85+ Funny Bat Puns to Sink Your Fangs Into

Bats are unique mammals. They can find food in darkness and fly up to 100 mph. Whether learning about or a fan of them, read funny bat puns.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Bats are incredible mammals, as they’re the only ones that can fly.

There are more than 950 species and only three feed on blood.

Most bats aren’t scary or aggressive, contrary to the media’s portrayal.

You can find them on every continent aside from Antarctica.

They sleep upside down, are fast, and have superb echolocation skills.

Bats are incredible and perfect for humor. If you’re ready to laugh, read the following bat puns.

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Hilarious bat puns

1. You’re bat to the bone.

2. One bat said to the other, “Let’s hang.”

3. Make your bat every morning.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

4. Show me your bat-ge.

5. Let’s play bat-minton.

6. He’s a bat boy.

7. I’m having a bat day.

8. Don’t bat-mouth anyone.

9. Let’s make a bat.

10. Bats read their kids bat-time stories before sleeping.

11. My dog’s o-bat-ient.

12. Keep this bat-ween you and me.

13. Young bats learn the alpha-bat in school.

14. I know you can do bat-ter.

15. A bat’s favorite holiday is Fangs-giving.

16. Don’t bat-ray me.

17. Bats believe in love at first bite.

18. I need a new bat-pack to carry my books.

19. When bats are unsure, they wing it.

20. Famous bats get letters from their fang clubs.

21. Con-bat-ulations on your promotion.

22. They’re creatures of ha-bat.

23. I enjoy hanging out on the bat-io.

24. The inventor has a bat-ent.

25. I noticed a bat-tern.

26. The two devices are com-bat-ible.

27. They’re in their natural ha-bat-at.

28. You’ve got bat-titude.

Bat flying.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

29. It’s a-bat time.

30. A mint can eliminate bat breath.

31. The new software is in bat-a mode.

32. There are acro-bats at the circus.

33. We’re having a com-bat-ition.

34. The guard bat-rols the building.

35. A small bat is bat-ite.

36. I need to use the bat-room.

37. I’m charging the bat-tery.

38. The list is in alpha-bat-ical order.

39. A bat’s favorite instrument is the trum-bat.

40. It has a healthy a-bat-ite.

41. The meal looks ap-bat-izing.

42. It’s re-bat-itive.

43. Sometimes, bats how it is.

44. I’m bat-tracted to you.

45. It’s in the bat-tic.

46. We’re under bat-tack.

47. I go to the gym every day. People call me a gym bat.

48. Bats love the Bat-street Boys.

49. You bat I am.

50. A bat lawyer is a bat-torney.

51. It was a nice bat-tempt.

52. Pay bat-tention.

53. The teacher’s taking bat-tendance.

54. There’s a change in the bat-mosphere.

55. She bat-tributes her success to her coach.

56. Bat least you tried.

57. I bat-ore you.

58. Bat-apt to the situation.

59. Thanks for your bat-vice.

60. I bat-mire you.

61. For bat-ter or for worse.

Bat flying.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

62. A bat of roses.

63. You have a lot of bat-ential.

64. I’m going to school to study bat-any.

65. Thanks in bat-vance.

66. Let’s go on an bat-venture.

67. Without exercise, the muscles will bat-rophy.

68. They had great sym-bat-hy.

69. We’re having baked bat-atoes.

70. It was an ar-bat-rary number.

71. You’re so am-bat-ious.

72. The museum is exhi-bat-ing a new collection of paintings.

73. Don’t bat around the bush.

Bats flying.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

74. The tune was off-bat.

75. I can feel your heart-bat.

76. The happy bat was up-bat.

77. It’s un-bat-able.

78. It was a pain in the bat.

79. The company is looking for a new distri-bat-or.

78. When you cross a bat with a fish, you get a hali-bat.

Puns based on bat species

1. Hoary up.

2. You’re feelings are pallid.

3. The bat tried to hide, but it was spotted.

4. Canyon-ot do that again?

5. We laughed until we pied.

6. A hoary bat needs to shave.

7. A bat’s favorite element is pallid-ium.

8. I developed a unique pallid.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.