55+ Funny Lion Puns to Roar With Laughter

Lions are symbols of strength, royalty, and courage. They’re muscular, mighty, and social. Read the funniest lion puns for a good laugh.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Lions are the second largest cat, behind tigers.

They’re muscular, strong, and hunt during the day. They’re also the most social of all big cats.

Most lions live in Africa, but there’s a small population in northwest India.

Whether seeing one in the wild or at the zoo, read the following lion puns to roar with laughter.

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Hilarious lion puns

1. You’re lion to me.

2. A stylish lion is a dandy-lion.

3. Get in a single-file lion.

4. We’re just p-lion around.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. I’m lion down for a nap.

6. The bird’s f-lion through the sky.

7. A lion’s favorite football position is lion-backer.

8. I read the news on-lion.

9. The business is accepting new c-lion-ts.

10. You’re a resi-lion-t person.

11. Rotate the pieces until they a-lion.

12. Their entire family lion-eage worked in the same career field.

13. The chair rec-lions.

14. I’m writing the out-lion for a book.

15. Lions are the mane attraction at the zoo.

Lion roaring.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

16. Keep your lion the ball.

17. The lion lost the game because he was playing a cheetah.

18. A lion that changes color is a chame-lion.

19. Lions move boats by using roars.

20. Lions greet prey by saying, “Pleased to eat you.”

21. I’ve got my lion you.

22. A lion’s favorite U.S. state is Maine.

23. We’re going lion dancing.

24. Lions are like computers because they both have mega-bites.

25. Before a meal, lions prey.

26. The lion felt above others because of his pride.

27. They b-lion-dsided me.

28. The lion movie was a roaring success.

29. Lions don’t like fast food because they can’t catch it.

30. I’m fee-lion great today.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

31. It was a compel-lion-g argument.

32. Use the turn signal when changing lions.

33. It’s p-lion and simple.

34. I’m app-lion for a new job.

35. Draw a lion in the sand.

1. You’re a roar-some friend.

2. How’s it going, mane?

3. This roar that.

4. You’re my mane squeeze.

Lion's face.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. Thanks for sharing your purr-spective.

6. Don’t be a roar loser.

7. I’m going to get a mane-icure.

8. Press the paws button.

9. They screamed in ter-roar.

10. Look in the mir-roar.

11. I’m watching a hor-roar movie.

12. They made an er-roar.

13. I’m going to the g-roar-cery store.

14. The lion was promoted to mane-eger.

15. I’m a hopeless roar-mantic.

16. I mane-t what I said.

17. The wealthy lion lives in a mane-sion.

18. It’s a roar-iginal idea.

Lion roaring.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

19. You’re extra-roar-dinary.

20. I saw them through the roar-view mirror.

21. I borrowed a book from the lib-roar-y.

22. It’s only tempo-roar-y.

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