40+ Hilarious Graduation Jokes to Make Grads Laugh

Graduation marks an educational milestone. It’s an emotional time of achievement and memories. Laugh with funny graduation jokes.

Graduation cap.
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Whether high school or college, it takes hard work and dedication to graduate.

So, take a moment to celebrate your graduation with friends and family.

Many graduates reflect on memories of their time in school, as it’s a time of various emotions.

As you celebrate, laugh with the following graduation jokes.

They’re also perfect for speeches and sharing with other grads.

The best graduation jokes

1. Is longitude or latitude smarter?

Longitude because it has 360 degrees.

2. Why didn’t the married man get an undergraduate diploma?

He wasn’t a bachelor.

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3. What did the corn say to its kid after graduation?


4. What did the dad call his daughter after graduating from law school?

His daughter in law.

5. Which lab equipment is the smartest?

The graduated cylinder.

6. Why do seniors sleep after graduation?

They’re preparing for their dream job.

7. What happened to the bread at graduation?

It made it to the honor roll.

8. Why didn’t the broom graduate?

It was sweeping in class.

9. Why did the South American animal go to the graduation ceremony?

To get a dip-llama.

10. What do you call a doctor that graduates at the bottom of their class?


11. Why do graduation ceremonies get so hot?

There are so many degrees.

12. What’s a college graduate’s favorite TV show?

The Walking Debt.

13. Where does a tall person graduate?

At the top of their class.

14. Why didn’t the skeleton go to graduation?

It had no body to walk with.

15. From what school do ice cream makers graduate?

Sundae school.

16. How does a cactus look in a graduation outfit?


17. What do dogs get after graduation?

A pedigree.

18. What does a light bulb say in a graduation speech?

You have a bright future.

19. Why did schools stop graduation ceremonies?

There was too much name-calling.

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20. What happens to candy after graduating?

They become Smarties.

21. What does a bat say during graduation?


22. What did the graduate say when his mom asked why he didn’t pick up his phone after graduation?

I couldn’t pick up because the reception was horrible.

23. How did the baking graduate’s final exam go?

It was a piece of cake.

24. Which faculty member is friends with all the graduates?

The princi-pal.

25. What did the fashion designer say to his daughter at graduation?

I’m so Prada you.

26. How many college students do you need to change a light bulb?

One, but it might take more than four years.

27. What does a whale say during a graduation speech?

Congratulations, and whale done.

28. What do students look better after graduation?

They get one degree hotter.

29. What do graduates in Athens get?


30. What did the tortilla say after graduation?

That’s a wrap.

31. What did the graduate say after getting a Bachelor of Science?

I’m done with this B.S.

32. Why did the speaker have to wear sunglasses while in front of the dean’s list?

They’re really bright.

33. What do you say to cheese at graduation?

Gouda job.

34. Why do students learn sign language before graduating?

It comes in handy.

Person using sign language.
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35. Why did the high school graduate go to flight school?

To pursue higher education.

36. What did the duck say to the graduate?


37. What does a cat say to its graduating class?


38. What’s a student’s status after graduation?


39. Why didn’t the sun want to graduate?

It already has millions of degrees.

40. What do you call someone that takes twice as long to graduate?

A gradu-late.

41. What did the dessert say after realizing it might be the last time it sees its school friends?

I donut want to graduate.

42. What’s the number one reason graduation rates have increased?

The internet.

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