100+ Art Jokes to Make You Gogh Laugh

Art is a fantastic way to express your thoughts and emotions. Whether you’re an artist or collector, read art jokes for a good laugh.

Canvas and painting supplies.
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Art is a significant part of society and culture. It’s a way to express yourself, learn, and record history.

Art is also an aspect of humanity dating back to the beginning.

One of the earliest forms of art is decorating the body with colors and items.

Today, there’s a long history of art periods and famous artists.

It provides excellent opportunities for humor. If you’re ready to laugh, read the following art jokes.

The funniest art jokes

1. Which two animals are famous painters?

Vincent van Goat and Pablo Pig-casso.

2. When should you fix a painting?

When it’s Baroque.

Baroque painting.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

3. Why should you give artists hard tasks?

They’ll find a way to complete it easel-y.

4. Why was Leonardo da Vinci never hungry at night?

He painted The Last Supper.

5. Which artist also had a sandwich business?

Salvador Dalí.

6. What do painters do when they’re cold?

Put on another coat.

7. What do you do when art goes to jail?

You have to Frida art.

8. How many French painters are there?

There are Manet.

9. Which artist was known for buying instruments?

Sandro Botti-cello.

10. What type of art focuses on soda?

Pop art.

11. What did the traveling artist say when tourists asked for directions?

I don’t know. I’m not Vermeer.

12. If Edvard Munch painted on live video, what would he call it?

The Stream.

13. Why did the artist stop at the fuel station?

To fill Degas.

14. How did the sculptor of The Burghers of Calais travel?

Auguste Rodin a train.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

15. Did you hear about the woman performing in Calder’s Circus?

I forgot what they Calder.

16. What kind of shoes did Aristide Maillol wear?

Nike L’Air Force 1.

17. What did Vincent van Gogh say when he had to leave?

I have to Gogh.

18. Why do artists smell good?

They wear Kahlo-gne.

19. What did Rembrandt use to tell time at night?

The Night Watch.

20. How do painters deal with insults?

They brush it off.

21. What did Donald Judd say when others critiqued his work?

I’ll be the Judd-ge of that.

22. Why was the sculptor of Fountain always winning contests?

Marcel was always Duchamp.

23. What did Albrecht Dürer name the drawing of a child’s head?

Young Hair.

24. Where did Jean-Auguste-Dominique like to sit and paint?


25. Why was Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec always late?

He Lautrec of time.

26. Why did the painter get a new stool?

The old one was a paint it the butt.

27. Why should you offer your shoulder to people coloring?

In case they need a shoulder to crayon.

28. How do you ensure the details in the artwork look good?

Don’t brush. Take your time.

29. How do you sleep in a pottery studio?

Just clay down.

30. How did the painter die?

A stroke.

31. What did Salvador Dalí like to eat for breakfast?

A bowl of surreal.

32. Why do artists take things too far?

They don’t know where to draw the line.

Artist painting.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

33. Where do cows go to see art?

The art moo-seum.

34. If Jean-Antoine Watteau painted two snails instead of two lovers, what would he call it?

The Snail of Love.

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35. How do you cheer for an artist?

Give them a round of a-Claude.

36. Why did the art student write a report about Jan van Eyck?

To get Eyck-stra credit.

37. I tried to draw the sky.

But I blue it.

38. What did Hieronymus Bosch say after quitting his job?

You’re not the Bosch of me.

39. Why did the aspiring artist quit?

They didn’t fit the mold.

40. What was special about adding multiple layers of transparent paint?

It was a-glazing.

41. What do you do if an artist is feeling down?

Motif-ate them.

42. How did the artist ask their Valentine on a date?

Value be mine?

43. Why were viewers drawn to the French artist’s painting?

The accent.

44. What do you call a deceiving art tour company?

A contour.

45. What do you call eggs cracking in intersecting lines?


46. Why did the sculptor get arrested while shaping metal into their signature?

They were forging.

47. How do artists die?

Art failure.

48. What did the painter of Stag at Sharkey’s say after ruining his first attempt?

That Bellows.

49. How does a dog sound that’s into art?

He doesn’t bark. He bauhaus.

50. I asked my art teacher how to draw people.

He suggested I work on my personality.

51. Why did the sculpture become cold?

The artist took it for granite.

52. Did you see the display of still-life art?

It was not at all moving.

53. How does the painter of The Hireling Shepherd find new scenes?

William Holman goes on the Hunt.

54. When I’m older and can afford it, I want to commission an artist to make a bust of me.

But that’s getting a head of myself.

55. What did Santa Claus say after finishing a painting?

Gogh, Gogh, Gogh.

56. Don’t draw in a dark alley.

It’s a very sketchy place.

57. Why can mathematicians never become painters?

Their art is derivative.

58. What was the military rank of the artist of Spanish Dancer?


59. What do you get when you cross a male artist and a noodle?

A doodle.

Hand drawing.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

60. An artist made me a drawing without me asking.

That was a kind gesture.

61. What do you tell a painter going through a breakup?

Brush it off.

62. Why is it hard to talk to an abstract painter?

They never go into detail.

63. Why was the world’s greatest painter’s wardrobe so small?

They only needed one coat.

64. What is it called when someone is hanging out by the wall?


65. How well did Jackson Pollock do in art class?

He passed with flying colors.

66. What does a mother color wheel say to a baby color wheel?

Don’t use that tone with me.

67. What do you call the model used for body painting?

Ms. Paint.

68. How can an artist fill in a CV?

Drawing from experience.

69. What do you call a fake artist?

An impasto.

70. What sound does a sculptor make when drinking water?

Sculpt. Sculpt.

71. How do you ask a French painter about their work?

Watteau you painting?

72. Why do you need to be brave to be a painter?

It’s not for the paint of heart.

73. What do you say to an artist you don’t recognize?

Hue are you?

74. Which famous artist loved to jump?

Edward Hopper.

75. How do artists protect themselves?

They use a Schiele-d.

76. When did Edvard Munch create new paintings?

Anytime. He acted on a Munch.

77. What did Leonardo da Vinci wear under his pants?

Salvator Mundi-wear.

78. Why was the artist staring at a blank piece of paper?

They were drawing a blank.

79. I was a struggling artist until deciding to make sculptures.

I made over seven figures last year.

Bust sculpture.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

80. What do you call the mislabeling of color?

A false ac-hue-sation.

81. When do artists wake up?

At the crack of drawn.

82. What did blue say to orange?

I never reject a complement.

83. Which famous painting is always sad?

The Moaning Lisa.

84. What did the artist feel after visiting the Louvre museum for the first time?

It was Louvre at first sight.

85. What would Vincent van Gogh’s biography be called?

The Starry of My Life.

86. What do you get when you cross a boxer and a painter?

Muhammad Dalí.

87. Why can’t you trust art teachers?

They’re sketchy.

88. What did the artist draw before going to bed?

The curtains.

89. What’s a seal’s favorite subject in school?

Art. Art. Art.

90. Why was the artist in jail?

They were framed.

91. Why do investors buy art?

For art appreciation.

92. Why did the artist decide not to quit?

They were on the home sketch.

93. Did you hear about the popular artist?

She could always draw a crowd.

94. How does an artist get in the mood to create?

Turn up the mosaic.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

95. Why didn’t Vincent van Gogh play instruments?

He didn’t have an ear for music.

96. What do artists say when someone asks them for money?

I’m Baroque. I don’t have any Monet.

97. What do you call a sculptor who enjoys getting high?

A stoner.

98. What did Michelangelo say after painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

I’ve got you covered.

99. What do you call someone who draws trucks?

A pickup artist.

100. What kind of shoes do artists wear?


101. I used to do fine arts. Then, I realized I didn’t like the arts.

Now, I’m doing just fine.

102. If I photograph my pimples.

Is zit art?

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