100+ Hilarious Cake Puns That’ll Have You in Tiers

A cake is a perfect confection for celebrations and desserts. Next time you eat or see one, remember funny cake puns for a good laugh.

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Butter, pound, genoise, and red velvet are a few of the many types of cakes.

Some are sweeter than others. So, there’s a cake for everyone.

Throughout history, cakes have been symbols of sweetness and celebration.

Even George Washington had one to celebrate his birthday. But it was more like a modern fruitcake.

So, grab one for your next celebration or sweet craving. Then, read the following cake puns for a good laugh.

Funny cake puns

1. Life’s batter with cake.

2. Cake me home.

3. You cake my day.

4. A confection in the desert is a cake-tus.

Cactus on a cake.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. I can’t cake my eyes off of you.

6. The cake said, “You want a piece of me?”

7. You cake me so happy.

8. It’s a piece of cake.

9. Cake puns bake me smile.

10. I started doing cake-won-do.

11. You cake my breath away.

12. Cake it or leave it.

13. I like big bundts and I cannot lie.

14. Cake it till you bake it.

15. For goodness cakes.

16. The cake said to the other, “I knead you.”

17. I have a stomach-cake.

18. Let’s cake things happen. Don’t be afraid to take whisks.

19. Cake back and relax.

20. This cake recipe is history in the baking.

21. Bakers trade cake recipes on a knead-to-know basis.

22. Thanks for donating. You’re so genoise.

23. I’m going on vacation to Wai-cake-i Beach.

24. Slice, slice, baby.

25. It’s an emotional day. Even the cake’s in tiers.

26. Baking cakes is chiffon.

27. There’s a lot of cake.

28. I’m baking foc-cake-ia.

29. Be careful, it’s deli-cake.

30. I’m baking a sponge of cakes.

31. I pound the cake I was looking for.

Pound cake.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

32. When velvet be finished?

33. Angel next time.

34. As a kid, I slept on a bundt bed.

35. Let’s look at the cake from a different angel.

36. You can’t bundt-do what’s already done.

37. I’ll carrot the cakes to the other side.

38. You can get a discount on cake if you bundt-le it.

39. Cake puns are chiffon-y.

40. The mouse was baking an mice cream cake.

41. You must accept res-pound-ability.

42. I started baking a cake. It was s-pound-taneous.

43. I had a dream about cakes. It was a chiffon-tasy.

44. This cake is a fruit of my labor.

45. When you cross clothes and cake, you get a shirt-cake.

46. Marble cake will break your teeth. It’s hard as a rock.

47. Losing weight is a piece of cake. Just don’t pick it up.

48. I couldn’t have said it batter myself.

49. The cake was filling great.

50. A dog’s favorite cake is a pup-cake.

51. It was redun-dee-nt.

52. This cake is foam a bakery across town.

53. I ate a peanut butter angel-y for lunch.

54. I’m baking free cakes through a pound-ation.

55. This is so chiffon-cy.

56. When it’s raining, cakes wear pound-chos.

57. It felt like a sponge in the gut.

58. Once u-pound a cake.

59. This is my first cake. I’m entering butter-hood.

60. I’m in butter amazement of that cake.

Slice of butter cake.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

61. This is chiffon-tastic.

62. The bakery was shaking. There was an earth-cake.

63. This has to be a mis-cake.

64. I have a heart-cake.

65. There must be a butter way.

66. Cake it to the curb.

67. Don’t go baking my heart.

68. The winner cakes all.

69. Pound cake to flatten it.

70. This cake is bundt-erful.

71. Let’s bake the world a batter place.

72. I have to chiffon-ish the cake before leaving.

73. In baseball, they say, “Butter up.”

74. There was a sponge of people.

75. They bundt the rules.

76. Our team made it to chiffon-als.

77. I angel-ous of people who can eat cake every day.

78. I’m a cake chiffon-atic.

79. Biscuit out of the way.

80. It’s chiffon-est cake I’ve ever baked.

81. The bakery is hiring. The lead baker velvet the applicants.

Slice of red velvet cake.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

82. The baking le-genoise here.

83. He sponge her around in a circle.

84. I’m an advo-cake for local bakeries.

85. I have a cake necklace that was given to me as a keep-cake.

86. Some dream of cake, others bake it happen.

87. Baking cakes is a whisk-y business.

88. I have chiffon-d memories from my childhood of baking.

89. In heaven, they celebrate birthdays with angel food cake.

90. You’ll get a cake out of this.

91. Release the cake-n.

92. It was a real cake up call.

93. We’re eating cake, bundt way or another.

94. The cake is all about flour power.

95. The cake was tardy to class. Butter late than never.

96. Things can only get batter.

97. Say cheese-cake.

98. In my free time, icing.

99. Bro, do you even sift?

100. Elves love shortcake.

101. I don’t carrot all as long as there’s cake.

Carrot cake.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

102. It’s time to cake it easy.

103. I get pound-less joy from eating cake.

104. The cake thief was bundt-er arrest.

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