30+ Hilarious Gas Jokes to Fill Your Laughter Tank

Gas powers vehicles, planes, and equipment. It comes from crude oil and other petroleum liquids. Next time you use or see it, remember gas jokes.

Gas pump.
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Gas is one of the most significant fuel sources in the United States. It powers cars, planes, and tools.

The first crude oil well dates back to Pennsylvania in 1859. It didn’t serve a purpose until the automobile invention in 1892.

Next time you see a fuel station or use one, laugh with the following gas jokes.

The funniest gas jokes

1. What do you call people that watch over gas stations at night?

Night petrol.

Gas station.
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2. Which three-letter word starts with gas?


3. Why was the noble gas sad?

All of its friends argon.

4. Which country only allows electric vehicles?


5. How can you get gas for less than $3?

Eat at Taco Bell.

6. If you think gas prices are high, have you seen chimneys?

They’re through the roof.

7. Where can you bet on gas prices?

The gas-ino.

8. What did the turtle do after running out of gas?

It went to the Shell station.

9. Did you hear about gas prices reaching $4.20?

It’s pretty high.

10. What do you call it when a king farts?

Noble gas.

11. In which month are gas prices the highest?


12. What did crude oil say to gasoline?

You look so refined.

Gas pump.
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13. Why did Vincent need gas?

To make his van Gogh.

14. Which watch brand can you find at gas stations?


15. Where do bees go to the restroom?

The BP station.

16. What do you call a loan on gas?


17. Who can drink two gallons of gasoline?

Jerry can.

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18. Where should you go if you like expensive places?

The gas station.

19. Why do gas prices end with 9/10 of a cent?

It just makes cents.

20. Do you remember when the air was free at gas stations?

Now you have to pay due to inflation.

21. What’s the best way to increase your car’s value when gas prices are high?

Fill up the gas tank.

22. Why did the train use herb-infused gas?

To run on thyme.

23. What does the car say after you fill up its gas tank?

I’m fuel.

24. How can you tell what gas prices will be in the future?

Check the fore-gas-t.

25. What do you call a gas station that’s not cool?

An out-gas-t.

26. What do you call a gas station that says things to mock cars?


27. What do you call the person that gives you gas?


28. Which band plays at gas stations?

Snow Petrol.

Gas station.
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29. What do you call the most refined gas?


30. Which horror movie has a setting in a post-gasoline world?

The Silence of the Lambos.

31. Did you see the video of the person tossing a lit match onto gasoline?

It blew up.

32. Why was Snoop Dogg jealous of gas prices?

They were higher than him.

33. What kind of hats do cars wear?

Gas caps.

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