50+ Hilarious Unicorn Jokes

Unicorns are legendary creatures with one long and spiraling horn. Read funny unicorn jokes for a laugh next time you see or think of one.

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The unicorn appears in cultures around the world. It’s one of the most popular mythical creatures.

Most depict it as a white horse with a spiraling horn from its forehead.

Stories of unicorns date back thousands of years to Greece.

Today, you’ll see them in books, movies, and art. They symbolize purity, power, and grace.

Next time you see one, remember the following unicorn jokes for a good laugh.

Funny unicorn jokes

1. What’s a unicorn’s favorite state?


2. Where do unicorns go when they’re in trouble?


3. What do you call a unicorn without a horn?

A horse.

4. Where did the unicorn go after the thunderstorm?

Somewhere over the rainbow.

Unicorn and rainbow.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. On what road do unicorns live?

Mane Street.

6. What did the unicorn that can’t be tamed say?

I’m horn to be wild.

7. Why don’t unicorns horse around?

They get to the point.

8. What looks like half a unicorn?

The other half.

9. What do unicorn pirates use for sailing?


10. Why do unicorns like jokes?

They’re uni-corny.

11. Did you hear about the unicorn with a negative attitude?

It always said, “Neigh.”

12. What do unicorns serve at barbecues?

Unicorn on the cob.

13. What do you get if you cross a unicorn and a cow?

Corned beef.

14. Where do unicorns take their kids on the weekend?

The unicorn-ival.

15. What’s a unicorn’s favorite type of story?

A fairy tail.

16. What do you call a unicorn after getting a flu shot?

An immuni-corn.

17. What do you call a unicorn with a cold?


18. What game should you never play with a unicorn?


19. What does a unicorn call its dad?


20. What do you call a scary unicorn?

A nightmare.

21. What’s so special about unicorns?

Their unique horns.

22. What do unicorns do when they’re hungry?

They go star-grazing.

23. How do unicorns get to the park?

They ride a unicycle.

24. What do you get if you cross a unicycle with an ear of corn?

A unicorn.

25. Why did the unicorn cross the road?

To see its neighbor.

26. What do unicorns hang on Christmas trees?


27. Where do unicorns go after losing a tail?

The retail store.

28. What do you call a unicorn’s outfit?

A uniform.

29. Who’s a unicorn’s favorite rapper?

Gucci Mane.

30. What’s a unicorn’s favorite card game?


31. What do you call a unicorn from Germany?

A Munich-orn.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

32. What do you call a small and weak unicorn?

A puny-corn.

33. Which side of a unicorn has the most hair?

The outside.

34. What does a unicorn say after falling?

Help! I’ve fallen, and I can’t giddy up.

35. What do you call a unicorn with two horns?

A goat.

36. What do an honest politician and a unicorn have in common?

They’re both fictional.

37. What do unicorns use to pay for things?


38. What do you get when you cross a nut with a mythical creature?


39. What’s the best story to tell a runaway unicorn?

A tale of whoa!

40. What do unicorns say to motivate others?

Unicorn do it.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

41. What do you call a single scoop of ice cream?

A uni-cone.

42. What do you call a stinky unicorn?

A poo-nicorn.

43. What do you call a sad unicorn?

A uni-mourn.

44. What do unicorns say during graduation?


45. How do you know if a unicorn has been in your home?

They leave glitter everywhere.

46. Who’s the unicorn police looking for?

The mane suspect.

47. What do you call a storm of unicorns?

A unicorn-ado.

48. What do you call a gross unicorn?

A eww-nicorn.

49. What do you call a unicorn in space?

A moon-icorn.

Unicorn on the Moon.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

50. What do you call a unicorn that makes coffee?

A brew-nicorn.

51. Why did the unicorn start running every day?

It was training for a mare-athon.

52. What are unicorns good at playing guitar?

They know all the uni-chords.

53. What do unicorns eat for breakfast?

Unicorn Flakes.

54. What do you call a unicorn imposter?

A uni-con.

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