60+ Funny Baseball Puns That Are Out of the Park

Baseball is one of the most popular sports. Whether you’re playing or watching a game, remember funny baseball puns for a good laugh.

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Baseball is one of America’s big four sports. Its earliest references date back to the 18th century in England.

The game you know today dates back to the 19th century in America.

Baseball is a popular sport often known as America’s National Pastime. It has a lot of history, excellent ballparks, and loyal fans.

Whether you’re playing or watching, the following are the top baseball puns to give you a good laugh.

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Hilarious baseball puns that are a real catch

1. You’re a catch.

2. I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then, it hit me.

3. I hope your day is a home run.

4. When a baseball player bakes, they say, “Hey, batta batta batta.”

Baseball batter swinging.
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5. I glove baseball.

6. I remember when we first mitt.

7. If you need a baseball player to hold drinks, ask the pitcher.

8. Running from second to third base takes the longest because there’s a shortstop in the middle.

9. Batters always feel comfortable because they’re right at home.

10. I need a change of base.

11. Foul is my favorite season.

12. Everyone loves baseball players because they’re great at hitting it off.

13. A chicken that plays baseball says, “Balk, balk, balk.”

14. I wondered why my military friend didn’t show up with the others. It turns out he was left on base.

15. They didn’t break the rules. They bunt it.

16. Pitchers raise one leg when throwing the ball because they’d fall by raising both.

17. After dropping the ball, the player had to step out for error.

18. When zebras play baseball, they get three stripes.

19. A baseball that can’t float is a sinker.

20. A baseball player’s favorite Star Wars movie is the Umpire Strikes Back.

21. Most baseball games are at night because bats sleep during the day.

22. Pitchers never bring full-sized sandwiches to the gathering, only sliders.

Baseball pitcher throwing a ball.
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23. A tennis player asked a baseball player to help them win the Grand Slam.

24. I’m baking a bunt cake.

25. I’m raising hens and rosters.

26. The baseball player couldn’t decide because he was on defense.

27. Catchers sit behind the plate at dinner.

28. I was going to tell an outfielder baseball puns about home runs, but it’d go over their head.

29. Our team is on a inning streak.

30. The baseball player went to jail because he was caught stealing.

31. I knew the baseball player’s future was bright. He had a quality start.

32. When a baseball player loses his eyesight, he becomes an umpire.

33. Baseball players know how to calm a ram down. They grab them around the horn.

34. I’ll be home in time for dinger.

35. We couldn’t find the next batter because he was in the hole.

Baseball batter standing.
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36. Bring a fan to third base. It’s the hot corner.

37. There’s one thing that has 18 legs and catches flies, a baseball team.

38. I went back to the baseball store after a month, and it was gone. It looks like it was a pop-up.

39. You can’t rely on pitchers. They always change-up their plans.

40. The glove said to the ball, “I’ll catch you later.”

41. Chewbacca made it to the big leagues. He won Wookiee of the Year.

42. Worms in Chicago play baseball at Wiggly Field.

43. Avoid that person. They’re a wild pitch.

44. The difference between driving and baseball is that hit-and-runs are okay in baseball.

45. I had to catcher before she fell.

46. Frogs are excellent outfielders because they never miss a fly.

47. Dogs never get to hit the ball because they always get walked.

48. Date a baseball player, and you’ll end up seeing a diamond.

49. Baseball players go to the bleachers to whiten their socks.

50. Let’s make a bat.

51. I met a pitcher who asked if he had a great curveball but wanted a straight answer.

52. I glove baseball puns. They always leave me in pitches.

Baseball glove.
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53. Baseball players maintain friendships by touching base once in a while.

54. If you were a baseball and I was a bat, would you let me hit that?

55. Pitches be crazy.

56. I know this is out of left field, but you’re amazing.

57. Don’t be a pitch.

58. The batter was so upset after striking out that he got into a punch-out.

59. Dracula ate too much before the baseball game. He was a full Count.

60. I’m going hiking in the mound-tains.

61. They were four-seam their opinions on us.

62. The time it takes for a corn kernel to puff is pop time.

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