100+ Hilarious Egg Jokes That’ll Crack You Up

Eggs are a popular and versatile item. You can have them any time of the day. Next time you have one, remember funny egg jokes for a good laugh.

Two eggs.
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Eggs are a food item you can eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

You can keep it simple by scrambling or boiling them. Also, you use them for a shakshuka or frittata.

Aside from being versatile, eggs are an excellent source of nutrients.

Whether you buy them from the grocery store or raise chickens, have a laugh with the following egg jokes.

Funny egg jokes

1. What do you call an egg on a safari?

An eggs-plorer.

2. Why don’t eggs tell each other jokes?

They’ll crack up.

3. What does an evil hen lay?

Deviled eggs.

4. Why did the new egg feel so good?

It just got laid.

5. What kind of stories do eggs tell their children?


6. What do eggs drink every morning?


Fried egg.
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7. What did the egg do after seeing a frying pan?

It scrambled.

8. What do you call an egg from outer space?


9. Why shouldn’t you prank an egg?

It can’t take a yolk.

10. What kind of car does an egg drive?

A Yolks-wagen.

11. How do chickens stay fit?

They eggs-ercise.

12. Why was the egg studying?

It had an eggs-am.

13. What did the egg ask after its friend stopped responding?

Are you egg-noring me?

14. Where does an egg in the Arctic live?

In an egg-loo.

15. What do you call an egg that’s always pranking others?

A practical yolk-er.

16. Who delivers packages to eggs?


17. Why don’t dinosaurs lay eggs?

They’re eggs-tinct.

18. Why did the egg go to the gym?

To get yolked.

19. Why are eggs afraid of Easter?

They don’t want to dye.

Easter egg.
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20. Why wasn’t the chicken feeling well?

It had a stomach egg.

21. What do you say to an egg that look surprised?

Nice facial eggs-pressions.

22. What do you call an odd egg?


23. How can you learn about eggs?

The hen-cyclopedia.

24. Where do eggs go on vacation?

New Yolk City.

25. What do scientists do with eggs?

Run eggs-pirements.

26. What’s an egg’s least favorite day?


27. Why do chickens go to school?

To eggs-pand their knowledge.

28. Where do chickens get credit cards?

American Eggs-press.

29. What do you call a tired egg?


30. Where do eggs go if there’s a fire?

The eggs-it.

31. How do clowns cook their eggs?

Funny side up.

32. Why did the egg go to the doctor?

For its annual eggs-am.

33. What does an egg say to ask another one to move?

Eggs-cuse me.

34. What do eggs consider the worst crime?


35. What does a committed egg say?

No eggs-cuses.

36. Why did the egg fail its driver’s test?

It egg-celerated too quickly.

37. How do you call an amazing egg?


38. Why can’t the egg stay still at night?

It has restless egg syndrome.

39. How do monsters like their eggs?


40. Why did the egg regret being an omelet?

It wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

41. Why did the egg cross the road?

To get to the Shell station.

42. How does an egg ask another one to dance?

Shell we dance?

43. Why do people love eating hard-boiled eggs for breakfast?

It’s hard to beat.

44. What happened to the egg after getting in big trouble at school?

It was eggs-pelled.

Cracked egg.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

45. What do you call an extremely beautiful egg?


46. Where does a tough chicken come from?

Hard-boiled eggs.

47. What do you say after a delicious breakfast?

That was egg-ceptional.

48. Why did the eggs run so fast?

They were afraid of being beaten.

49. Why can’t you rush an egg?

It cracks under pressure.

50. What do you do if an egg doesn’t get a concept?

Eggs-plain it.

51. How do eggs get around town?

They ride a s-egg-way.

52. Why did the hen lay an egg on an axe?

To hatchet.

53. How many eggs can you eat on an empty stomach?

Just one. After that, your stomach’s not empty.

54. Why did the police officer say after catching a criminal?

Don’t think omelet you get away with that.

55. What did Snow White name her hen?

Egg White.

56. Who tells the best egg jokes?


57. How do eggs get to work so quickly?

They use the eggs-press lane.

58. How do you make an eggroll?

Give it a push.

59. Why did the celebrity egg lose its friends?

They said it was a shell-out.

60. When’s the best time to eat eggs?

At the crack of dawn.

61. What’s an egg’s favorite tree?

The yolk tree.

62. What’s an egg’s favorite dog breed?

A Yolk-shire Terrier.

63. What do you call a foreign egg?


64. What do you call an artificial egg?


65. Why do eggs move towards each other?

They’re m-egg-netic.

66. How do you get an egg to do what you want?


67. Why couldn’t the egg remember a childhood story?

It was a long time egg-o.

68. What did the doctor give the egg?

A di-egg-nosis.

69. How do you make eggs smell good?

Use a fr-egg-rance.

70. Did you hear about the high egg prices?

It’s st-egg-ering.

71. What do you call an important egg?


72. What do you call an abundance of eggs?


73. Why was the egg sad?

It was eggs-cluded from the fun.

74. What do you call an egg that misses home?


75. What do you call an enthusiastic egg?


76. How do eggs have smooth shells?

They eggs-foliate.

77. Why can you trust an egg’s answers?

It’s always egg-curate.

78. Why are eggs so happy?

They live without r-egg-rets.

79. Why did the new egg win games?

B-egg-inner’s luck.

80. How do you find out the truth about an egg?

By invest-egg-ating.

81. What did the egg get after graduating?

A d-egg-ree.

Cracked egg.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

82. What did the egg feel after an injury?

Eggs-cruciating pain.

83. What’s an egg’s favorite part about working a job?

The paych-egg.

84. What do you call it when eggs crash into each other?

A wr-egg.

85. What did the egg say to its wife?

You look s-eggs-y.

86. Why did the egg do something it didn’t want to do?

It had an obl-egg-ation.

87. Why were the eggs arguing?

They had a dis-egg-reement.

88. How do eggs admit defeat?

They raise a white fl-egg.

89. What do you call an egg that’s always ready to fight?


90. What’s an egg’s favorite lizard?

An egg-uana.

91. How do you know if an egg is rotten?

It’s past the eggs-piration date.

92. Why do eggs get so much respect in the corporate world?

They’re eggs-ecutives.

93. Who do you call to get rid of evil spirits from eggs?

An eggs-orcist.

94. What do you call an average egg?


95. What kind of sports do eggs play?

Eggs-treme sports.

96. How many eggs do French people eat?

One egg is un oeuf.

97. How did the egg climb a mountain?

It scrambled up.

98. What do you call an egg addict?

An egg-oholic.

99. What does a chicken say to release eggs from captivity?

Omelet you go.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

100. Where do chickens get advice?

An eggs-pert.

101. How do you tell if an egg has been hard-boiled?

Use eggs-ray vision.

102. What do you call an angry egg?


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