160+ Funny Plant Puns to Grow Laughter

Plants are an essential part of Earth. They provide oxygen, food, shelter, and medicine. Read the funniest plant puns for a good laugh.

Monstera in a planter.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Plants are living things growing on land and in water. All plants belong to the kingdom Plantae.

They play a significant role on Earth, providing oxygen, food, medicine, and clean air.

You can divide plants into those with or without flowers or seeds.

Next time you see one, remember the following plant puns for a laugh.

The ultimate list of plant puns

1. We have plant-y of room.

2. I be-leaf in you.

3. You’re a plant-astic person.

Plant in a pot.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

4. I’m rooting for you.

5. Pot it like it’s hot.

6. Ex-plant your mind.

7. Stick to the plant.

8. Have you botany plants lately?

9. I wet my plants.

10. Don’t stop be-leaf-ing.

11. It’s good for the plant-net.

12. There’s no ex-plant-nation.

13. I stood on the plant-form.

14. A gardener’s favorite metal is plant-inum.

15. There were some com-plants about it.

16. They made a root comment.

17. It’s stem versus us.

18. It’s one of the plant-hems.

19. I love collecting plant-iques.

20. The doctor prescribed plant-ibiotics.

21. I didn’t plant-icipate it.

22. Berries have plant-ioxidants.

23. You grow, girl.

24. You’re my best bud.

25. Plant a kiss on my cheek.

26. Yoda is an excellent gardener because he has green thumbs.

27. I beg your garden?

28. Take it or leaf it.

29. Plants are skinny because they eat light.

30. I seed what you did there.

31. I’m just pollen your leg.

32. Okay, bloomer.

33. I wood love to help.

34. I’m sexy and I grow it.

35. Ex-seed expectations.

Seeds above a planter.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

36. Last bud not leaf.

37. I’m very frond of you.

38. We plant for it.

39. My garden is so fresh and so green.

40. Gardeners invest in the stalk market.

41. Once and floral.

42. Are you feeling bouquet?

43. I’m branching out.

44. I’ve already made plants for this weekend.

45. Plants are my soil-mates.

46. You have a frond in me.

47. With my heart and soil.

48. That’s a re-leaf.

49. Please take a seed.

50. Someone has been adding soil to my garden. The plot thickens.

51. Plants go to therapy to get to the root of their problems.

Pothos plant in a planter.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

52. Stick with it.

53. Take a leaf of faith.

54. We’re replacing an plant-iquated system.

55. The gardeners named their son Plant-hony.

56. I want to go to Plant-arctica.

57. He’s the plant-agonist of the story.

58. I’m attending a stem-inar.

59. I meant what I seed.

Puns based on types of plants

1. Aloe there. How are you?

2. Ain’t nobody got thyme for that.

3. Pretty fly for a cacti.

4. We’re mint to be together.

5. You make my heart skip a beet.

6. You can poppy-n anytime.

7. Life would succ without you.

Succulent in a pot.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

8. Turnip the beet.

9. Thistle do the trick.

10. The scariest plant is bam-boo.

11. Be fern in your decision.

12. This is all the romaines.

13. Lettuce have some fun.

14. A peony saved is a peony earned.

15. Don’t moss me around.

16. I lilac you a lot.

17. Let’s give them pumpkin to talk about.

18. Don’t tell secrets in a cornfield. There are a lot of ears.

19. Cactus makes perfect.

20. All clover the world.

21. I’m a succa for you.

22. Oh my gourd.

23. They went onion on about it.

24. I love you from my head tomatoes.

25. Don’t kale my vibe.

26. I’m kind of a big dill.

27. I find you in-tree-guing.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

28. It’s about thyme.

29. You’re elec-tree-fying.

30. You’re moss-ome.

31. We don’t have mushroom.

32. It is wheat it is.

33. Aloe-ve you vera much.

34. I’ll be there zinnia minute.

35. Cypress-ed the wrong button.

36. I keep my palm-ises.

37. Iris my case.

38. Brush it under the shrub.

39. It’s the ef-fir-t that counts.

40. I didn’t mean to con-fuschia.

41. Algae what I can do.

42. I’m having amsonia.

43. Weed did it.

44. Agave you all I had.

45. At my sage.

46. A gardener that donates a lot of herbs is a cilantro-pist.

47. It was a comp-elm-ing argument.

48. A fir-ce of nature.

49. Impatiens is not a virtue.

50. I made a moss-take.

51. It’s basil-ly the same thing.

52. Astilbe here when you get back.

53. I need to aster a question.

54. Kiwi make up?

55. I’m feeling daisy.

56. She’s teaching at her elm-a mater.

57. I swore an oaks.

58. Pine-ders keepers.

59. Keep moving fir-ward.

60. Eat nu-tree-cious meals.

61. I didn’t mean to inter-shrub.

62. I’ve herb it before.

63. I’m maple to help.

64. That was oak-ward.

65. I’d like your o-pine-ion.

66. They made a fir-tune.

67. You’re such a fungi.

68. Holly cow.

69. I’m scared of monsteras.

70. I got a palm-padour haircut.

71. I pothos last week.

72. Fir real this time.

73. I like this one the moss.

74. Thanks for con-tree-buting.

75. Y-orchid-ding me.

76. A peony for your thoughts.

Peony flower.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

77. Peas be with you.

78. It’s parsley true.

79. It’s party thyme.

80. Eat, drink, and be rosemary.

81. The cactus is looking sharp.

82. A nervous tree is a sweaty palm.

83. Saplings go to elemen-tree school.

84. Watch out for one plant, the ambush.

85. The laziest plant is the ZZ plant.

86. Let’s put our tulips together.

87. Don’t be ranunculus.

88. You’re looking pine.

89. Thanks for the encourage-mint.

90. I quit my job because the celery was too low.

91. I’m so hap-pea to see you.

92. They’re a one-trick peony.

93. It’s a pain in the grass.

94. Chive never met anyone like you.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

95. Let’s have some fern.

96. They rose to the occasion.

97. I hate when bay leaves.

98. We need to celery-brate.

99. Fennel I see you again?

100. Good chives only.

101. I don’t want to make anemones.

102. Canna get some help?

103. Heck chia.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.