100+ Snake Puns You’ll Find Hilariousssss

Snakes are reptiles without arms or legs. There are more than 3,000 species, offering many ways to laugh. Read the funniest snake puns.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Snakes live on every continent aside from Antarctica. The oldest snake fossil dates back about 100 million years.

Today, there are more than 3,000 species. So, you’ll find them in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

Whether you have a pet snake or saw one outdoors, get a laugh with the following snake puns.

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Funny snake puns

1. For goodness snake.

Snake coiled.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

2. I have a stomach snake.

3. It’s a snake-cred building.

4. A snake that’s 3.14 feet long is a pi-thon.

5. You’re making hiss-tory.

6. One snake said to the other, “What’sss up?”

7. You’re hissing me off.

8. A snake’s favorite programming language is python.

9. Snake puns are hiss-terical.

10. I hiss you a lot.

11. Snake it ’til you make it.

12. Close your eyes. It’s snake-d.

13. Don’t give a snake caffeine. It’s already viper.

14. Use your windshield vipers when it’s raining.

15. There’s a lot at snake.

16. I’m going to snake out.

17. You have to be snake-y.

18. Snake it off.

19. I bought a new pair of snake-rs.

20. A snake that builds things is a boa constructor.

21. A snake’s favorite dance is the mamba.

22. Famous snakes get fang mail.

23. When you cross a rabbit with a snake, you get a jump rope.

24. Upset snakes throw hissy fits.

25. The English snake goes by Sir Pent.

26. Here’s a goodnight hiss.

27. Hiss and hers.

28. A snake that bakes is a pie-thon.

29. I was mugged by a cobra while walking through the park. It was wearing a hood. So I couldn’t recognize it.

30. A snake that works for the government is a civil serpent.

31. Venomous snakes kill their prey in cold blood.

32. Let’s cobra. Hurry up.

33. The snake was going after the jewelry thief to get its diamondback.

34. When you cross a snake with an airplane, you get a Boeing constrictor.

35. Don’t use a snake as a boomerang. It’ll come back to bite you.

Snake on a branch.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

36. A snake’s favorite author is William Snakes-peare.

37. Snakes are hard to fool because they have no legs to pull.

38. I like to have a snake between lunch and dinner.

39. Snakes are excellent rappers because they’re rap-tiles.

40. I hunt with a boa and arrow.

41. A snake’s favorite car is an ana-Honda.

42. It doesn’t hurt to Asp.

43. Give sick snakes Asp-irin.

44. You don’t need to weigh snakes. They already have scales.

45. I like the snake-le. up under a blanket and read a book.

46. Cobras are snake-tive to southern Africa and Asia.

47. Snakes are sop-hiss-ticated.

48. I snake-d my shirt on a nail.

49. You look fang-cy.

50. I’m boa-red.

51. The celebrity hired a security team to garter.

52. It depends on the corn-ditions.

53. Can you ela-boa-rate?

54. I re-mamba you.

55. My phone viper-ates when I get a call.

56. Join me in welcoming our new team mamba.

57. Snakes sym-boa-lize rebirth and renewal.

58. I need to correct a mi-snake.

59. I’m Taipan on my keyboard.

60. They’re unloading kraits.

61. I write about snakes in a note-boa-k.

62. The blast left a krait-er.

63. There’s a coral-lation.

64. I put it in a boa-x.

65. There’s nothing like a milk snake for dessert.

66. I’m feeling vine.

67. Some snakes can’t multiple because they’re adders.

68. A snake’s favorite dog breed is the hiss-ky.

69. The hardest snake is made of co-brass.

70. I’m reading a book a-boa-t snakes.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

71. You m-adder.

72. Vine not?

73. It was racer sharp.

74. I’m having a scale salad.

75. Don’t let it constrict you.

76. A sheep, a drum, and a snake fell off a cliff. Baa-dumm-tssss.

77. Can any-boa-dy hear me?

78. They stood in adder-ation.

79. I like to start the morning with asp-resso.

80. It was gr-adder-fying.

81. It was a d-asp-erate move.

82. They had a baby boa.

83. We’re going to find out who’s r-asp-onsible.

84. It was all boa-gus.

85. The baby snake’s adder-able.

86. There’s an hiss-ue we need to resolve.

87. I saw a snake near a boa-lder.

88. The snake was in hiss-olation.

89. A snake magician says, “Adder-cadabra.”

90. You’re made to do krait things.

91. There’s a rain-boa in the sky.

92. Adder to the list.

93. I scared a snake. It was rattled.

94. Snakes speak boomslang.

95. You’re on the verge of krait-ness.

96. I’m on boa-rd.

97. I want to gopher a run.

98. Viper tears.

99. A dream about snakes is a fang-tasy.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

100. A snake’s favorite graph is the hiss-togram.

101. I’m hiss-itant about going hiking.

102. When giving directions, snakes say, “Thisss way.”

103. The snake’s fang-ry.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.