70+ Hilarious Clam Puns That Are Espe-shell-y Funny

Clams are bivalve mollusks that live in freshwater and marine environments. Read the funniest clam puns for a good laugh.

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Clams are bivalve mollusks. They have soft bodies and a two-part hinged shell.

They’re also like fish, as they breathe through gills.

Clams can live in fresh or saltwater. They often hide in mud or sand.

You’ll see them at the beach, some grocery stores, or restaurants.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following clam puns.

The funniest clam puns

1. I clam what I clam.

2. Clams call their friends by using shell-phones.

3. It’s the clam before the storm.

Two clams.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

4. The company made false clams.

5. Clams don’t donate money because they’re shellfish.

6. Prepare for in-clam-ent weather.

7. You look clam-orous today.

8. No one saw the clam because it wore clam-oflauge.

9. I don’t give a clam.

10. Smile for the clam-era.

11. It’s the clam’s birthday. Let’s shell-ebrate.

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12. I’m going clam-ping this weekend.

13. Clam-b to the top.

14. Be careful of s-clams.

15. The photos are a part of a new advertising clam-paign.

16. The challenges put them in a predi-clam-ent.

17. A funny clam is a clam-edian.

18. The hardest part about getting to know a clam is getting it out of its shell.

19. Clams answer the phone by saying, “Shell-o?”

20. The natural disaster was a clam-ity for the area.

21. It’s going to take some time to ac-clam-ate.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

22. Oh, clam on.

23. The clam military’s leader is the clam-mander.

24. I tripped over a clam. I think I pulled a mussel.

25. The wealthiest clam is Elon Mollusk.

26. Don’t clam the door on me.

27. The clam-ax of their speech was powerful.

28. I live in a tropical clam-ate.

29. Just remain clam.

30. A clam’s favorite hip-hop group is the Wu-Tang Clam.

31. I’m traveling to Clam-bodia.

32. A clam’s favorite car is a Chevrolet Clam-ero.

33. I saw a clam-el in the desert.

34. The clam that’s a famous French philosopher is Albert Clam-us.

35. The clam graduated from the University of Clam-bridge.

36. I enjoy snacking on clam-entines.

37. A clam that always trips is clam-sy.

38. Keep clam and carry on.

39. We have a lot in clam-mon.

40. The clam won a Manila-ion dollars in the lottery.

41. I’m clam-mitted to finding a solution.

42. I clam so happy to see you.

43. I bought a clam-corder to record videos.

44. In my free time, I read clam-ic books.

45. Wel-clam to our team.

46. I’m working for a new clam-pany.

47. Clam-pare your choices before making a decision.

48. You clam-plete me.

49. Dogs are excellent clam-panions.

50. Thanks for the re-clam-mendation.

51. I need to clam-end my statement.

52. I find you clam-using.

53. You’re clam-azing.

54. Adios clam-igo.

55. I’m here to make clam-ends.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

56. The apartment offers many clam-enities.

57. I love the clam-bient lighting.

58. Clams travel by riding the Clam-trak.

59. You’re a clam-bitious person.

60. We’re going to the clam-usement park.

61. Clams work out to grow their mussels.

62. Speakers clam-plify the sound.

63. The clam gave up its kid for someone else to razor.

64. We’re learning about the Roman Clam-pire.

65. I’ll meet you near the clam-ppost.

66. The home has clam-inate flooring.

67. The clam proposed. It’s offi-shell.

68. A clam that loves to talk to everyone is so-shell.

69. The clam went to the spa to get a fa-shell.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

70. The clam is studying artifi-shell intelligence.

71. I put the clams on the shell-ves.

72. I found a clam in shell-ow water.

73. The United States of Clam-erica.

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