70+ Funny Teacher Jokes to Make the Classroom Laugh

Teachers play an essential role in a student’s development. There are also many funny moments. Read relatable teacher jokes for a laugh.

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Teachers put a lot of effort and time into giving students the best school experience.

They’re significant in creating an environment of curiosity, creativity, and positivity.

One of the best ways to boost the mood of a classroom is humor.

The following are funny teacher jokes to make you laugh.

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Hilarious teacher jokes

1. What’s the hardest thing for a teacher to understand?

A student’s handwriting.

2. What’s the most annoying question you can ask an English teacher?

Do I have to write in complete sentences?

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3. Why’s the teacher only friends with 25 letters of the alphabet?

They don’t know why.

4. Why did the kid cross the playground?

To get to the other slide.

5. Why’s the teacher wearing sunglasses in the classroom?

The students are so bright.

6. What do you call a teacher who forgets to take attendance?


7. Why do students think teachers don’t know anything?

They always ask students for answers.

8. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the school dance?

They had nobody to go with.

9. Why was the teacher cross-eyed?

They couldn’t control their pupils.

10. Why did the science teacher go to the beach?

To test the water.

11. Why did the teacher write on the window?

To make the lesson clear.

12. Who’s the king of the math classroom?

The ruler.

13. What’s a math teacher’s favorite snake?

A pi-thon.

14. What’s the longest word in the dictionary?

Smiles because there’s a mile between the first and last letter.

15. What do English teachers and judges have in common?

They both give out sentences.

16. What’s the most common phrase used in school?

I don’t know.

17. Which teachers have the greenest thumbs?

Kinder-garden teachers.

18. What do you call a music teacher with problems?

A trebled person.

19. What’s a teacher’s favorite nation?

An expla-nation.

20. What do you say to comfort a grammar teacher?

There, their, they’re.

21. Why did the student eat their homework?

The teacher said it was a piece of cake.

22. How do teachers scare students on a multiple-choice question test?

Make the first ten answers C.

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23. Why can’t teachers have kids?

Every baby name reminds them of a student that drove them crazy.

24. Why did the music teacher need a ladder?

To reach the high notes.

25. Do you know what’s odd?

Every other number.

26. What are a teacher’s three favorite words?

June, July, and August.

27. What are the only things a teacher can count on?

Their fingers.

28. How did the teacher feel after someone stole dictionaries from the classroom?

They were lost for words.

29. How did the teacher feel while reading a book about anti-gravity?

They can’t put it down.

30. What kind of pencil did Shakespeare use?


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31. Why don’t English teachers recommend dating apostrophes?

They’re too possessive.

32. What did the triangle say to the circle?

You’re pointless.

33. Why was six afraid of seven?

Because seven, eight, nine.

34. Why was the geography teacher able to read maps better than everyone else?

They’re a legend.

35. Which natural disaster happens in every classroom?

The bath-valanche. Once a student asks to go to the bathroom, everyone else suddenly has to go.

36. Why do metamorphic rocks struggle on tests?

They can’t handle the pressure.

37. How do teachers know if they created a successful seating chart?

All the students complain about being away from their best friends at the same time.

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38. Why would teachers last the longest in a zombie apocalypse?

They know how to survive with little to no resources.

39. Why don’t bubbles like to go to school?

They don’t like pop quizzes.

40. Why did the student do a multiplication test on the floor?

The math teacher said not to use tables.

41. What do you call two students that love math?


42. What happens when you throw a lot of books in the ocean?

A title wave.

43. How do bees get to school?

They ride the school buzz.

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44. What’s a pirate’s favorite school subject?


45. What happens to a bad rainbow?

It goes to prism.

46. What’s a math teacher’s favorite dessert?

Pumpkin pi.

47. What’s the difference between a cat and a comma?

One has claws at the end of its paws. The other is a pause at the end of a clause.

48. Why do geography teachers laugh at mountains?

They’re hill areas.

49. What kind of tests do teachers give witches?


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50. Why did the geometry teacher miss class?

They had a sprained angle.

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51. What’s an English teacher’s favorite cereal?

Synonym Toast Crunch.

52. How did Benjamin Franklin feel after discovering electricity?


53. How do science teachers freshen their breath?

With experi-mints.

54. Why did the music teacher get locked out of the classroom?

Their keys were in the piano.

55. What did zero say to eight?

Nice belt.

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56. Who made King Arthur’s round table?

Sir Cumference.

57. Why didn’t two fours want to eat dinner?

They already eight.

58. What happened to the math teacher’s garden?

They all grew square roots.

59. Why do students’ hands’ cramp during music class?

Too many notes.

60. How did vikings send secret messages?

Norse code.

61. Why are teachers mean during the summer?

They have no class.

62. Who’s a teacher’s best friend at school?

The princi-pal.

63. Why did the student take a chair home from school?

The teacher said to take a seat.

64. What kind of meals do math teachers eat?

Square meals.

65. Why don’t giraffes teach elementary school?

They can only teach high school.

66. How did the teacher make time fly during class?

By throwing a clock.

67. Why did the teacher marry the janitor?

He swept her off her feet.

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68. Who’s the most famous physical education teacher?

Jim Nasium.

69. What do police officers and teachers have in common?

They want people to raise their hands.

70. Why did the dog do well in school?

He was the teacher’s pet.

71. How do English teachers wish students good luck before a test?

Metaphors be with you.

72. Why didn’t the sun go to college?

It already has a million degrees.

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