100+ Funny Biology Puns Scientifically Proven to Make You LOL

Biology is a branch of science that focuses on living organisms. Whether studying or teaching, read hilarious biology puns for a good laugh.

Strand of DNA.
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Biology is a field of science that helps you understand the living world.

Within biology, there are many branches. Examples include histology, genetics, microbiology, and zoology.

Read the following biology puns if you need a break from studying, working, or teaching.

Also, be sure to share them with fellow scientists.

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Hilarious biology puns

1. After the cell’s sister ran over its foot, it said, “Mitosis.”

2. Well-educated and tasteful bacteria are cultured.

3. The amoeba is sad because its parents split.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

4. Ants never get sick because they have little anty-bodies.

5. Two blood cells met and fell in love. Sadly, it was all in vein.

6. If you want to be a marine biologist, your grades must be above C level.

7. Don’t be cell-fish.

8. Have you botany plants recently?

9. Be cell-ective.

10. I cell-dom meet someone who loves biology puns as much as I do.

11. I’m writing a synapsis of the book.

12. You’re a centriole part of the team.

13. My sister scored a goal, and I yelled, “Th-osmosis!”

14. Virus? Why not them?

15. I need a trophic-al vacation.

16. I’ll give you a few minutes to ex-spleen yourself.

17. There’s a protist downtown.

18. The problem won’t solvent-self.

19. I prefer cell-ver over gold jewelry.

20. You’re a gene-ius!

21. I’m a fauna that.

22. Oh, exon.

23. It’s cristae-l clear.

24. If you’re not going to remember the notes, dendrite them down.

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25. I think the new product will cell wall.

26. I’m allele hungry.

27. You’re not my stipe.

28. Coelom to ensure nothing falls out.

29. They benthos rules.

30. The botany student finished their homework quickly by putting the petal to the metal.

31. There’s only one way to bring a biology book to the other side. Eukaryote over there.

32. You’re a re-cell-ient person.

33. Find a solution to the tissue.

34. They have an im-macule-ate record.

35. I want to become a fissure-man.

36. The famous cell is a cell-ebrity.

37. I found the cellulose.

38. I put plants on the window cell.

39. It’s the yeast I can do.

40. Zygote what I wanted.

41. A biologist’s favorite basketball team is the Boston Cell-tics.

42. Sometimes, the thymine isn’t right.

43. I like to write with a pen-cell.

44. A DNA strand said to the other, “Don’t leave me stranded.”

45. They had moments of intron-spection.

46. A person with a lisp that’s wanting protection by a nation is seeking a-phylum.

47. My systole it from me.

48. I’ll have a s-lyse of pizza.

49. Put your codon. There’s a winter storm coming.

50. You can eat a DNA salad with a replication fork.

51. The jury finds them gill-ty.

52. I like to sit in cell-ence.

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53. It was a spawn-taneous road trip.

54. I want the pest for you.

55. The biologist and physicist broke up because they didn’t have chemistry.

56. I herd the news.

57. Can I get your autotroph?

58. There are stipe-ulations.

59. Thallus the truth.

60. It will helix-self.

61. When buying a car, consider the re-cell value.

62. Run as flask as you can.

63. I beaker your pardon.

64. I’m taking my kids to baseball bract-ice.

65. She’s an auricle.

66. You can place them there anther.

67. I’m focusing on my curare.

68. The troops were diploid.

69. Algae what I can do.

70. I can ea-cell-y do that.

71. We’re clade to see you.

72. You can chyme in at any moment.

73. Keep calm and carrion.

74. I could recognize heem anywhere.

75. I’m not a stylish person. I lactase.

76. Are you chitin?

77. I can always count on your wise coun-cell.

78. I’m meeting the cell-er this afternoon.

79. The biologist wants to be famous. So, they studied viral-ogy.

80. The leader of a biology gang is called the nucleus.

81. Biologists can be philosophers. They give fantastic life lessons.

82. When biologists need home improvements, they study homology.

83. No one bought the biologist’s new book. It was a hard cell.

Botany book.
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84. A marine biologist ends every conversation by saying, “Sea you later.”

85. The only biochemicals that wash up on a beach are nucleotides.

86. The bacteria crossed the microscope to get to the other slide.

87. Men are sexier than women because you can’t spell “sexy” without “xy.”

88. The marine biologist was happy because he found his porpoise.

89. Everyone loves the mushroom. He’s such a fungi.

90. If I went to jail, I want to be called mitochondria. It’s the powerhouse of the cell.

91. A luxurious biologist wears designer genes.

92. The femur said to the patella, “I kneed you.”

93. A cab that provides drug therapy is chemotaxis.

94. Tell a biologist that you’re feeling down about giving blood, and they’ll say, “B positive!”

95. The scientist wouldn’t go to a haunted house because they were too petrified.

96. Students can go into the biology teachers’ lounge because it’s for staph only.

97. An organic compound with attitude is an a-mean-o acid.

98. Hipster biologists wear skinny genes.

99. DNA asked RNA, “Are you still single?” RNA replied, “Always.”

DNA and RNA strands.
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100. Let’s take a cell-fie.

101. The virus flu away.

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