40+ Funny Dental Puns to Make You Laugh

Your teeth are the hardest part of your body. They’re essential for chewing and speaking. If you’re ready to laugh, read funny dental puns.

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You’re born with 20 teeth. After losing your baby teeth, you get 32 in the second set.

Your teeth are tougher than bone, and enamel protects them from damage.

Taking care of your teeth is essential, as they can’t repair themselves. Also, it protects you from disease.

Laugh with your pearly whites by reading the following dental puns.

They’re perfect for dentists, hygienists, and anyone learning about teeth.

Hilarious dental puns

1. Dental x-rays are also called tooth-pics.

2. Tell me the tooth.

3. Each dentist has their own floss-ophy.

Tooth and floss.
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4. The best time to go to the dentist is at tooth-hurty.

5. Let’s fight against enamel cruelty.

6. Save the molar bear.

7. One tooth said to the other, “I’ve got fillings for you.”

8. The princess got a crown and became a queen after leaving the dentist.

9. The dentist of the year won a plaque.

10. The judge asked the dentist, “Do you solemnly swear that you will tell the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth?”

11. I took my phone to the dentist because it had a Bluetooth.

12. After getting hit by a golf ball, the dentist said to the patient, “You have a hole in one.”

13. The store is having a tooth-for-one sale.

14. A dentist’s favorite dinosaur is the floss-iraptor.

15. Before going on a roller coaster, orthodontists brace themselves.

16. The only teeth you can buy for a dollar are buck teeth.

17. A vegetarian dentist eats tooth-fu.

18. I got floss-t in the wilderness.

19. My favorite candy is tooth-ee.

20. Be kind to dentists because they have fillings too.

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21. The lawyer asked the dentist for a retainer.

22. You can get a job at a dentist’s office through word of mouth.

23. Killer whales get their teeth straightened at the orca-dontist.

24. My dentist put caps on my teeth! Now, I can’t stop shouting!

25. I’ve been to the dentist many times. I know the drill.

26. A dentist’s office in Panama is called Root Canal.

27. The pharaoh went to the dentist because Egypt his tooth.

28. After a dentist retires, they move to Fluoride-a.

29. You can fix a broken tooth with toothpaste.

30. Dentures are like stars because they come out at night.

31. A dentist’s favorite day of the week is Tooth-sday.

32. A dentist that lives on an island takes the tooth ferry to work.

33. The dentist said to the donut, “You need a filling.”

34. Dentists get presents from Santa Floss.

35. The two teeth got married after falling in love at first bite.

36. My dentist told me to open up, but I already have a therapist.

37. Stop teeth-ing me.

38. I’m enamel-ed by you.

39. Dentists have an abscess-ion with teeth.

Tooth and toothbrush.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

40. There’s a dentin my car.

41. A mean tooth is root.

42. The molar, the merrier.

43. I get advice from the wisdom tooth.

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