110+ Funny Car Jokes to Rev Up Laughter

Cars give you freedom, mobility, and more experiences. With so many types comes a lot of humor opportunities. Read the funniest car jokes.

Sports car.
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Cars are the leading source of mobility. There are sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, minivans, trucks, and several other types.

While there are many types today, it all dates back to Karl Benz in 1885. Benz invented the first car to use gasoline.

Before that, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot created a military vehicle that used steam in 1769.

Throughout the centuries, cars have become more efficient and affordable. You can go anywhere at any time due to them.

If you’re a fan of cars, read the following car jokes for a good laugh.

Hilarious car jokes

1. What’s worse than raining cats and dogs?

Hailing taxis.

2. How did a German car say goodbye after a vacation in Mexico?


3. What did the German car say when you asked it for help?

Of Porsche.

4. Why did the car smell bad?

It Ford-ed.

5. What did the bystanders say when a minivan drove by with a paint job of The Starry Night?

Wow, look at the van Gogh.

6. What do you call an EV when it drifts?

The Electric Slide.

Car outline.
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7. What kind of luxury sports car does a cat drive?

A Fur-rari.

8. What happens when a tall person gets into the driver’s seat of a Kicks?

They hit their Nissan the steering wheel.

9. What do you call a man with a car on his head?


10. Why couldn’t the frog find its car?

It was toad.

11. What kind of car does Yoda drive?

A To-Yoda.

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12. Two Cadillac drivers were talking. Then, they started yelling at each other.

It Escalade-d quickly.

13. When is a car no longer a car?

When it turns into a driveway.

14. What do you call a chicken coop with four doors?

A chicken sedan.

15. What kind of car does a snake drive?

An ana-Honda.

16. What do you do if a Charger is driving towards you?

Dodge it.

17. What happens to cars that eat too much?

They get Fiat.

18. What happens when you drive a Mercedes into a pole?

It Benz.

19. How do you know if a Swedish car is sad?

You’ll see it Saab-ing.

Outline of a car.
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20. Where do cars shop for furniture?


21. What’s a South Korean car’s favorite day of the week?


22. What happens if you run behind a car?

You’ll get exhausted.

23. What happens if you run in front of a car?

You’ll get tired.

24. Where do dogs park their cars?

A barking lot.

25. Why did the Apostles drive a Honda?

To be in one Accord.

26. Why are pigs bad drivers?

They hog the road.

27. What do you say if you’re driving a Civic somewhere?

I’m Honda way.

28. Which part of a car doesn’t get enough sleep?

The wheels because they’re always tired.

29. Did you hear about the music teacher’s car accident?

It was A minor one.

30. What kind of car do electricians drive?

A Volts-wagen.

31. What do clowns use to fuel their cars?

Laughing gas.

32. What does the road crew do after a cheese delivery truck gets into an accident?

Clean up de-brie.

33. What kind of car does a sushi chef drive?

A Rolls Rice.

34. What happens when you drive a WRX into the ocean?

It becomes a Scuba-ru.

35. Why did the mechanic go to sleep under the car?

He had to wake up very oily.

36. What kind of car did Jesus drive?

A Christ-ler.

37. What kind of car does King Koopa drive?

A Bowser-ati.

38. What kind of car do ghosts drive?

A Boo-gatti.

Silhouette of a sports car.
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39. Which car brand gives you three wishes?

A Lambor-genie.

40. What does a cowboy say after walking into a German car dealership?

Audi partner.

41. What kind of car do cows drive?

A Cattle-lac.

42. What’s a car’s favorite meal?


43. What kind of cars do dogs avoid?


44. Where do pickles buy cars?

The dill-ership.

45. How does it feel to be a mechanic fixing cars?

It’s an auto body experience.

46. What do new Tesla vehicles smell like?

Elon’s Musk.

47. Why did the cop pull over the U-Haul truck?

He wanted to bust a move.

48. What kind of car do cooks drive?


49. What do you call a Mexican guy who lost his car?


50. What do you call it when dinosaurs crash cars?

Tyrannosaurus wrecks.

51. What do you call a Ford Fiesta when it runs out of gas?

A Ford Siesta.

52. What has four wheels and flies?

A garbage truck.

53. What did the tornado ask the sports car?

Want to go for a spin?

54. What’s the worst thing about parallel parking?

A witness.

55. What’s a Norwegian’s favorite car brand?


56. When does Audi’s customer service pick up the phone?

After four rings.

57. What did the traffic light say to the car?

Don’t look. I’m about to change.

58. Why did the electric car go to jail?

It was charged with battery.

59. What’s wrong with the wooden car?

It wooden go.

60. What’s the difference between BMWs and Porcupines?

Porcupines carry pricks on the outside.

61. What kind of car does a lion drive?

A Fur-roar-i.

62. Why’s it hard to understand a Hyundai salesperson?

They have an Accent.

63. What does a Mercedes-Benz say when it’s surprised?


64. What kind of running shoes does an Audi salesperson wear?


Side view of a sedan.
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65. What kind of motorcycle does Santa ride?

A Holly Davidson.

66. Why should you avoid getting stuck behind a Porsche electric vehicle?

There always Taycan their time.

67. Why was I full after driving a hybrid BMW sports car?

i8 in the car.

68. Why can you trust a Land Rover to protect your daughter?

It’ll Defender.

69. Why shouldn’t you keep secrets from a Hyundai?

It’s Kona find out either way.

70. What kind of car would the ocean drive?

A GM-sea.

71. Why was the Ford sports car eliminated from the competition?

It was GT-ing.

72. What does Buzz Lightyear say before driving?

To Infiniti and beyond.

73. Which car is most likely to give you the right answers?


74. What do you call a stingy car?

A Jeep-skate.

75. What’s a Toyota’s favorite ride at the amusement park?

A Corolla coaster.

76. How does Dodge do crash tests on their trucks?

They Ram into it.

77. If a Subaru isn’t in the garage or front, where is it?


78. What did the car say when the truck didn’t answer its call?

Come on, pickup.

79. Which Nissan does a pirate drive?


80. How many kids does the Hyundai have?


81. How do you verify Subaru facts?

Crosstrek them.

Crossover vehicle.
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82. What’s a car’s favorite phone company?


83. What’s a Kia’s favorite music genre?


84. What does an inspirational GMC say?

Yukon do it.

85. How does a vehicle get to the other side?


86. What happens if I give you my Mazda Miata?

It become a You-ata.

87. How excited is Toyota about its sports car?

Supra excited.

88. Did you hear about the weird Honda van?

It’s Odyssey it in person.

89. Why did Nissan build a dealership downtown?

It was a Sentra-l location.

90. How old is the average Kia salesperson?


91. How do you prevent your Hyundai from getting stolen?

Keep your Ioniq.

Silhouette of a car.
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92. What happens to a Volkswagen that drives into the water of the Texas coast?

It becomes the Golf of Mexico.

93. What’s a bee’s favorite Kia?

The Stinger.

94. What do you call a Ford sports car that used to stink?

A Mustan-k.

95. What’s a bird’s favorite Volkswagen?

The Beetle.

96. What do British cars say when offering to help?

Lotus give you a hand.

97. Why did the Volkswagen get into an accident?

The driver Passat.

98. Why did the Saturn car park at the edge of a cliff?

For the Vue.

99. What does a Porsche SUV driver say when another car gets too close?

They’re Macan me nervous.

100. What did the Lotus driver say when asked it they own the car?

No, it’s Elise.

101. Which Nissan should you take into the forest?

A Pathfinder.

102. Which McLaren is also a famous singer?


103. What kind of disaster damaged the Lamborghini?

A Huracan.

Side view of a Lamborghini.
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104. What does a Koenigsegg say when its upset with you?


105. What did the Jaguar driver say they do when they’re nervous?


106. What’s a Ford’s favorite cuisine?


107. How do you enter a Fisker dealership?


108. How does a Ford show up its muscles?


109. What’s a Ferrari’s favorite type of tomato?


110. Which Chevrolet dresses the best?

The Blazer.

111. Which Lamborghini created a door?

The Inventador.

112. What happens when a sedan gets hit?

It becomes a se-dent.

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