100+ Hilarious Boat Puns to Sail-ebrate With Laughter

Boats are excellent for a fun time on the water or transportation. Next time you see or ride one, remember funny boat puns for a good laugh.

Sailboat on the water.
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Few things can beat sailing or boating on a sunny day.

It also leads to many other activities, such as fishing, camping, diving, and water skiing.

Boats date back to pre-historic times as one of the oldest forms of transportation. They’re also essential for shipping and trade.

Whether you see or are on one, read the following boat puns for a ferry good laugh.

The funniest boat puns

1. It’s a-boat time.

2. The captain of the ship is a ro-boat.

3. I only sail the West Coast. I have very Pacific taste.

4. Yacht’s up?

5. Let’s sail-ebrate the good times.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

6. You float my boat.

7. Let’s take the sea-nic route on the boat.

8. Pass the boat-on.

9. I’m ferry happy to see you.

10. I’m teaching my kids the alpha-boat.

11. I’m in boat-ween jobs.

12. We must get to the boat-tom of this.

13. Before the boat went down, I got a sinking feeling.

14. It’s a ship in a boat-tle.

15. Don’t even boat-her.

16. Feeling a little nauti.

17. I like big boats, and I cannot lie.

18. Seas the day.

19. Ship happens.

20. You look boat-iful.

21. Look at that boat-y.

22. Last but naut least.

23. I’m wearing a boat-ie with my suit.

24. It was a pain in the boat.

25. Oh buoy.

26. I’m starting a new job as a sails-person.

27. They were like the rear of a boat, stern.

28. I left a port of me on vacation.

29. Hull yeah!

30. It’s your stern.

31. A vampire’s favorite boat is a blood vessel.

32. The captain got a bow-nus.

33. Watch out for people who try to sa-boat-age your efforts.

34. Hull-vis is the King of Dock and Row-ll.

35. A sick boat needs to go to the dock.

Boat silhouette.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

36. You can make ships look younger with boat-ox.

37. Captains clean their noses with anchor-chiefs.

38. The fastest boat is named Usain Boat.

39. Knot on my watch.

40. Put your tooth under the boat for the Tooth Ferry.

41. The best is yacht to come.

42. Don’t be sail-y.

43. I’m expecting a deli-ferry.

44. That was ferry impressive.

45. This is a piece of ship.

46. You’ve yacht to be kidding me.

47. I’ll do yacht-ever it takes.

48. Don’t fall for pier pressure.

49. This boat is my lega-sea.

50. I boat it on sail.

51. I’m getting into ship shape.

52. The story has a ferry-tale ending.

53. This is my humble a-boat.

54. We’re together yacht last.

55. I’m having fish and ships for dinner.

56. My milkshake brings all the buoys to the yard.

57. I went on my boat to sea where it goes.

58. Don’t be anchor-y. Be happy.

59. Buoy, these views are incredible.

60. We’ve been through hull and back.

61. I’m taking a hull-icopter.

62. My favorite insect is the boat-terfly.

63. Boats never get sick because they have anti-boat-ies.

64. The muscular captain is training to become a boat-ybuilder.

65. I love going to boat-anical gardens.

66. I need some hull-p.

67. Hull-o from the other side.

Silhouette of a boat.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

68. Stern on the boat, and let’s go.

69. I received a naut-ification.

70. Turn it up a naut-ch.

71. I’m opening a boat-ique.

72. I can-naut believe it.

73. Press the boat-ton.

74. Let’s play boat-minton.

75. Put on your hull-met.

76. You port-hing.

77. We bought a new pro-port-y.

78. I’m here for your ex-port-ise.

79. You bow-long on the boat.

80. There was a sym-bow-l on the boat.

81. I’m traveling to Boat-apest, Hungary.

82. Are we there yacht?

83. The yacht club is sail-ective in choosing members.

84. I’m sail-dom in one location.

85. I’m on a boat. Me, my-sail-f, and I.

86. What’s the re-sail value?

87. You have my yacht-tention.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

88. It was an excellent yacht-tempt.

89. Sea for your-sail-f.

90. I’m watching a dock-umentary on a boat.

91. I’m working port-time.

92. You’re my port-ner for this trip.

93. The celebrity needed a boat-yguard.

94. The boat is re-stern-able.

95. The quarterback threw a helm-ary pass.

96. The captain wants a sail-ary increase.

97. I’m having a sail-ad for lunch.

98. It’s always an ex-sail-lent day when you’re boating.

99. It’s quite an oar deal.

100. Boat-ter late than never.

101. We can all ship in.

102. I love boat puns a yacht.

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