45+ Funny Phone Puns to Call Laughter

Phones are an excellent way to stay in touch with others. Next time you see someone with their phone, tell them phone puns for a laugh.

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The invention of the telephone dates back to the mid-to-late 1800s. Today, phones are more sophisticated than ever.

They’re portable, small, and lightweight. You can search the internet and connect with people around the world.

Phones are an essential part of life. So, get a good laugh with the following phone puns.

The ultimate list of phone puns

1. The phone wore glasses because it lost its contacts.

Phone with glasses.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

2. A snail answers the phone by saying, “Shell-o.”

3. They’re local business phone-rs.

4. Phones and Saturn have one thing in common, rings.

5. Phone manufacturers always use Dial soap.

6. I phone-d out about it.

7. They’re like a dog with a phone.

8. I fell asleep on my phone, and it downloaded a nap.

9. Phone up to your mistakes.

10. A turkey’s phone goes, “Wing! Wing!”

11. A tiny phone is a microphone.

12. The grape’s phone died because it ran out of juice.

13. Pirates communicate with aye-Phones.

14. I’m very phone-d of it.

15. We’re having phone-due for dinner.

16. Verdana is my new favorite phone-t.

17. Check the lost and phone-d.

18. I’m having so much phone.

19. I’m requesting a re-phone-d.

20. You’re such a phone-y person.

21. I’m attending a phone-draiser tonight.

22. It’s phone-ctioning normally.

23. It’s a phone-damental right.

24. My phone’s not working. It’s dys-phone-ctional.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

25. Trees call each other with a te-leaf-one.

26. You can make a call in the garden with a call-iflower.

27. It looks phone-ky.

28. I love going to the sym-phone-y.

29. After getting his first phone, Sam-sung.

30. It’s phone-ally happening.

31. It was a phone-tasy.

32. That’s a phone-cy outfit.

33. A young phone is a in-phone-t.

34. They made an of-phone-sive comment.

35. I can play de-phone-se and of-phone-se.

36. You’re going to have to phone-d for yourself.

37. I’m visiting the Great Call of China.

38. Game of Phones.

39. There’s a new phone store. It’s called Sell-phones.

40. I put a phone-tain in my backyard.

41. The company’s phone-ders are visiting today.

42. I work for a local phone-dation.

43. A man after my phone heart.

Hand holding a phone.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

44. It was phone to happen.

45. A skunks phone never works. The service stinks.

46. Skeletons don’t have phones because they have no body to talk to.

47. You can stay in touch while at sea with a sail-phone.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.