100+ Hilarious Corn Puns That Are So A-maize-ing

Corn is a plant also known as maize. It’s in many foods for humans and animals. Read hilarious corn puns for a laugh next time you eat or see it.

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Corn on the cob is a classic summer side dish. But there are many other ways to eat it.

You can eat corn in a pie, casserole, soup, or bread.

Corn is also called maize. It’s a wild grass that dates back over 9,000 years.

Today, corn fits into one of three categories, dent, flint, and sweet.

Whether eating or seeing it, read the following corn puns for a laugh.

Funny corn puns

1. It’s corny, but you’re a-maize-ing.

2. You corn do it.

3. I’m so corn-fused.

4. You can corn-t on me.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. We’re going to the corn-ival.

6. If corn ate meat, it would be a corn-ivore.

7. I’m corn-cerned about you.

8. You can’t find corn in a house, only a corn-do.

9. Corn calls its dad popcorn.

10. If you eat too much corn, you’ll get corn-stipation.

11. You’re a bea-corn of light.

12. Se-corn-d place gets a silver medal.

13. I’ll corn-vey your message.

14. I’m attending a corn-ference for work.

15. If corn became an ordained minister, it’d be a dea-corn.

16. It’s out of my corn-trol.

17. Let’s go to a corn-cert.

18. I’m corn-tent with life.

19. Corn farmers always tell corny jokes.

20. I’m trying to corn-centrate.

21. Corn-gratulations!

22. I’m going through a maize.

23. I feel corn-fident about my decision.

24. Don’t tell a secret in a cornfield. There are too many ears.

Corn stalks.
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25. I’m going to Sili-corn Valley to launch an app for corn farmers.

26. If corn falls off the stalk, you maize well eat it.

27. There’s a kernel of truth to that.

28. The corniest baseball player was Ty Cobb.

29. The corn isn’t fat, it’s just a little husky.

30. Plain corn? I think you can do butter than that.

31. The two cornstalks are earbuds.

32. Taking corn on a plane will make your ears pop.

33. Corn farmers don’t like to make plans. They play it by ear.

34. I corn-t wait to see you.

35. The virus is corn-tagious.

36. The corn farmer made corn-troversial statements.

37. Corn to be wild.

38. We’re hanging corn-aments on the tree.

39. I went through a corn maze at night. It was ear-ie.

40. I’ll need your corn-tact information.

41. I have to corn-fess something.

42. The corn farmer corn-fided in friends.

43. Maize my favorite month.

44. Let’s corn-nect sometime.

45. Corn is good for the e-corn-omy.

46. It’s a fear I haven’t been able to corn-quer.

47. I can’t corn-tain my excitement.

Corn dancing.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

48. The corn farmer was corn-ceited.

49. That’s an incredible corn-cept.

50. I began a corn-sulting job.

51. Corn-sistency is the key.

52. When you cross corn with a snake, you get an ana-corn-da.

53. The historian gave a corn-cise account of the origins of corn.

54. Corn-duct yourself professionally.

55. When corn goes on a tropical vacation, it becomes a co-corn-ut.

56. It’s the beginning of a new ear-a.

57. I don’t want to interf-ear.

58. We’re trying to corn-serve energy.

59. There’s no celebration without corn-fetti.

60. You’re being w-ear-d.

61. I read the entire s-ear-ies.

62. We signed a corn-tract.

63. Corn-trary to popular belief.

64. It was a corn-crete example.

65. The competitors corn-spired against the farmer.

66. Don’t jump to corn-clusions.

67. You don’t have to corn-vince me.

68. I’m avoiding corn-flict.

69. It serves as a corn-stant reminder.

70. Corn-sider a different perspective.

71. There was ear-osion on the hillside.

72. There are seven corn-tinents.

73. We’re corn-cious of the problems.

74. The corn-cierge can help you.

75. The approval was corn-ditional.

76. Thanks for your corn-tribution.

77. The farmer’s going to the corn-vention.

78. That was corn-venient.

79. They said corn-tradicting statements.

80. When corn goes to school, it learns how to use corn-text clues.

81. When corn farmers talk, they have corn-versations.

82. Every action has a corn-sequence.

83. There was a sev-ear storm.

84. Husk till dawn.

85. The corn farmer invests in stalks.

86. After receiving a compliment, the corn said, “Aw, shucks.”

87. I’m corn between the two options.

88. There was a corn-ado.

89. If corn played football, it would be the corn-erback.

90. Husk me anything.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

91. That’s ear-relevant.

92. We’re making corn-e asada.

93. Corn farmers love corn-temporary art.

94. I’m taking a trip to Corn-ada.

95. The photographer took corn-did shots.

96. I wore corn-vas shoes.

97. Items of corn-fectionary.

98. Corn-diments add flavor to food.

99. I’m going to Corn-ey Island in New York.

100. Don’t be corn-descending.

101. I will not corn-done bad behavior.

102. There’s pressure to corn-form.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.