100+ Funny Light Puns to Light Up Your Day

Light is an essential part of life. Sunlight gives life, while artificial light illuminates places. Brighten your day with the funniest light puns.

Light bulb.
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Sunlight is essential for your health and well-being. Artificial light ensures you can see in dark and low-light scenarios.

Thomas Edison received a patent for the incandescent lamp in 1880.

Today, light bulbs increase productivity. They also lead to enjoying life throughout the day or night.

Light is a must-have factor for life, but don’t take it too seriously. Have a good laugh with the following light puns.

Hilarious light puns

1. Everything will be all light.

2. Light puns light up my day.

3. I can’t trust you because you light to me.

4. You light me up.

5. Watt’s up?

6. A light bulb on an airplane is traveling light.

7. A light bulb runs at the speed of light.

Light bulb.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

8. Watt a beautiful day.

9. Better light than never.

10. Thanks a watt.

11. It’s never to light to learn.

12. It was hidden in plain light.

13. No matter watt, stay positive.

14. A light bulb in armor is a knight light.

15. I’ll be waiting light here.

16. The bubbly light bulb is a socia-light.

17. I’m working as a trans-light-er.

18. I love you a whole watt.

19. Another one lights the dust.

20. It was love at first light.

21. Don’t take it light-erally.

22. The light bulb party was lit.

23. Light doesn’t have mass. If it did, it’d be called heavy.

24. I bought my kids a refrigerator for Christmas. Their faces lit up after opening the door.

25. Thanks for being po-light.

26. Developers prefer dark mode because light attracts bugs.

27. The dim light bulb failed a class. It wasn’t too bright.

28. I want to do a bit of light reading. So, I bought a book about lamps and light bulbs.

29. Are these lights real, or are they just a filament of my imagination?

String lights.
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30. It was a great work of light-erature.

31. It’s a qua-light-y product.

32. The mi-light-ary has an army of light bulbs.

33. They sat in so-light-ude.

34. Imagine the possibi-light-ies.

35. You’ll need a watt-suit to go surfing.

36. I need a glass of watt-er.

37. I drink electro-lights during workouts.

38. I’ll create a report by looking at the ana-light-ics.

39. It was a light-eral move.

40. Bright down your notes.

41. I can’t flicker it out.

42. You’re an amp-itious person.

43. There’s no guarantee. It’s a g-amp-le.

44. You watt to know the truth.

45. I’m so ex-light-ed to see you.

46. My company needs a light-emized receipt to reimburse me.

47. When two worlds col-light.

48. I’m going parag-light-ing.

49. There was a muds-light. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

50. I couldn’t bulb-lieve it.

51. I’m de-light-ed.

52. My doctor wants to help me reduce inf-lamp-mation.

53. Come light down.

54. I’m going on vacation to Watt-awa, Canada.

55. You’re my bright-hand man.

56. A light-tle goes a long way.

57. We’re reaching new lights.

58. The light bulb company is hiring a lot of new amp-loyees.

59. Bright on.

60. We’re looking for brand amp-assadors.

61. It’s good to be amp-athetic.

62. Light bulbs eat h-amp-burgers.

63. I feel amp-ty.

64. Bright-fully so.

65. I couldn’t figure out how to install the light bulb. So, I just said, “Screw it.”

66. Thanks for amp-owering me.

Stage lights.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

67. The amp-ient light was beautiful.

68. They built an amp-ire.

69. I don’t tell people about my light puns because I want to keep them in the dark.

70. NASA launched a satel-light into outer space.

71. Fight for your brights.

72. The student multip-light the numbers.

73. They app-light the same techniques.

74. I re-light on you.

75. I love to do watt-erfall hikes in the summer.

76. Speakers lamp-lify the sound.

77. This was the high-light of my trip.

78. They were lamp-menting the broken light bulbs.

79. My friend reached the rank of light-enant.

80. I was wondering about the weight of a lamp. After lifting it, it was pretty light.

81. My friend broke my lamp. Now, I’ll never see them in the same light.

82. The brightest animal is a lamb.

83. Spark the car.

84. The story of Bonnie and C-light.

85. I went down a s-light.

86. People in sales have to reach a q-watt-a.

87. The light il-lumen-ated the entire room.

88. Watt-ch out!

89. It’s a light-ability to company.

90. The company is moving to a new faci-light-y.

91. It watt not a dream. It’s rea-light-y.

92. Your abi-light-y to manage amazes me.

93. Light bulbs shop at the outlet store.

94. I heard about a monk who meditates with a light bulb. It helps him reach enlightenment.

95. There was a time without light bulbs. Those were some dark days.

96. We lost power, and the energy company will restore it in a few hours. The future is bright.

97. Plants are thin because they eat light.

98. I remember this girl could always light up a room. But then again, she was the only one with access to the light switch.

99. A group of scientists broke the speed of light while driving. The police sent them to prism.

100. One traffic light said to the other, “Stop looking. I’m changing.”

Traffic light.
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101. If light bulbs formed a rock band, it’d be called LED Zeppelin.

102. After getting hit by a light bulb, I felt light-headed.

103. Can I get a watt, watt?

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