65+ Hilarious Pickle Puns to Pickle Your Funny Bone

Pickled cucumber is a salty and sour snack and addition to foods. Next time you eat them, remember hilarious pickle puns for a laugh.

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Put cucumbers in brine or vinegar, allow it to ferment, and you have pickles.

The method dates back to the ancient Mesopotamians.

Pickles are versatile. You can add them to sandwiches, salads, dips, and pizzas. You can also eat them alone.

Aside from fresh ones, there are pickle-flavored chips, sunflower seeds, and cotton candy.

Whether you’re a pickle-lover or know someone who is, read the following pickle puns for a good laugh.

Funny pickle puns

1. The company doesn’t pickle-and-dime its customers.

2. Puns pickle my funny bone.

3. The weather can be pickle.

4. Pickles are dill-icious.

Jar of pickles.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. You’re kind of a big dill.

6. Like a pickle, I relish our time together.

7. A cucumber becomes a pickle after going through a jarring experience.

8. I can’t choose one. So, I pickle of them.

9. Let’s make a dill.

10. I started playing a new instrument, the pickle-lo.

11. I’m building a pickle-la in my backyard.

12. The office is filled with cu-pickles.

13. The whole de-pickle has been a mess.

14. We have a dill-emma.

15. Every morning, pickles say, “Rise and brine.”

16. The cucumber needed a lawyer because it was in a pickle.

17. Pickles are half-off at the grocery store. What a dill!

18. You’re pickle-ing it!

19. Don’t touch me. I’m pickle-ish.

20. I would pickle-iflower over broccoli.

21. You need to pickle-m.

22. Pickles are dill-ightful.

23. A pickle in commercials is a mo-dill.

24. The pickle’s going to dill-iver a speech.

25. I watched a documentary about how pickles are made. It was jarring.

Jar of pickles.
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26. I’m ready for a tro-pickle vacation.

27. The doctor gave me a to-pickle ointment.

28. That was a ty-pickle response.

29. Sorry for the dill-ay.

30. I’m getting a sandwich from the dill-i.

31. I watched a movie starring Pickle-las Cage.

32. The pickle breaks easily. It’s dill-icate.

33. A pickle’s favorite flower is the daffo-dill.

34. I ordered pickles online. They’re out for dill-ivery.

35. Pickles always relish the moment.

36. Pickles are green with envy.

37. Pickle-t is a friend of Winnie-the-Pooh.

38. The pickle was involved in a scan-dill.

39. The pickle won the gold me-dill.

40. Never a dill moment.

41. Pickles buy cars at the dill-ership.

42. Pickles wear glasses because they’re legally brine-d.

Pickle with glasses.
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43. You pickle my fancy.

44. I keep pickles rea-dill-y available.

45. I’ll be here un-dill the end.

46. You’re so dill-igent.

47. Pickles are excellent due to versa-dill-ity.

48. When you cross a pickle with a reptile, you get a croco-dill.

49. A pickle’s favorite show is Dill or No Dill.

50. It’s a dill-uxe pickle.

51. Help! I’m in a pickle.

52. Don’t be stereoty-pickle.

53. Pickle someone your own size.

54. It was so cold that there were ice-pickles.

55. We’re having a can-dill-it dinner.

56. My kids’ favorite TV channel is Pickle-odeon.

57. I need to get fer-dill-izer for my garden.

58. Dill a deck of cards.

59. It looks different and pickle-iar.

60. Pickling is my bread and butter.

Bread and butter pickles.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

61. Gherkin do anything.

62. The tiniest pickle is microsco-pickle.

63. I’m feeling brine.

64. The pickle was brine-washing others.

65. Kosher. I can lend a few pickles.

66. It has a brine of its own.

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