60+ Funny Fire Puns That Are Flaming Hot

Fire is a chemical reaction releasing light and heat. You can use it for cooking or warming up. Next time you see one, remember fire puns.

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Fires have benefits and drawbacks. While home and forest fires cause damage, fires also offer good things.

The discovery of fire dates back around 400,000 years ago.

The earliest benefits include heat and light. It allows you to cook, forge tools, and fuel power plants.

There’s also a cozy feeling when sitting around a campfire.

So, read the following fire puns for a good laugh. Share the puns with others next time you encounter a flame.

Hilarious fire puns

1. Fire the time being.

2. Oh, fire sure.

3. I’ve been waiting fire a long time.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

4. Love me tinder. Love me true.

5. One fire said to the other, “You give me a warm feeling inside.”

6. We’re in a fire situation.

7. After catching on fire, the jacket became a blazer.

8. Thanks for the of-fire.

9. I’m taking a fire-y to get to the island.

10. I don’t want to inter-fire.

11. I pre-fire the other one.

12. I got a puf-fire jacket for the winter.

13. Put the flame on me.

14. Don’t let a flame make fun of you. You’ll get burned.

15. You a-blaze me.

16. The restaurant has a beautiful atmos-fire.

17. The athlete made it to the Hall of Flame.

18. The story has a fiery-tale ending.

19. The video is buf-fire-ing.

20. They went through a lot of suf-fire-ing.

21. The hottest bird is a flame-ingo.

22. I love eating blazed donuts.

23. We flame to please.

24. The jewelry is made of sa-fire.

25. Don’t go out in the winter storm. You may get stuck in a blaze-ard.

26. The match went viral and became flame-ous.

27. As fire as the eye can see.

28. My favorite movie is Fast and Fiery-ous.

29. It’s a short flame, lacking Fahrenheit.

30. A fire’s kid set a house on fire. He told his wife, “I saw arson on the news.”

31. I volunteer as a re-fire-ee.

32. The wick said to the flame, “You set my heart on fire.”

33. Stand under my ember-ella.

34. Call the chauf-fire for a ride.

35. I lava fire puns.

36. You make a dif-fire-nce.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

37. I bought my friend a fire extinguisher. She was delighted.

38. I have a burning question.

39. I’m shopping for stocking stuf-fires.

40. They’re trans-fire-ing ownership of the business.

41. I always turn on my humidi-fire before going to sleep.

42. I couldn’t deci-fire the text.

43. The fire-ocity of the storm surprised everyone.

44. I felt in-fire-ior.

45. I’m in town for a con-fire-nce.

46. They look the flame to me.

47. The flame got to their head.

48. I’m looking for a new picture flame.

49. That’s the flame-st thing I’ve ever seen.

50. It’s built on a robust flame-work.

51. A flame’s favorite car brand is Fire-ari.

52. I’m fire-tunate to have met you.

53. I’ll love you fire-ever.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

54. Check the weather fire-cast.

55. I’m looking fire-ward to it.

56. I won’t fire-ce you to make a decision.

57. It’s not my fire-te.

58. Be-fire and after.

59. Give it your best ef-fire-t.

60. You’ll never be fire-gotten.

61. The store has af-fire-dable prices.

62. Thanks for the in-fire-mation.

63. I’m com-fire-table.

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