130+ Bear Puns That Are Un-Bear-Ably Funny

Bears are intelligent land mammals. They’re big, strong, and fast. If you’re ready to laugh, read the funniest bear puns. You’ll bear-ly be able to hold it in.

Brown bear.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Bears are mammals with fantastic capabilities. They have an excellent sense of scent, as they can smell things miles away.

The different species include the black, brown, polar, panda, sloth, and sun bear.

During winter, they hibernate and live off a layer of fat they build during summer and fall.

They’re unique mammals, and if you’re a fan of them, you’ll love the following bear puns.

They’re perfect for seeing bears at the zoo, outdoors, or learning about them.

Hilarious bear puns

1. I can’t bear this anymore.

2. Bear with me.

3. I’m bear-ly hanging on.

4. A bear without teeth is a gummy bear.

5. You’re bear-y pretty.

Bear sitting.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

6. Bear puns are un-bear-able.

7. I’m walking bear-foot.

8. We bear-ied the treasure.

9. I like to add bear-ries to my smoothies.

10. I hope you have a bear-y great day.

11. Give me a moment to get my bear-ings.

12. Some people only do the bear minimum.

13. Wow, what a bear-gain.

14. The teddy bear couldn’t eat anymore. It was beyond stuffed.

15. I’m going to bear-ricade the doors.

16. We’re flying on an bear-plane.

17. I enjoy reading plays by William Shakes-bear.

18. That’s so em-bear-assing.

19. I’m having straw-bear-ry shortcake for dessert.

20. Bears without bees are ears.

21. I’m going to bear-obics class.

Bear stretching.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

22. My doctor says I need to eat more fi-bear.

23. A bear that stopped drinking alcohol is so-bear.

24. Cucum-bear adds a nice crunch to sandwiches.

25. It was in an am-bear bottle.

26. They wore a bear-et.

27. The bear was arrested due to a rob-bear-y.

28. I’m looking for a new bar-bear.

29. What’s your phone num-bear?

30. Let’s welcome our newest team mem-bear.

31. My family and I are going on vacation to Bear-lin.

32. I’m impressed by the high cali-bear of people.

33. The toilet is clogged. We need to call a plum-bear.

34. I remem-bear you.

35. It’s time to hi-bear-nate.

36. I’m looking for a job in cy-bear-security.

37. Their actions were deli-bear-ate.

38. It was a li-bear-ating experience.

39. The alcohol was aged in oak bear-rels.

40. A bear’s favorite element is bear-ium.

41. We have to find a way to get over the bear-rier.

42. A bear that makes lattes is a bear-ista.

43. Join us for a bear-becue.

44. A bear that makes alcoholic beverages is a bear-tender.

Grizzly bear walking.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

45. A bear’s favorite soccer club is FC Bear-celona.

46. I’m visiting Bear-ut, Lebanon.

47. The biologists are conducting an ex-bear-iment.

48. They have the up-bear hand.

49. That bear has sup-bear-powers.

50. Should we use U-bear or Lyft?

51. You’re the right bear-son for the job.

52. This is how we o-bear-ate.

53. You’re a bear-sistent person.

54. I heard a whis-bear.

55. It’s a slip-bear-y slope.

56. I need your ex-bear-tise.

57. Thanks for your coo-bear-ation.

58. Before making a decision, com-bear your options.

59. It became a-bear-ant.

60. Bear-allel parking is a part of the driver’s test.

61. Happy bear-thday!

62. Drones give you a bear-dseye view.

63. We need to colla-bear-ate to succeed.

64. There’s a long line at the bear-der.

65. Can you ela-bear-ate?

66. We’re moving into a new neigh-bear-hood.

67. I left the pizza in the oven. Now it’s bear-nt.

Black bear sitting.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

68. They bear-st into tears.

69. Bears love to eat bear-ritos.

70. I don’t want to be a bear-den.

71. I’m craving a bear-ger.

72. How have you bear-n?

73. Have we met bear-fore?

74. I’m in bear-tween jobs.

75. I bear-lieve in you.

76. It’s the bear-ginning of a beautiful friendship.

Two bears hugging.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

77. I’m bear-ly awake.

78. I’ll drop you off at the bear-port.

79. I’m bear-y happy to see you.

80. Bear you go.

Panda bear puns

1. A bear’s favorite kitchen utensil is the panda.

2. Panda-monium broke out.

3. There was a panda-mic.

4. The pants are made with s-panda-x.

5. You’re a de-panda-ble person.

6. The bear didn’t have any cash because it s-panda-money.

7. They had pain in their ap-panda-x.

8. Parents claim children as de-panda-nts.

9. The panda-lum has swung back.

10. Bears keep their pants up with sus-panda-rs.

Panda bear.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

11. Those are beautiful panda-nts.

12. They were inde-panda-nt journalists.

13. We’re celebrating their inde-panda-nce.

14. We took a tour of The Panda-gon.

15. A bear that does woodworking is a car-panda-r.

16. A bear that does whatever it wants is known for s-panda-neity.

17. Pandas like to watch old movies because they’re in black and white.

Grizzly and brown bear puns

1. A bear in the rain is a drizzly bear.

2. Turn that brown upside down.

3. It was a grizzly accident.

Grizzly bear.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

4. They were horrified by grizzly crimes.

5. Nigel Grizzly was a famous British railway engineer.

Black bear puns

1. The bear said, “I’ll be black.”

2. Thanks for your feed-black.

3. Black up.

4. The trees create a beautiful black-ground.

5. A group of bear singers is called the Black-street Bears.

Sun bear puns

1. That’s my sun.

2. We should hang out sun-time.

3. Sun-til next time.

4. The bear’s actions were sun-explainable.

5. The bear slept sun-der the tree.

6. The bear was sun-able to reach the top.

Polar bear puns

1. Polar bears go to the North Poll to vote.

Polar bear.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

2. A bear that practices dentistry is a molar bear.

3. Polar bears eat Ice Krispies.

4. I saw a bowl-ar bear at the bowling alley.

5. There’s a new polar-cy.

6. A bear in Florida is a solar bear.

7. A smart bear is a scholar bear.

8. The police told them to polar-ver.

Sloth bear puns

1. The bear was a sloth learner.

2. You’ll have wins and sloth-es.

3. I love eating pasta with Alfredo sloth.

4. The bear police works in sloth enforcement.

5. The sloth bear asked, “How slow can you go?”

Andean bear puns

1. We’re boating across the Andean ocean.

2. I’m cooking Andean food for dinner.

3. They were Andean-ial.

4. I’m the one Andean-im jeans.

5. The job offers health Andean-tal insurance.

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