105+ Funny Bread Puns to Bake a Laugh

Bread is a food that’s a staple in many cultures. It comes from water, flour, and yeast. Read the funniest bread puns that’ll leave you rolling.

Two loaves of bread.
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Bread is a food you can count on anytime. Its origins date back thousands of years.

Today, there are many types. Examples include white, rye, baguette, ciabatta, and naan.

Regardless of the one you like, read the following bread puns for a laugh.

Then, tell them to others as you break bread or see it at the grocery store.

The ultimate list of bread puns

1. I bread an article about that.

2. You bread my mind.

3. Bread-y or not, here I crumb.

Slice of bread.
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4. They bread horses and dogs.

5. Famous bakers are cele-bread-ies.

6. Bread-y when you are.

7. It’s a hy-bread of two genres.

8. Cross that bread-ge when you get to it.

9. The bread and groom.

10. Scientists work in a la-bread-ory.

11. I felt my phone vi-bread.

12. I need to cali-bread the devices.

13. I knead to buy more bread.

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14. Bread puns are dough funny.

15. In bread we crust.

16. I made you some bread. It’s the yeast I could do.

17. Bread doesn’t like summer because it’s too toasty.

18. The bread got flours for Valentine’s Day.

19. I started a bread business. It’s on the rise.

20. Baking bread is a labor of loaf.

21. The bread told its friend, “You deserve butter.”

22. You’re great in bread.

23. The baby bread is a-dough-rable.

24. I bread your pardon.

25. The two bread slices e-loaf-ed.

26. Bread puns always make me loaf.

27. The bread told its significant other, “You’re my butter half.”

28. All you knead is loaf.

29. Life’s crumby without bread.

30. I think I’m in loaf.

31. I baked bread flour you.

32. One bread said to the other, “You’re toast.”

33. The bread made a big mistake at work. Its career is toast.

34. It’s time to go to bread.

35. I’m on a roll.

36. The bread gets everyone excited by saying, “Let’s get bread-y to crumble.”

37. Bread lovers grow mold together.

38. The bread baker gets paid an flour-ly wage.

39. I just baked bread yeast-erday.

40. Bread is always careful. Butter safe than sorry.

Loaf of bread.
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41. Roll with it.

42. It’s past your bread-time.

43. Bread puns never get stale.

44. A toast to butter days.

45. Bread bakers work their buns off for dough.

46. Another one bites the crust.

47. I bake bread in loafers.

48. It’s a loaf or death situation.

49. You look loaf-ly today.

50. The baker was feeling crumby after waking up on the wrong side of the bread.

51. The inspirational bread said, “The best is yet to crumb.”

52. I spent the weekend eating bread and loaf-ing around.

53. The local bread factory burned down. The business is toast.

54. I need to get a bread start.

55. She’s going to be a breads-maid.

56. There are breads from all walks of loaf.

57. The most sophisticated part of bread is the upper crust.

58. I’m staying at a bread and breakfast.

59. You can get a raise at a bread factory by buttering up your boss.

60. My kids are so knead-y.

61. Money is called dough because you knead it.

62. The news s-bread quickly.

63. Crust me. I got this.

64. A loaf of bread’s favorite show is Breaking Bread.

65. 52 slices of toast is a deck of carbs.

66. I’m on the crust of perfecting a bread recipe.

Slice of bread.
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67. Don’t go baking my bread.

68. Dog bread is made from collie flour.

69. If you knead a superhero, call Wonder Bread.

70. German breads greet each other by saying, “Gluten tag.”

71. The loaves of bread broke up because their relationship was crumbling.

72. The bread’s community center wel-crumbs everyone.

73. Meet my bread-er and sister.

Puns based on types of bread

1. Radical bakers go against the whole grain.

2. You’re the apple of my rye.

3. No pain, no grain.

4. We must breadstick together.

5. Challah at me.

6. It’s naan of your business.

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7. Wheat make great friends.

8. Baguette out of the way.

9. Bun intended.

10. Don’t grain on my parade.

11. Wheat love for you to join us.

12. Ryes and shine.

13. Dough or donut. There is no rye.

14. Ciabatta show up.

15. It’s not a black or wheat decision.

16. Nice t-rye.

17. Re-pita story one more time.

18. The banker wanted the baker to pumpernickels.

19. Baguette ready to lose. You’re toast.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

20. It’s a no-grain-er.

21. It was naan-existent.

22. Elves make sandwiches with shortbread.

23. Baguette-r luck next time.

24. I think you focaccia belongings at the store.

25. Ciabatta hurry up.

26. I’ll take challah them.

27. That’s complete naan-sense.

28. Matzo fast.

29. Let’s go for a swim at the boule.

30. I received an a-naan-ymous letter.

31. I have a naan-stop flight.

32. You wouldn’t boule-ieve me.

Boule bread.
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33. It was a phenome-naan.

34. That’s rye-te.

35. Rye the way.

36. Let’s go boule-ing.

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