85+ Hilarious Whale Puns to Spout Laughter

Whales are the largest animals to ever live on Earth. Whether learning about or seeing them, read funny whale puns for a laugh.

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Whales are incredible and massive animals that swim through the world’s oceans.

There are many types, including blue, humpback, minke, and gray whales.

They’re the largest animals to live on Earth, as a blue whale can grow over 90 feet.

While they live in oceans, they breathe air. They also have a thick layer of blubber to keep them warm.

While they’re amazing animals, they’re also perfect for humor.

The following are the funniest whale puns ever told.

Funny whale puns

1. Whale, whale, whale.

2. I whale be here for you.

3. I’m whale-y happy to see you.

4. The whale said, “I have to tail you something.”

5. I’m having a whale of a time.

6. Everything whale be okay.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

7. Get whale soon.

8. Whale done.

9. Life can be over-whale-ming.

10. Whale you be my Valentine?

11. I lost my whale-let.

12. The contract’s up for rene-whale.

13. The sad whale was whale-lowing in misery.

14. I put up new whale-paper.

15. Let’s go for a whale-k.

16. I went to the bank to make a withdra-whale.

17. I’m whale-ling to help.

18. I love exploring the whale-derness.

19. I threw in the to-whale.

20. Don’t d-whale on what might have been.

21. You’re whale-come.

22. I started making je-whale-ry as a hobby.

23. When whales leave, they say, “Fare-whale.”

24. A rich whale is whale-thy.

25. The doctor diagnosed an whale-ment.

26. Young whales go to whale-mentary school.

27. You look so whale-gant in a suit.

28. It’s been a whale.

29. Whale-nuts are good for your brain.

30. I’m going to the home improvement store to get a new whale-barrow.

31. I whale figure it out.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

32. They ran off whale-ing.

33. I’m traveling to Whales in Europe.

34. I feel whale-rested after my vacation.

35. I need to whale a taxi.

36. It’ll happen event-whale-y.

37. I’m a visu-whale learner.

38. Whale hang out soon.

39. The feelings are mutu-whale.

40. Whales stay healthy with vitamin sea.

41. A whale’s favorite game show is Whale of Fortune.

42. To make decisions, whales flipper coin.

43. It’s business as usu-whale.

44. I’m actu-whale-y excited about it.

45. Q-whale-ty over quantity.

46. I drive a manu-whale car.

47. They performed a ritu-whale.

48. We met through mutu-whale friends.

49. I’m focusing on my spiritu-whale health.

50. Every individu-whale matters.

51. When you go down the stairs, hold onto the whale-ings.

52. Whales like to chew blubber gum.

53. Where there’s a whale, there’s a way.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

54. Whales like saltwater because pepper makes them sneeze.

55. Whales bank at Whales Fargo.

56. I’m reading the Whale Street Journal.

57. Whales buy things from Whale-Mart.

58. You’re a whale-th of knowledge.

59. Whale be alright.

60. In-whale and ex-whale.

61. Whale-lelujah.

Puns based on types of whales

1. I just made a killer whale pun.

2. A group of whale musicians is an orca-stra.

3. A whale’s favorite movie is The Humpback of Notre Dame.

4. I’m re-orca-nizing my home.

5. I’m looking for a new color to paint my walls. Blue whale be it.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

6. I’ll introduce you to my Bryde’s and sisters.

7. Sei what?

8. You’ve beaked my interest.

9. It’s on sei-le.

10. I’m fin with it.

11. It’s all the sei-me to me.

12. There’s no-fin you can’t do.

13. I saw Minke Mouse at Disneyland.

14. Whale, I think you’re gray-te.

15. You’re sei-fe here.

16. I’d like to ask for your f-orca-veness.

17. I f-orca-t about that.

18. I’m writing an es-sei.

19. My friend keeps baleen on me.

20. I prefer eating orca-nic food.

21. Did you get my mes-sei-ge?

22. You’re unf-orca-ttable.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

23. You have killer instincts.

24. Have a killer day.

25. It’s a sperm-anent change.

26. You did it on porpoise.

27. You can bowhead of me.

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