

18. Cos and effect.

19. I want to eat Chaco-late.

20. There’s a Lotto people here.

21. Get ready because Yonex.

22. The U.S. capital only wears DC shoes.

23. He’s a Natori-ous criminal.

24. Allbirds are beautiful.

25. We’re going to Sandro-pez for vacation.

Outline of a sneaker.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

26. I need to get my coat. I Fila-bit cold.

27. Chickens shop for shoes at Reebok-bok.

28. The only shoes a car salesperson would sell are Vans.

29. I just Puma pants.

30. The only shoes that can scare Captain Hook are Crocs.

31. Those are Ugg-ly.

32. An artist’s favorite shoe brand is Sketchers.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.