70+ Funny Squirrel Puns That’ll Make You Go Nuts

Squirrels are cute, quick, and sneaky rodents. Watch them, and you’re bound to chuckle. Next time you see one, remember funny squirrel puns.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Squirrels are charismatic rodents. While they may steal your food, they’re also adorable and hilarious.

Also, the zig-zag movement pattern seems ridiculous, but it’s how they escape predators.

You can also thank them for many trees, which are the results of them forgetting about buried nuts.

The acrobatic rodents are on all continents aside from Antarctica.

Next time you see one, get a good laugh with the following squirrel puns.

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Hilarious squirrel puns

1. You mean the squirrel-d to me.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

2. I’m nuts about you.

3. Nut-hing compares to you.

4. Squirrel around in a circle.

5. It’s a hot squirrel summer.

6. A fight between squirrels is a s-quarrel.

7. I want to see a squirrel reef.

8. There’s a squirrel-ation between them.

9. We’re going to sing Christmas squirrels.

10. A squirrel basketball player said, “Nut-hing but nut.”

11. A squirrel that goes to space is an astro-nut.

12. Squirrels are good at saving money because they squirrel it away.

13. A person that measures squirrels is critter-sizing.

14. It’s been two hours, and both teams are squirrel-ess.

15. My favorite exercise at the gym is bicep squirrels.

16. The well-known squirrel is nut-orious.

Squirrel standing.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

17. They squirrel-ed the nuts across the room.

18. I have squirrel-y hair.

19. The bones formed a squirrel-eton.

20. Squirrel power.

21. It was sucked into the squirrel-pool.

22. Our team made it to the Squirrel-d Cup.

23. The squirrel military commander is a squirrel-ord.

24. I heard a squirrel of the bagpipes.

25. The squirrel had to wear a suit but didn’t know how to tie a nut.

26. The squirrel was confused and asked, “What do you Mearn?”

27. An annoyed squirrel said, “For fox sake.”

28. I like to cook on a squirrel-et.

29. You have incredible squirrels.

30. Squirrels dig holes to ensure their nuts are un-nut-iceable.

31. The squirrel was hyp-nut-ized.

32. Stay away from that squirrel. It’s squirrel-some.

33. We’re taking our products squirrel-wide.

34. A squirrel’s favorite ballet is The Nutcracker.

35. Squirrels get their diets from nut-ritionists.

Squirrel hugging an acorn.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

36. Squirrels like to surf the inter-nut.

37. I squirrel-ed through my files.

38. That’s a gray-t squirrel.

39. A squirrel’s preferred travel method is flying.

40. The grateful squirrel said, “Thanks for the opportu-nut-y.”

41. The squirrels were stuck together because they were mag-nut-ic.

42. Squirrels love acorn-y jokes.

43. Squirrels stream movies on Nut-flix.

44. On Valentine’s Day, squirrels give each other forget-me-nuts.

45. Squirrels swim on their backs to keep their nuts dry.

46. A squirrel detective is Squirrel-ock Holmes.

47. At parties, squirrels drink Squirrel-y Temples.

48. I love walking along the squirrel-ine.

49. I woke up squirrel-y today.

Squirrel eating an acorn.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

50. I’m drinking squirrel grey tea.

51. We’re having squirrel-oin steak for dinner.

52. They became known for their squirrel-esques of popular plays.

53. It’s squirrel-y simple.

54. I’m taking a vacation to Squirrel Lanka.

55. It seems squirrel-ish to complain.

56. Young squirrels are also called squirrel-dren.

57. That’s his new squirrel-friend.

58. I love Squirrel Scout cookies.

59. Ab-squirrel-utely!

60. I set a few New Year’s re-squirrel-utions.

61. We found a squirrel-ution to the problem.

62. I’m squirrel-y sorry.

63. Squirrels are squirrel-ective when it comes to nuts.

64. I keep plants on the window-squirrel.

65. A squirrel entrepreneur lives in Squirrel-icon Valley.

66. When it’s cold, you need good in-squirrel-ation.

Squirrel on a branch.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

67. Let’s have a squirrel-ebration.

68. The famous squirrel is a squirrel-ebrity.

69. You did an ex-squirrel-ent job.

70. I’m going to school to become a squirrel surgeon.

71. The squirrel researcher is the key-nut speaker.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.