80+ Funny Sandwich Puns to Make You Loaf

When you want a quick and tasty meal, sandwiches are unbeatable. Next time you eat or see one, remember funny sandwich puns for a laugh.

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Sandwiches are a staple because they work for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

There are many types, including egg, chicken, veggie, and cheese. Of course, you can’t forget the classic peanut butter and jelly.

Whether eating or making one for someone else, read the following sandwich puns for a laugh.

The puns are also perfect for National Sandwich Day, which is November 3.

Hilarious sandwich puns

1. A pun sandwich is a pun-ini.

2. A sandwich that can cast spells is a sand-witch.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

3. One sandwich said to the other, “I loaf you so much.”

4. A sandwich gave the other a Valentine’s Day card that said, “You make me melt.”

5. My peanut butter and jelly sandwich is jam-packed.

6. I ate my sandwich in the elevator to take lunch to the next level.

7. Thanks for standing banh mi.

8. The sandwich said to the other, “You’re great in bread.”

9. Curious sandwiches are made with Wonder Bread.

10. Sandwiches exercise because of the motto, “No pain, no grain.”

11. Golfers always pack a sand-wedge for lunch.

12. A sandwich underwater is a sub sandwich.

13. You’re on a roll.

14. The sandwich company kept grilling me with questions.

Grilled cheese sandwich.
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15. This is an egg-cellent sandwich.

16. I can’t BLT-lieve it.

17. I had a mean sandwich. It tasted average.

18. Lettuce eat sandwiches for lunch.

19. The grilled cheese sandwich could’ve been better. But it cheese what it cheese.

20. The sandwich was Reuben shoulders with celebrities.

21. The sandwich knew it was toast.

22. I was going to tell you a joke about putting mayo in sandwiches, but you’d spread it.

23. It was torta-lly awesome.

24. I think you made a cheesesteak. That’s not mine.

25. Aioli want cheddar on my sandwich, not Swiss.

26. Watch out for sand-wiches at the beach.

27. Pilots like to eat plane sandwiches.

28. I’ve waited a long time for my grilled cheese. Butter late than never.

29. The sandwich was caught in a pickle.

30. I know wheat I want.

31. The sandwich reported a breach of crust.

32. I eat sandwiches for every meal. It’s the same thing a-grain and a-grain.

33. The Torta-oise and the Hare.

34. Have Cuban working out? You look good.

35. I’ll share my sandwich with you. It’s no big dill.

36. I’m so bread-y to eat my sandwich.

37. Astronauts put launch meat in their sandwiches.

38. I ordered a sandwich online, and it came just in thyme.

39. No matter how you slice it, it’s a sandwich.

40. Slice, slice, baby.

41. A philosopher’s favorite sandwich is a Philly-osophy.

42. A sandwich walks into a bar, and the bartender says, “We don’t serve food here.”

43. My decision to order a veggie sandwich was a missed steak.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

44. I was born and bread in the town of Sandwich.

45. The opposite of a knuckle sandwich is a pa-knee-knee.

46. The loudest sandwich is a B yell T.

47. Don’t let chess players make you a sandwich. It’ll be a stalemate.

48. Cheese, I’m so grilled to see you.

49. The sandwich said, “Sometimes, I fall apart.”

50. Some sandwich puns are sub-par.

51. The sandwich shop is offering buy one, baguette one free.

52. The sandwich joke went over my bread.

53. The sandwich shop only takes in-person orders. I’m trying to get them to lettuce order online.

54. Zombies go to Subway because they like to eat flesh.

55. I told the sandwich to go to sleep because it’s past its bread-time.

56. Sandwich one is yours?

57. Just wheat and see.

58. The tomato turned red because it saw the sandwich dressing.

59. You’re a great roll model.

60. We’re having a sandwich party. I wheat love for you to join us.

61. I love sandwiches from my bread to my toes.

62. After the sandwich went viral, the fame went to its bread.

63. We’ll meat in the club.

64. A sandwich’s favorite TV show is Breaking Bread.

65. Every Christmas, I eat a Santa-wich.

66. The sandwich was loaf-ing around.

67. Make torta-y count.

68. The store tried to banh mi.

69. Don’t Reuben a good thing.

Three Reuben sandwiches.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

70. I created a sand-widget.

71. The sandwich was chicken you out.

72. The sandwich said, “I ham what I ham.”

73. Olive to eat sandwiches.

74. You can’t tuna sandwich.

75. I ate an afternoon sandwich with a side of BL-tea.

76. What’s sub?

77. I ab-sub-lutely enjoy eating sandwiches.

78. A German sandwich says, “Gluten tag.”

79. The sandwich was grumpy because it woke up on the wrong side of the bread.

80. An intelligent sandwich is a sand-wit.

81. I pronounce you husband sand-wife.

82. I’ve got my slice on you.

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