100+ Hilarious Electricity Puns to Shock You With Laughter

Electricity is an essential part of life. It allows heating, cooling, and lighting. Read the funniest electricity puns for a good laugh.

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Electricity is everywhere. It’s the flow of an electric charge.

It heats, cools, and offers an energy source. It also powers appliances, computers, and machines.

Heating, cooling, and office equipment are the three main uses for electricity today.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following electricity puns.

They’re perfect for science students, teachers, and anyone fascinated by electricity.

Funny electricity puns

1. After opening my water and electricity bill, I was shocked.

2. Watt’s up?

3. I’m not a good electrician, but people are always shocked when they find out.

4. I’m getting volt-er with each day.

5. Be positive no matter watt.

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6. You light me up.

7. I planted a light bulb in my garden to grow a power plant.

8. Electricians love learning about current events.

9. An electrician’s favorite ice cream flavor is shock-a-lot.

10. I finally got rid of the electrical charge I’d been carrying. I’m ex-static.

11. Electricians prefer circuit training.

12. That’s volt news.

13. Honey, I’m ohm.

14. Light bulbs shop at the outlet store.

15. An electrician’s journey is an elec-trek.

16. If you cross a magician with an electrician, you get an elec-trick.

17. An electrician’s favorite dance is the Electric Slide.

18. My shocks have a hole in them.

19. The light bulb failed a class because it wasn’t too bright.

20. Fluorescent lights hum because they don’t know the lyrics.

21. The electrical cords broke up because there was no spark between them.

22. I can’t afford to pay for electricity. These are dark times.

23. A bad electrician is a shock absorber.

24. You’re as charge as life.

25. It’s a walk in the spark.

26. We beat the shock.

27. Electricians get supplies from The Ohm Depot.

28. I’m shopping for joule-ry.

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29. I amp so excited.

30. Someone got arrested for eating batteries. They’ll get charged in the morning.

31. You need to conduct yourself.

32. It hertz.

33. My new car is a Volts-wagen.

34. An electrician’s favorite football team is the Chargers.

35. Don’t be shocked. Your future’s bright.

36. Do watt-ever you want to do.

37. Control your surges.

38. Watt off the press.

39. Ohm-y goodness.

40. I’m in shock by the current situation.

41. As joule as a cucumber.

42. Electricians are all wired differently.

43. You’ll never find electrical equipment free of charge.

44. Those were the good volt days.

45. Wind energy is so popular. It has a lot of fans.

46. The details were ohm-itted.

47. For watt it’s worth.

48. The electrician married his colleague because he couldn’t resistor.

49. Solar panels like their eggs sunny side up.

50. The young light bulb wants to become a conductor when it grows up.

51. The energy company’s CEO credits their success to strategic power moves.

52. The inventor of the taser passed away suddenly. The family was shocked.

53. When electricians meditate, they chant, “Ohm.”

54. I volt not forget.

55. Power outages aren’t a laughing matter. They’re too dark.

Power lines.
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56. The power lines had to stay home because they were grounded.

57. Wire electrical jobs so fun?

58. An outlet’s favorite song is The Power.

59. Electricians have to strip to make ends meet.

60. The angry superconductor eventually left without resistance.

61. I saw an electrician beating up a plug. I told him it was an abuse of power.

62. There was a power outage at work. I was de-lighted.

63. You’re quick off the spark.

64. A wind turbine’s favorite color is blew.

65. London during a power outage is Londoff.

66. Electricians don’t die. They lose contact.

67. I asked the electrician to restore the electricity in my house. He re-fused.

68. An electrician’s favorite month is Joule-y.

69. We’re getting en-gauge-d.

70. Make your spark.

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71. Watt-ch out.

72. Get a-volt of yourself.

73. Volt it in half.

74. Electricians love to snack on currents.

75. Power you doing?

76. I want s-ohm of that.

77. Electricians never take responsibility. They always say it’s the ground fault.

78. The electricity company is looking for more amp-loyees.

79. I feel amp-ty inside.

80. Where did you c-ohm fr-ohm?

81. H-ohm is where the heart is.

82. They built an amp-ire.

83. It was a great att-amp-t.

84. Thanks for amp-owering me.

85. Increase the volt-ume.

86. Mount Vesuvius is an active volt-cano is Italy.

87. It’s the volt-imate solution.

88. It’s only t-amp-orary.

89. I’m not tired from exercising because I did a short circuit.

90. The truth hertz.

91. The room was shock-full of books.

92. My new SUV is a Volt-vo.

93. I volunteer as an amp-ire for the local little league.

94. Love hertz.

95. I didn’t realize how hard it was to be an electrician. After trying it, I was shocked.

96. An electrician’s favorite band is AC/DC.

Electrician plugging a wire into an outlet.
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97. Thanks for the rec-ohm-mendation.

98. Join the c-ohm-petition.

99. The optimistic electrician lost his job because he kept turning negatives into positives.

100. They earned a c-ohm-mission.

101. The electrician punched a hole in the wall because they needed an outlet.

102. It hertz too much.

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