100+ Funny Chocolate Puns to Make You Choco-Laugh

Chocolate is a food that can be solid, liquid, or paste. Whether eating or making it, read the funniest chocolate puns for a good laugh.

Chocolate bar.
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Chocolate is delicious. You can eat it on its own, with fruit, coffee, wine, or nuts.

Aside from the many ways to pair chocolate, there are various types.

You can have milk chocolate, chocolate liquor, white, dark, or ruby chocolate.

The history of chocolate dates back to the Maya. They made a cocoa drink with hot water and called it the “Food of the Gods.”

So, grab a chocolate bar or drink and prepare to laugh. The following are hilarious chocolate puns.

The best chocolate puns

1. Chocolate puns make me choco-laugh a lot.

2. I miss you a choco-lot.

3. After seeing chocolate, the cookie said, “I’m going to get chip-faced.”

4. Sorry, I’m chocolate. There was a lot of traffic.

Chocolate bar.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. One chocolate said to the other on Valentine’s Day, “You make me melt.”

6. Cacao did you know about that?

7. Write it on a choc-board.

8. Find me before you cocoa.

9. This party is choco-lit!

10. I will never choco-let you go.

11. People keep accusing me of stealing their Kit Kat. Give me a break.

12. Airports only sell plane chocolate.

13. I love chocolate. Hard candy is for suckers.

14. A chocolate maker fools people with Twix.

15. Crocodiles love to drink hot croco-late.

16. Every time I commit to not eating chocolate, the bar looks at me and Snickers.

17. Let’s choco-bout it.

18. A sheep rolled in chocolate to become a chocolate baa.

19. The chocolate advocates want to form a cocoa-lition.

20. I knew you were truffle.

21. I’m going to the coffee shop to get a choco-latte.

22. Choc it to the side.

23. The chocolate bar said to the box of chocolate-covered almonds, “You’re nuts.”

24. I can’t Reese’s-t telling chocolate puns.

25. I’m saving this chocolate bar. It will come in candy.

26. We must be Andes Chocolates, mint to be.

27. When a chocolate bar goes to the desert, it becomes hot chocolate.

Mug of hot chocolate.
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28. An electrician’s favorite candy is shock-olate.

29. A chocolate bar that loves sports and is a jerk is a jock-olate.

30. Santa gives naughty candy cho-coal-ate.

31. After seeing a bowl of chocolates, I Dove right in.

32. You can get fresh chocolate sandwiches at Ghirar-deli.

33. One Disney character loves chocolate more than the others. It’s Kinder-ella.

34. Chocolate that wears all back is cho-goth-late.

35. If you put chocolate in the freezer, it becomes cho-cold-late.

36. I’m just choc-ing in.

37. Give me a cho-call-ate later.

38. I’m a cho-collector.

39. I could barely see it because it was choco-little.

40. My kid is graduating chocol-lege.

41. The chocolate bar felt Mounds of Joy.

42. What’s the Skor?

43. A person that cries while making chocolate is a chocola-tear.

44. A monkey’s favorite cookie is chocolate chimp.

45. A Malaysian chocolate factory is called Oompa Lumpur.

46. The employee went to the candy store hoping for a Pay Day.

47. When you cross shellfish with candy, you get shuck-olate.

48. The house was Nestle-d in the mountains.

49. I got over my addiction to marshmallows, nuts, and chocolates. It was quite a Rocky Road.

50. The only chocolate you can wear on your feet is sock-olate.

51. Toss your trash in the garbage can. Don’t chocolate-r.

52. My friend won the choco-lottery.

53. My friend asked me how much I made selling chocolate. I said, “100 Grand.”

54. The solar system’s chocolate of choice is the Milky Way.

55. If you want to put your money behind bars, invest in chocolate.

56. When chocolate bars sing Christmas carols, the song of choice is Almond Joy to the World.

57. Don’t take things chocolate-rally.

58. A soccer player’s favorite candy is cho-goal-ate.

59. I don’t want to chocolate you down.

60. They’re feeling choco-lethargic.

61. I love reading chocolate-rature.

62. I’m going to choco-Latvia for vacation.

63. When you cross chocolate with a vegetable, you get choco-lettuce.

64. The hardest chocolate bar is rock-olate.

65. It was a choco-lateral move.

66. What’s your choco-latitude?

67. I’m writing a choco-letter.

Six pieces of chocolate.
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68. What’s the choco-latest?

69. Young chocolates go to Kinder-garten.

70. It was a chocol-lective effort.

71. Let’s chocol-laborate.

72. She’s a choco-Latina.

73. I choco-lather cocoa butter lotion on my skin.

74. Choco-latch on to me.

75. The bank used the bar as chocol-lateral.

76. I built a chocolate tower, but it cho-collapsed.

77. You can find Russell chocolates Stover there.

78. He never tells the truth. I know this Guylian.

79. People cheer for celebrity chocolates by saying, “Godiva!”

80. I have dog hair on my sweater. I need to use a Lindt roller.

81. People on Wall Street love to eat stock-olate.

82. An astronaut’s favorite chocolate is a Mars bar.

83. A chocolate-covered ant is a decad-ant.

84. The donut went to the dentist to get a chocolate filling.

85. Don’t eat chocolate too fast, or you’ll choke-a-lot.

86. The milk chocolate said to the white chocolate, “Come to the dark side.”

87. I told my dog to Rolo-ver.

88. Be Kinder to each other.

89. The chocolate found the subject bar-ing.

Three pieces of chocolate.
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90. Choc it out. This is amazing.

91. Hershey is.

92. I’m in a bit of a Crunch.

93. Do you want chocolate? Here you bar.

94. Oh fudge!

95. Wake me up before you cocoa.

96. A chocolate covered car is a Ferrari Rocher.

97. It was a choc full of fun.

98. When the chocolate bar and milk shook hands, it was a chocolate milkshake.

99. The chocolate bar that drops everything has Butterfingers.

100. The chocolate bar with 80% cacao said, “Sorry, I’ve been bitter.”

101. The Kit Kat said, “It’s important to take a break.”

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