85+ Funny Soup Puns That Are Soup-erb

Soup is a comforting liquid dish perfect for cold days. There are many types, meaning many ways to laugh. Read the funniest soup puns.

Bowl of soup.
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Soup is a nourishing, comforting, and convenient food.

There are many types of soup. Examples include minestrone, pho, tortilla, and Italian wedding soup.

Aside from versatility, it’s an excellent way to consume nutrients.

Whether eating, cooking, or seeing it at the store, read the following soup puns for a laugh.

Hilarious soup puns

1. You’re a soup-erstar.

2. I’m throwing my friend a soup-rise birthday party.

3. Hey, what’s soup?

4. I’m soup-er proud of you.

Spoon and bowl of soup.
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5. Captain America is my favorite soup-er hero.

6. I soup-pose it could work.

7. My favorite car is a Toyota Soup-ra.

8. I soup-port your decision.

9. The soup business is looking for a new soup-plier.

10. You’re soup-erb.

11. The bag is made with soup-ple leather.

12. A soup chef lays down in soup-ine position.

13. This soup is soup-erior to others.

14. I’m a soup-erfan.

15. The cased reached the Soup-reme Court.

16. I’m a big soup-porter of the cause.

17. Stick things together with soup-erglue.

18. I’d like to speak to your soup-ervisor.

19. My doctor recommended soup-plements.

20. I’m going to the soup-ermarket.

21. My car has a soup-ercharger.

22. They gave me soup-erfluous information.

23. Don’t soup-press your emotions.

24. Thanks for always being soup-portive.

Bowl of soup.
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25. I’m soup-ervising my kid’s play date.

26. There was only soup-erficial damage.

27. Some athletes are soup-erstitious.

28. I was promoted to soup-erintendent at the school.

29. I’m watching a soup opera.

30. I’m reading books from different philo-soup-hers.

31. You look soup-histicated.

32. I’m di-soap-pointed by the results.

33. It was a soup-par experience.

34. I live in the soup-erbs.

35. It di-soup-peared.

36. You can buy soup in bulk at the stock market.

37. I take the soup-way to work.

38. I enjoy learning about different soup-jects.

39. I need to cancel my soup-scription.

40. When a can of soup goes into the water, it becomes a soup-marine.

Can of vegetable soup.
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41. There was a soup-stantial amount.

42. A soup’s favorite play is basketball is an alley-soup.

43. They soup-ed in and saved the day.

44. This is soup-reme quality.

45. It travels at soup-ersonic speed.

46. I’ll soup-scribe to the newsletter.

47. I drive a Soup-aru.

48. I play the soup-rano saxophone.

49. My shirt is made with Soup-ima cotton.

50. The court issued a soup-ena.

51. I’m going soup-a diving.

52. You look soup-retty.

53. I couldn’t pas-soup the opportunity.

Puns based on soup types

1. You’re the one pho me.

2. Wait lentil next time.

3. Happy broth-day.

4. The most acidic soup is Ph0.

5. Pho-get about it.

6. You make miso happy.

7. I like to use Times New Ramen as my font.

8. My friends said I couldn’t make alphabet soup. Now, they’re eating their words.

Mug of soup on a plate.
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9. I’m going to invest in soup stocks and become a bouillon-aire.

10. You’re un-pho-gettable.

11. Put a laxative in alphabet soup, and you’ll get verbal diarrhea.

12. A ghost’s favorite soup is scream of broccoli.

13. The soup calls his friends, “Broth-ers.”

14. I’m a hopeless ramen-tic.

15. We must ramen calm.

16. If you steal soup, the police will arrest stew.

17. It was stew-pid.

18. Sorry, we’re out of stock.

19. Just go with the pho.

20. You took my broth away.

21. You did a pho-nomenal job.

22. The heaviest soup weighs won-ton.

23. Keep calm and curry on.

24. The soup went onion on.

25. My parents keep saying I like alphabet soup, but I don’t. They keep putting words in my mouth.

26. We’re hosting a baby chowder.

27. There was a lot of chowder about it.

28. Bisque what?

29. It’s none of your bisque-ness.

Bowl of lobster bisque.
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30. You’re so stew-dious.

31. Sit back and re-laksa.

32. What’s the matzo with you?

33. You butternut squash it.

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