60+ Funny Dragon Jokes to Make You Fly With Laughter

Dragons are legendary reptiles known to be fierce and powerful. If you’re a fan of the creatures, read funny dragon jokes for a fiery laugh.

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Dragons are one of the most popular mythical creatures. You can find them in books, movies, and many cultures.

The legendary dragons breathe fire or poison. They’re symbols of wisdom, strength, and good luck.

The closest thing to one today is the Komodo Dragon, the largest living lizard in the world.

Whether learning about the myths or seeing one in a movie, read the following dragon jokes for a laugh.

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Hilarious dragon jokes

1. Why do dragons sleep during the day?

Because they fight knights.

2. Why did the dragon’s tail get dirty?

It was dragon it on the ground.

Dragon flying.
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3. Why don’t dragons make plans?

They prefer to wing it.

4. Why does it take hours for dragons to tell a story?

They have long tales.

5. Why did the dragon lose the race?

It was dragon its feet.

6. What do you call a dragon that disappears?

A dra-gone.

7. What do dragons eat as a snack?


8. Why shouldn’t you listen to a dragon’s story?

It’ll drag-on.

9. Why don’t dragon toys look realistic?

They’re not to scale.

10. What do you call a sleeping dragon?


11. What do you call a dragon that can do many tricks?


12. What do dragons call a bus full of people?

Meals on wheels.

13. What does a dragon say after accidentally burning its friend?


14. When can you ride a green dragon?

After it ripens.

15. Why did the dragon practice tricks?

It was preparing for the talon show.

16. If you think birds are scary…

Imagine Dragons.

17. Why are dragons tired during the day?

They work the knight shift.

18. Why don’t dragons go to church on Sundays?

They only prey on weak knights.

19. What do dragons order at restaurants?

Hot wings.

20. What kind of fruit breathes fire?

A dragon fruit.

21. What sport do dragons end up playing when they try to play ice hockey?

Water polo.

22. What do you call a dragon without silver?

A dron.

23. Why do dragons make the best rappers?

They spit fire.

Dragon spitting fire.
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24. What do dragons sing while cooking?

Burn, baby, burn.

25. Why do dragons make the best music teachers?

They know all the scales.

26. What do dragons do for fun?

Scale mountains.

27. How can you tell if a dragon is excited?

They get fired up.

28. What do you call a dragon imposter?

A dra-con.

29. What happens when an ice dragon bites you?

You get frostbite.

30. What do you get when you cross a dragon with a car?

Hot Wheels.

31. What do dragons ride in Venice?

A dragon-dola.

32. What do you get when you cross a dragon with an insect?

A dragonfly.

33. What do you call a good-looking dragon?

Smoking hot.

34. What kind of instrument does a dragon play?

A dragon-g.

35. Why didn’t the dragon go back to work?

It was fired.

36. What do you call a boring dragon?

A drag.

37. Why did the dragon build a school in the clouds?

It was high school.

38. What do dragons use as weapons?


39. In what kind of home do dragons live?

A dra-condo.

40. How did the dragon party go?

It was lit.

41. What did Mr. Miyagi say to the dragon?

Dragon, drag off.

Dragon with fire coming out of its mouth.
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42. Where do dragons go to watch singers perform?

A dragon-cert.

43. Why do dragons hate their birthdays?

They can’t blow out their candles.

44. Why don’t young dragons like to run errands with their parents?

They feel like their parents are just dragon them around.

45. What do dragons put on Christmas trees?


46. Where do dragons take free courses?

Dra-Khan Academy.

47. Why don’t ice dragons have friends?

They give everyone the cold shoulder.

48. Why do people like dragons?

They’re claw-some.

49. What do you call a dragon with a bad temper?


50. What kind of car do dragons drive?

A Fire-rrari.

51. Why did the dragon set the village on fire?

It accidentally sneezed.

52. Why do dragons have scales?

So they can check their weight anytime.

53. What kind of salad do dragons eat?

A scale salad.

54. What wakes a dragon up each day?

A fire alarm.

55. When’s the best time to fight a dragon?

At knight.

56. How do dragons get things to go in their favor?

They tip the scales.

Dragon silhouette.
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57. What do dragons dress up as for Halloween?


58. What do famous dragons get?

Fang mail.

59. How do dragons say goodbye?


60. What should you wear when touching a dragon?

A dragon-tlet.

61. What do dragons eat while watching a movie?


62. What do dragons put in their gardens?


63. What do you get when you cross a dragon with cheese?


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