125+ Funny Art Puns to Paint a Laugh

Art is diverse, as it covers painting, literature, architecture, music, and theater. Whether a fan or artist, read funny art puns for a laugh.

Paint palette.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Art is an excellent way to express yourself. It leads to beautiful, creative, and striking results.

As a viewer, art encourages personal growth and increases knowledge.

As an artist, it offers a form of expression and inspiration.

Regardless of the type of art you love, the following art puns will give you a big laugh.

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Hilarious art puns

1. How art can it be?

2. The famous painter is signing art-ographs.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

3. It’s like mosaic to my ears.

4. It was a pigment of my imagination.

5. You’re a art cookie.

6. I took a paw-trait of a cat.

7. Add it to the shopping art.

8. I love you with all my art.

9. I’m trying to figure out hue did it.

10. You can blend the rules but not break them.

11. I woke up at the crack of drawn.

12. I was blended by the light.

13. Pirates love arrr-t.

14. My kids are going off to collage.

15. It’s not for the paint of art.

16. After all is said and tone.

17. Light here, light now.

18. For being so young, you armature.

19. I can draw some things easel-y.

20. I’m an art-ent art fan.

21. I started cycling as a c-art-io workout.

22. It’s not that straightforw-art.

23. I’m spending this weekend cleaning the y-art.

24. Congratulations on your aw-arts.

25. Some students are always t-art-y to class.

26. Keep your gu-art up.

27. I enjoy spending time in my g-art-en.

28. I can h-art-ly wait.

29. You’ll be rew-art-ed.

30. P-art-on me.

31. Well, that was awkw-art.

32. I need your exp-art opinion.

33. It’s of great imp-art-ance.

34. We got off to a rough art.

35. I’ve been working around the chalk.

Two pieces of chalk.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

36. It was smack daub in the middle.

37. I’m learning about mural and ethics.

38. Iron your shirt color.

39. I keep my tools in the shade.

40. Luck of the draw.

41. You look c-hue-te.

42. Without art, Earth is just eh.

43. I’m writing a rep-art about the industry.

44. I’m here to supp-art you.

45. It was a great opp-art-unity.

46. The artist has a p-art-folio of work.

47. Going, going, drawn.

48. I’m ready pen you are.

49. Set your mind at easel.

50. I’m really drawn to art.

51. These are the tricks of the shade.

52. Take your time. There’s no brush.

53. You’re a-glazing.

54. Sometimes, you need motif-ation.

55. Hue-th is wasted on the young.

56. I’m etching to know.

57. 2B or not 2B. That is the pencil.

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58. That’s not how you portrait it.

59. And clay lived happily ever after.

60. There’s lightning and tone-der.

61. There are bits and masterpieces.

62. It’s a stand-art procedure.

63. He was an impasto.

64. Optimistic artists avoid negative space.

65. It’s another clay in the life.

66. We’re buying a new prop-art-y.

67. Pop goes the easel.

68. If it’s pigment to be, it’ll be.

69. I’m going to count to pen.

70. If it paint broke, don’t fix it.

Paint palette and brush.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

71. I only use eco-blend-ly materials.

72. It was carved in tone.

73. It’s a great way to kick-art the day.

74. I photograph pimples. Is zit art?

75. All that and pen some.

76. Knock your chalks off.

77. Save room for dess-art.

78. Join us for a backy-art barbecue.

79. It contains haz-art-ous materials.

80. There paint no mountain high enough.

81. Drawing is an excellent way to art the day.

82. Don’t take sculpture for granite.

83. Some art puns can be a sketch.

84. You have the final clay.

85. The band is going contour.

86. We should clay in touch.

87. Turn up the mosaic.

88. It was draw-dropping.

89. The photo is in print condition.

90. Our kids are having a clay-date.

91. I’ll texture later.

92. A rolling tone gathers no moss.

93. I tried to paint the sky, but I blue it.

94. This is my comfort tone.

95. The day arts the night before.

96. All good things come to a blend.

Person sitting on the ground and drawing.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

97. There’s a tone of people here.

98. Don’t be matte, be glad.

99. The paintbrush went to the doctor after a stroke.

100. Cows love going to the art moo-seum.

101. We’re going through a tonal.

102. Value help me out?

103. Weld-one.

104. We’re right on sketch-ule.

The funniest artist puns

1. The most artistic farm animal is Vincent van Goat.

2. You can’t trust an artist. They’re sketchy, shady, and might frame you.

3. The artist was amazing. They could really draw a crowd.

4. Salvador Deli opened a sandwich shop.

5. If Vincent van Gogh wrote an autobiography, it would be called The Starry of My Life.

Starry Night painting by Vincent van Gogh.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living and Wikimedia Commons.

6. The most artistic Spanish farm animal is Pablo Pig-casso.

7. The artist was framed.

8. Michaelangelo told the ceiling, “I got you covered.”

9. O’Keeffe they did that.

10. Artists take things too far because they don’t know where to draw the line.

11. Artists brush off criticism.

12. It’s all the Monet I have.

13. The artist didn’t quit because it was the home sketch.

14. The artist’s stomach was hurting because they were consti-painted.

15. Henri said, “Stop Matisse-ing me.”

16. The cowboy artist was quick on the draw.

17. The artist was caught between a chalk and a hard place.

18. I’m having verti-Gogh.

19. You go Baroque when you’re out of Monet.

20. The artist’s favorite swimming technique is the brushstroke.

21. It looks great Vermeer.

22. I Warhol the outfits.

23. Thanks a Munch, Edvard.

24. I was looking for Schiele, but Egon.

Egon Schiele self-portrait.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living and Wikimedia Commons.

25. Frida art. It’s in jail.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.