60+ Hilarious Monkey Puns for Monkeying Around

Monkeys are intelligent primates. There are hundreds of species. Whether seeing or learning about them, laugh with funny monkey puns.

Monkey with its arms up.
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Monkeys are the closest relative to humans in the animal kingdom.

There are more than 250 species, and they fit into Old World or New World categories.

Monkeys are intelligent animals that can learn how to do tasks.

American and Russian scientists also sent them to space before humans.

Next time you see one, remember the following monkey puns for a good laugh.

Funny monkey puns

1. A winning monkey is a chimp-ion.

2. I’m starting the monkey-to diet.

3. Monkeys get a drink from the monkey bar.

Face of a monkey.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

4. I hear it on the ape-vine.

5. While cooking, monkeys wear ape-rons.

6. The only key that opens a banana is a monkey.

7. A monkey’s favorite Christmas song is Jungle Bells.

8. Monkeys love eating chocolate chimp cookies.

9. Monkeys only cook with one type of butter, mon-ghee.

10. I’m ape-solutely excited to see monkeys at the zoo.

11. Monkeys that share Amazon accounts are Prime-ates.

12. We’re celebrating with chimp-agne.

13. A monkey’s favorite month is Ape-ril.

14. After watching Mary Poppins, the monkey sang, “Chimp chimp-iney, chimp chimp-iney, chimp chimp chimp-ee.”

15. I’m grateful for your friend-chimp.

16. That was ape-ic.

17. That deserves a round of ape-lause.

18. We’re having fish and chimps.

19. A baby monkey is a chimp off the old block.

Baby monkey.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

20. An evil monkey is a demon-key.

21. They sang in harmon-key.

22. We’re having a ceremon-key.

23. It’s ape-bout time.

24. Santa goes down the chimp-ney.

25. I’m wearing a chimp-bray shirt.

26. The local business is a part of the chimp-er of commerce.

27. You have my ape-roval.

28. What’s h-ape-nning?

29. I believe in your c-ape-abilities.

30. I have an ape-ointment.

31. The end of the world for monkeys is the ape-ocalypse.

32. This is my new monkey-tchen.

33. Monkey-p it to yourself.

34. They’re the monkey-note speaker.

35. The leader of a group of monkeys is the mon-king.

Monkey puns by species

1. The brattiest monkey is the golden snob-nosed monkey.

2. There snow monkey here.

3. Monkeys start the day with a capuchin-o.

4. Stay a little langur.

5. Don’t leave the monkey alone because it’ll Roloway.

Roloway monkey.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

6. Douc-an play this game.

7. A macaque’s favorite part of school is rhesus.

8. Uakari driving?

9. A monkey in a minefield is a ba-boom.

10. Let’s have gelada for dessert.

11. The experience was surilis.

12. When you cross a sheep with a monkey, you get a baa-boon.

13. You’re woolly amazing.

14. Airport security had to chacma bags.

15. I douc know what you’re talking about.

16. I’m going on a hot air baboon.

17. A misbehaving monkey is a bad-boon.

18. I’m gelada see you.

19. A monkey that can fit into tight spaces is the snug-nosed monkey.

20. Marmoset I have to finish cleaning.

21. Mandrill the hole.

22. I forgot macaque-culator at school.

Macaque monkey sitting.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

23. The smell is langur-ing.

24. A monkey’s favorite fruit is the tamarin-d.

25. Let’s play douc, douc, goose.

26. Saki-t up.

27. A monkey that won’t stop talking is a blab-oon.

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