55+ Funny Cherry Puns That Are Too Juicy to Miss

Cherries are small and round fruits that are sweet and tasty. You can bake, cook, or eat them fresh. Read funny cherry puns for a laugh.

Two cherries.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Think of summer, and snacking on cherries may come to mind. You can eat them raw, in pie, drinks, and salads.

Cherries are rich in antioxidants, making them a nourishing fruit to eat.

Whether you have a cherry tree or get them from the grocery store, laugh with the following cherry puns.

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Hilarious cherry puns

1. I cherry-sh our time together.

2. I’m cherry glad to see you.

Two cherries.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

3. You’re cherry-fic.

4. My kids are starting elemen-cherry school.

5. Thank you cherry much.

6. I’m cherry-bly sorry.

7. I made a donation to cherry-ty.

8. It’s a mys-cherry.

9. You have a cherry-smatic personality.

10. It was con-cherry to my beliefs.

11. They went to the doctor to have sur-cherry.

12. Growing up, I watched Tom and Cherry.

13. It’s a cherry-ous matter.

14. The monas-cherry dates back to the 1600s.

15. I’m cooking Mexican Cherry-zo for dinner.

16. When you cross a cherry with a wizard, you get Cherry Potter.

17. The grocery store is passing out complimen-cherry samples.

18. I’m watching a documen-cherry.

19. Cherry-ing is caring.

20. My friend joined the mili-cherry after high school.

21. I’m listening to a commen-cherry.

22. Everyone’s buying lo-cherry tickets.

23. When cherries die, they go to the ceme-cherry.

24. The turn of the cen-cherry.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

25. I’m having cherry-aki for lunch.

26. I have a passion for in-cherry-or design.

27. They were laughing hys-cherry-cally.

28. It meets the cri-cherry-a.

29. I like the ma-cherry-al.

30. It’s only on the ex-cherry-or.

31. Meet me in the cafe-cherry-a.

32. If you don’t work on your skills, they may de-cherry-orate.

33. He’s the county cherry-ff.

34. Ar-cherry is my new favorite sport.

35. The parent lived vi-cherry-ously through their kid.

36. We rode in a cherry-ot.

37. We’re going to see the local hat-cherry.

38. The cherry felt it in its pit.

39. It was an act of trea-cherry.

40. I was cherry-fied.

41. Ba-cherry-a are found everywhere.

42. If you take a cherry to space, it becomes extra-cherry-strial.

43. I work at a cherry-atric hospital.

44. The cherry wore lin-cherry to bed.

45. When you cross a cherry with citrus, you get a tan-cherry-ne.

46. The event was a trad-cherry.

47. The writer was accused of for-cherry.

48. Books use ima-cherry to evoke emotions.

49. I drink non-cherry milk.

50. My business partner and I cherry-sponsibility.

51. There must be cherry-son.

52. We’re playing Cherry-des.

53. Keep calm and cherry on.

Two cherries.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

54. I saw cherry-bou in the forest.

55. It was out of cherry-cter.

56. I’m going on vacation to the Cherry-bean.

57. I hope this will cherry you up.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.