60+ Funny Leg Puns That Are a Step Above the Rest

Your legs allow you to walk and keep your balance. Whether working them out or wanting a good laugh, read funny leg puns.

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Your legs allow you to walk, run, jump, and maintain balance and posture. Stretching and exercising them is essential.

Squats, lunges, walking, and running are excellent exercises without going to the gym.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following leg puns.

Grab a seat because you might not be able to stand after all the laughing.

Hilarious leg puns

1. I’m shopping at the f-leg-ship store.

2. Ready? Leg-o.

3. I need to go pick up my leg-gage.

4. I saw a beautiful leg-oon while on vacation.

5. They’re leg-ging behind.

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6. I prefer leg-er over ale.

7. I have jet leg.

8. My family and I are going to Leg-una Beach for the weekend.

9. I find leg puns humerus.

10. Your pants are shin-side out.

11. You’re a leg-end.

12. You tell actors, “Break a leg,” because every play has a cast.

13. Everything’s going tibia alright.

14. Some people can’t stand leg puns.

15. I’m leg-y to have you.

16. The person with a broken leg said to their Valentine, “I’ve got a crutch on you.”

17. I appreciate my legs because they always stand up for me.

18. The student got in trouble for p-leg-iarism.

19. I got a bruise on my leg, but it’s heeling now.

20. It’s a rep-leg-a.

21. The team had a leg-luster performance.

22. I calf to show you something.

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23. Raise a f-leg.

24. There’s an archipe-leg-o off the coast with ten islands.

25. I’ll never leg go.

26. I went to the doctor after a leg-ament injury.

27. You’re such an intel-leg-ent person.

28. They’re di-leg-ent about their work.

29. There’s a group of hoo-leg-ans messing around.

30. Leg them go.

31. I have an ob-leg-ation.

32. The price difference was neg-leg-ible.

33. I felt s-leg-gish after lunch.

34. They gave an e-leg-trifying performance.

35. The teacher’s giving a leg-ture.

36. The store has an excellent se-leg-tion of items.

37. Take time to ref-leg-t.

Crossed legs.
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38. The e-leg-tion is coming up.

39. The interactions occur at a mo-leg-ular level.

40. I wear ref-leg-tive clothing when running at night.

41. My wife and I have knee problems. It’s a joint issue.

42. Heel yeah.

43. The pool is open to the pub-leg.

44. They were avoiding conf-leg-t.

45. The item has a symbo-leg meaning.

46. It’s not app-leg-able to me.

47. Don’t make it too comp-leg-ated.

48. I submitted an app-leg-ation.

49. These are dup-leg-ates.

50. I’m leg-tose intolerant.

51. One part of your leg is always 90 degrees, the right ankle.

52. I kneed you.

53. It’s un-leg-ly to happen.

54. I live knee-rby.

55. Foot it over here.

56. The leg model made a lot of mo-knee.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

57. Squats will be-knee-fit your legs.

58. Let go of knee-gativity.

59. I’m going to school to become an engi-knee-r.

60. I’m on a Mediterra-knee-an diet.

61. I’m leg-wise excited.

62. That’s a u-knee-que idea.

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