90+ Sushi Puns That Are Raw-ly Funny

Sushi is a Japanese dish with rice, seaweed, seafood, and vegetables. Get a good laugh next time you see or eat one with funny sushi puns.

Sushi roll.
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Sushi is a traditional Japanese food that you can enjoy around the globe.

The main ingredient in sushi is vinegared rice. Then, you can combine many other, such as seaweed, seafood, and vegetables.

Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular around the world. Aside from taste, it supports healthy eating and longevity.

Next time you think about or eat it, get a good laugh with the following sushi puns.

Hilarious sushi puns

1. Sushi did or she didn’t?

2. She believed she could, sushi did.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

3. You’re my soy-mate.

4. The sushi said, “This is how we roll.”

5. You maki me so happy.

6. It’s rice to meet you.

7. The sushi said to the bee, “Wasabi.”

8. You’re shrimp-ly amazing.

9. Seaweed did it.

10. Soy what? I’m a roll star.

11. A sushi restaurant employee’s favorite roll is payroll.

12. The woman got tired of eating sushi. Sushi left.

13. I began eating sushi at tuna-half.

14. The sushi said to the other, “It’s time to roll out.”

15. I love sushi soy much.

16. We must chopstick together.

17. You can come and sashimi anytime.

18. Something flew by. I think it wasabi.

19. Learn to manage your tempura.

20. Cats love meow-nagi.

21. The famous sushi chef drove a Rolls-Rice.

22. Roe, roe, roe your sushi boat.

23. I’ll shoyu the way.

24. It’s making miso hungry.

25. A smart sushi is an honor roll.

26. It’s my favorite sushi restaurant in the tuna-verse.

Sushi on a plate.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

27. What’s the tempura-ture outside?

28. Happy Mother’s Day. I love umami.

29. If you want to find out the name of sushi, do a roll call.

30. I’m suspicious of the sushi. It’s fishy.

31. The sushi chef always does a rice job.

32. The California roll said, “No more mister rice guy.”

33. The best pan to make sushi is Japan.

34. The electric eel sushi is shockingly delicious.

35. The machine is tempura-rily down.

36. I will never miso happy hour at the sushi restaurant.

37. Rice, rice, baby.

38. Sashimi rolling, they hating.

39. The sushi judge said, “All rice.”

40. The situation is tempura-ry.

41. Never soy never.

42. Sushi puns are of-fish-ially the best.

43. Go ahead and maki my day.

44. Oh nori didn’t.

45. I’m eel-ing great today.

46. We’re throwing a surp-rice birthday party for my friend.

47. You maki me so proud.

Sushi rolls.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

48. The sushi had to go to the doctor because it was eel.

49. Don’t sushi me?

50. You can bara my car for the day.

51. There’s nori-son to be like that.

52. Soba up.

53. It’s tamago.

54. Dashi through the snow.

55. This sushi roll is daikon-ic.

56. The sushi restaurant roe-tates the menu.

57. I’m traveling to Nigiri-a.

58. It was a Ponzu scheme.

59. I bara-ly ate any sushi.

60. I tripped in the sushi restaurant. It was em-bara-ssing.

61. They were maki-ng me.

62. The sushi leader is the su-chief.

63. A sushi umbrella is a sushi-eld.

64. You have nori-ght to do that.

65. A sushi’s favorite vacation destination is Bara Bara.

66. Dashi know the truth?

67. Nori-yme or reason.

68. There’s nori-sk.

69. A sushi’s favorite hobby is roller skating.

70. Sushi chefs only wear Roll-ex watches.

71. Daikon-not believe it.

72. You reap what you soy.

73. Soy be it.

74. A sushi’s favorite dog is a sushi-ba inu.

Sushi with arms up.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

75. Get under sushi-ts.

76. A cat’s favorite sushi roll is a Cat-lifornia roll.

77. It was as cold as rice.

78. A fish upon a star.

79. I’m taking time to r-eel-ax.

80. A soldier’s favorite sushi is a combat roll.

81. I saw it on the dashi-board.

82. Daikon-veyed the message.

83. The fabric was sushi-n.

84. They laughed with sushi-r delight.

85. Daikon-fused it with something else.

86. I have a dashi-cam in my car.

87. Daikon-fess the truth.

88. Rice see it.

89. Pull the roe-pe.

90. The sushi chef went roe-gue.

91. Kings and queens eat roe-yal sushi.

92. There’s a new sushi restaurant with roe-bot chefs.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.