55+ Funny Heart Puns to Pump You Up

The heart is a symbol of love and affection. Whether it’s for a special occasion or day or to get a good laugh, get the best heart puns.

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The heart represents many things, including love, affection, and treasure. In the body, it’s the center of your circulation system.

The heart is a vital organ and symbol in daily life.

The following are the best heart puns. They’re ideal for a card, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, doctor, or nurse.

Everyone can appreciate funny heart puns.

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Hilarious heart puns

1. I love to paint. I’m an heart-ist.

2. You’re playing heart to get.

3. That’s heart to believe.

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4. I heart-ly knew them.

5. I’m tearing out the carpet and installing heart-wood floors.

6. It’s the heart-knock life.

7. You must be my sinoatrial node because you make my heart pump.

8. You have a pizza my heart.

9. I can heart-ly wait.

10. Aorta tell you how much I love you.

Human heart.
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11. I’m going to the heart-ware store to buy a few tools.

12. I like to add heart boiled eggs to my salad.

13. I went on a safari and saw a heart of elephants.

14. I’m reading an heart-icle about heart health.

15. You must be my coronary artery because you’re wrapped around my heart.

16. The museum has an impressive collection of heart-ifacts.

17. I heart a great time with you.

18. There’s so mushroom in my heart for you.

19. I love you with mime whole heart.

20. She was a skilled heart-isan.

21. You’re so heart-istic.

22. My favorite appetizer is spinach heart-ichoke dip.

23. I’m studying heart-ificial intelligence.

24. Let clay air dry for 24 hours to heart-en it.

25. I enjoy reading heart-cover books.

26. You’re heart-core!

Three hearts.
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27. My son can be heart-headed.

28. They faced a lot of heart-ship.

29. I played heart-ball growing up.

30. It takes about three weeks for a new habit to be heart-wired in your brain.

31. I ran and jumped over heart-les.

32. I’m baking a fruit t-heart.

33. After a weekend of moving, my back hearts.

34. We took the data and made a c-heart.

35. Rest-heart-ing your computer fixes a lot of issues.

36. When does your flight dep-heart?

37. Let’s play d-hearts.

38. Many patients refuse a heart transplant because they have a change of heart.

39. A skeleton will never do an outstanding job because its heart isn’t in it.

40. Rockstars end up in heart surgery because they play their hearts out.

41. Two red blood cells fell in love. But, it was all in vein.

42. Two birds in love are tweet-hearts.

43. Locksmiths are always successful with girls because they have the key to their hearts.

Heart-shaped lock.
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44. The pig assured its partner, “I won’t go bacon your heart.”

45. A cardiologist drives a beater to work.

46. The heart-vark is a nocturnal burrowing mammal native to Africa.

47. Success takes heart work and dedication.

48. I’m drinking heart kombucha.

49. The company c-heart-ers a jet for its executives.

50. Heart-emis is the Greek goddess of wild animals, the moon, and chastity.

51. It’s not that straightforw-heart.

52. I don’t want to be ap-heart.

53. She said heart-ful words.

54. When a medical student drops out, they call it heart failure.

Human heart.
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55. Heart puns are the best way to keep things lighthearted.

56. My partner got me half of a Valentine’s Day balloon. It was a half-hearted effort.

57. If you catch a heart thief, you must place them under cardiac arrest.

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