115+ Hair Puns That Are Hair-larious

Your hairstyle plays a significant role in how you look. Whether getting a haircut or you’re a hairdresser, get a laugh with the funniest hair puns.

Shoulder-length hair.
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Hair is an essential part of you. The style affects your appearance.

So, getting a haircut that matches your hair type and face shape is crucial.

Aside from how you look, it keeps your head warm.

It can even tell you about your health. Healthy hair grows about half an inch each month.

Whether you see a funny hairstyle or getting a haircut, read the following hair puns for a good laugh.

The funniest hair puns

1. Hair you go.

2. I hair you loud and clear.

3. Hairdressers that get married live in peace and hair-mony.

4. The jacket has a hair-ringbone pattern.

5. You can rent a wig from Hair-tz.

6. At first, I didn’t like my hair. Then, it grew on me.

Long hair.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

7. Hair-ry up.

8. I have to come to perms with having curly hair now.

9. You should comb over sometime.

10. Home is hair the heart is.

11. It was hair-rible.

12. I s-hair this space with other hairdressers.

13. I had a nightmare about my hair. It was hair-rifying.

14. I love watching the sun rise above the hair-izon.

15. A barber that saves you from a bad haircut is a hair-o.

16. W-hair did you go?

17. You must ad-hair to the rules.

18. I c-hair-ish these moments with you.

19. The hairdresser started a salon with her in-hair-itance.

20. I have no hair to go.

21. We’re in this toget-hair.

22. My friend’s proud of his Italian hair-itage.

23. My barber is good with his finances. He always shaves some for later.

24. I need a refres-hair on the topic.

Quiff haircut.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

25. I’m fine with eit-hair one.

26. It’s in the shape of a sp-hair.

27. I’m having a hair-d time understanding.

28. I need to buy a couple of tools from the hair-dware store.

29. A hair is larger than a rabbit.

30. I didn’t mean to bot-hair you.

31. The hairdresser’s name didn’t ring a gel.

32. The salon is hair-ing more hair stylists.

33. There’s love in the hair.

34. These are the hair necessities.

35. Shave the way for others.

36. Been hair, done that.

37. I’ll always be hair for you.

38. It happened right before my hairy eyes.

39. Hairdressers are never late for work because they know all the short cuts.

40. I’m prep-hair-ing for a marathon.

41. A bee’s favorite haircut is a buzz cut.

42. You’re the bun for me.

43. I’m a-braid not.

44. Trim the lights down low.

45. They have a trim expression.

46. You’ll get the bang of it.

47. You have a perm handshake.

48. Diamonds are a curl’s best friend.

49. The barber has shaving reviews.

50. Make sure you have a sp-hair tire.

51. Your hair puns are hair-larious.

52. My barber’s the best. He’s a cut above the rest.

53. I want to learn how to dye hair. They sent me to root camp.

54. I got a haircut the ot-hair day.

55. T-hair she is.

56. A cowboy hair-ds cattle.

57. It’s hot in hair.

58. It began to wit-hair away.

59. I’m drinking hair-bal tea.

60. I’m gat-hair-ing my thoughts.

61. I went fishing and caught some hair-ring.

62. You have to leap over the hair-dle.

63. We’re a match pomade in heaven.

Person styling their hair.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

64. Let’s reschedule for anot-hair time.

65. After a terrible haircut, I needed to see a t-hair-apist.

66. It’s somew-hair nearby.

67. The salon has a welcoming atmosp-hair.

68. Scalp massages are t-hair-apeutic.

69. I won hair and square.

70. After years of hard work, the hairdresser became a million-hair.

71. I told my hairdresser, “It takes two to tangle.”

72. The dish has hair-loom tomatoes.

73. I’m going on an hair-plane.

74. Sheep get haircuts at the baa-baa shop.

75. The ring has a sapp-hair gemstone.

76. It was the last hair-rah.

77. Words can hair-t.

78. Be ready to evacuate in case of a hair-ricane.

79. It’s the hair-sh reality.

80. It was the hairy on top.

81. You look trim and proper.

82. My last haircut will be a fringe. I want to go out with a bang.

Fringe haircut.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

83. Stay out of hair-ms way.

84. I hair-dly knew them.

85. Hair comes trouble.

86. The only cheese with curly hair is perm-esan.

87. I read it in my hair-oscope.

88. I tried to make my hair curly, but nothing worked. I was so fru-straight-ed.

89. I joined the Hair Force out of high school.

90. I’m going to step outside for some hair.

91. I’m hair to shave the day.

92. We’re hoping for a good hair-vest.

93. That person’s known for good c-hair-acter.

94. My hairdresser almost got arrested. She had a brush with the law.

95. Wig until next time.

96. They were charged with hair-rassment.

97. I only write with a bald point pen.

98. I’m dyeing to know.

99. I thought I pomade it clear.

100. Someone stole my wig. That was a bald move.

101. I can’t hair you.

102. Our friendship could no longer be salvaged. We have reached a split end.

103. The truth became app-hair-rent.

104. I told my hairdresser a joke. She dyed laughing.

105. I’m new to the hair-ea.

106. I’m a-hair of the situation.

107. I got a simil-hair haircut.

108. Things aren’t as the app-hair.

109. I hate to be the hair-er of bad news.

Comb-over haircut.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

110. All good things comb to an end.

111. My barber doesn’t cut my hair any longer. He cuts it shorter.

112. I couldn’t hair less.

113. It was a get-rich-quiff scheme.

114. My hairdresser conditioned my hair with hair-omatic oils.

115. We have an hair-rangement.

116. The hairdresser did an extraordin-hair-y job.

117. After a haircut, my barber gives me a Hair-shey’s chocolate bar.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.