80+ Funny Mushroom Puns to Make You Laugh

A mushroom is the fruiting body of a fungus. Some are edible, while others aren’t. Next time you see one, read hilarious mushroom puns for a laugh.

Two mushrooms.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Mushrooms are the fungus among us. There are more than 2,000 species, but about 25 are edible.

Humans have been eating mushrooms for hundreds of years. They date back to the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese.

Mushrooms are in the fungi kingdom. Aside from being nutritious or a part of nature, they’re funny.

The following are hilarious mushroom puns to make you laugh.

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Hilarious mushroom puns

1. You’re a really fungi.

2. I have so mushroom in my heart for you.

3. A mushroom uses a mush-broom to clean its house.

4. I need a to-go box. I have so mushroom-aining.

5. The friendliest mushroom is a porta-hello.

6. A mushroom that covers its face is a mask-room.

7. It doesn’t take up mushroom.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

8. You mushroom-ember how much I love you.

9. It’s no truffle at all.

10. Shiitake happens.

11. We mushroom-ain calm.

12. Mushrooms sit on toadstools.

13. It doesn’t ring a porta-bella.

14. Before a mushroom’s born, it’s in the mush-womb.

15. They have good morels.

16. I need as mushroom as possible.

17. There’s so mushroom for improvement.

18. A giant mushroom is hu-fungus.

19. The mushroom fell asleep at school because it was spore-d.

20. A mushroom that makes music is a de-composer.

21. Mushrooms always win arguments. They don’t leave mushroom for debate.

22. Watch out for mushrooms. They’re good stalk-ers.

23. A mushroom’s car goes, “Shroom, shroom.”

24. When you cross a mushroom with a frog, you get a toadstool.

25. Mushrooms drive spores cars.

26. There’s not mushroom for error.

27. Mushrooms fly out of the air-portabella.

28. I didn’t save mushroom for dessert.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

29. There’s spore where that came from.

30. Never use “mushroom” as your password. It’s not stroganoff.

31. This is the breakfast of champignons.

32. Our team won the champignon-ships.

33. Don’t talk to a female mushroom unless you have a lot of time. Shiitake too much.

34. I didn’t like mushrooms, but they grew on me.

35. Mushrooms retire when they get too mold.

36. That’s what friends are spore.

37. She’s such a fungi-rl.

38. The mushroom grew up in a spore family.

39. The mushroom bride said, “I love you so mush-groom.”

40. A mushroom that’s easy to carry around is portabella.

41. The mushroom’s a fungi, but he has questionable morels.

42. It was the spore of the moment.

43. I don’t give a shiitake.

44. That mushroom’s cute as a button.

45. I went on a mushroom tour and had a fungi-de.

46. I’ll spore you the truffle.

Mushrooms and grass.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

47. The mushroom’s a crimino-l.

48. I’m going on a hot air portabello-on.

49. You have a morel obligation.

50. Let’s go to the beech.

51. Pass the button.

52. You’re gill-ing me smalls.

53. The mushroom makes spore-adic appearances.

54. I beech you to it.

55. I can’t open the door because I have enoki.

56. If you want to travel internationally, you need a pas-spore-t.

57. Fungus are always mushroom-anticizing the topic.

58. A mushroom in Italy is a mush-Rome.

59. You mushroom-ove it before use.

60. I’m looking for new ways to tran-spore-t mushrooms.

61. A mushroom always shows great spore-tsmanship.

62. You’re im-spore-tant to me.

63. I may forget. You mushroom-ind me.

64. The dish was made incorrectly. They mushroom-ake it.

65. You mushroom-inate on it.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

66. No one will boletus.

67. Morel less.

68. The artistic mushroom drew a beautiful spore-trait.

69. Button-til next time.

70. A mushroom that’s in a hurry is a rush-room.

71. A mushroom that goes down the toilet is a flush-room.

72. I crushed the mushrooms. Now, they’re mush-ruined.

73. I spore-d my heart out.

74. A Disney mushroom is Chanterelle-a.

75. Holy shiitake!

76. Spore the time being.

77. Portabell-ow the whistle if you need help.

78. We portabell-ong together.

79. I portabell-ieve in you.

80. Happy portabella-ted birthday.

81. Make sure you have a spore tire.

82. Their hair was truffle-d by the wind.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.