125+ Funny Basketball Puns to Fill Your Laughter Basket

Basketball is one of the most popular sports. Whether watching or playing, read the funniest basketball puns for a good laugh.

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Basketball is a game where two teams of five players compete to score the most points.

You can play basketball indoors or outdoors. But the National Basketball Association plays indoors on a 94 feet long by 50 feet wide court.

It’s a fun sport to play and watch, explaining its popularity.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following basketball puns.

You can share them with other viewers or teammates to make everyone laugh.

Hilarious basketball puns

1. I hope your day’s a slam dunk.

2. I swish you were here.

Basketball in a hoop.
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3. A basketball player’s favorite place to eat is Dunkin’ Donuts.

4. Basketball players love cookies because they can dunk them.

5. When ghosts play basketball, they get called for ghoul-tending.

6. Basketball sued tennis. Now both have to go to court.

7. Basketball players can’t go on vacation because they’re not allowed to travel.

8. A team of monkeys that wins is the chimp-ion.

9. The sport for people that cry a lot is basket-bawl.

10. The only cheese that’s gouda at basketball is Swiss.

11. I dunk understand.

12. Basketball players are good at handling breakups because they rebound.

13. Robbers make great basketball players. They already know how to shoot, steal, and run.

14. I hoop to see you again.

15. A turkey that plays basketball says, “Double-double.”

16. A bass fish’s favorite sport is bass-get-ball.

17. You have to find assist-ym to succeed.

18. I’ve screen this before.

19. I need a way to deal with the paint.

20. A triangle offense said to the basketball, “You’re pointless.”

21. A basketball hoop in Hawaii is a hula hoop.

22. The basketball player went to martial arts class to learn the jab step.

23. The only way to resolve an issue is a box out.

24. A basketball player’s favorite dessert is an apple turnover.

25. The first meal of the day for basketball players is called fast breaks.

26. Basketball players wear bibs because they dribble.

27. Basketball players are always willing to share tips. They’ll give you three-pointers.

28. Santa Claus plays basketball now. They call him Saint Knick.

29. A basketball player’s favorite hobby is net-ting.

30. I’ll push the shopping court.

31. Basketball players sleep in dunk beds.

Person doing a slam dunk.
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32. I feel it in my score.

33. It’s a pain in the pass.

34. A basketball thief picks blocks.

35. I can’t rim-ember.

36. Someone center to deliver a message.

37. The DJ made a rim-ix of the song.

38. If a basketball player has a chicken, it’s a person foul.

39. Don’t be a brick about it.

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40. I made a robot basketball player. You can basket questions.

41. Let’s swish places.

42. I love watching sunsets on the Pass-ific Ocean.

43. We have a ver-ball agreement.

44. My father is incredible at basketball. He always told me, “I have been Duncan all my life!”

45. It’s the brick-tical choice.

46. I’m making a rim-edy.

47. I have to help them. They’re in dribble.

48. A basketball player’s favorite thing about astronomy is shooting stars.

49. I love hanging out on the ball-cony.

50. We stood on the brick of the cliffs.

51. My parents are having a baby. I’m going to have assist-er.

52. I’m hoop-y about my decision.

53. My favorite type of coffee is net-ro cold brew.

54. Let’s do it one score time.

55. It’s an open-basket funeral.

56. If you give a hunter a basketball, they’ll shoot it.

57. Cats aren’t good at basketball. They shoot too many hairballs.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

58. The sport for people that like to fight is basket-brawl.

59. There’s a new cocktail for basketball players. It’s called the slam drunk.

60. Of courts!

61. San Antonio has a spontaneous basketball team. They do things in the Spur of the moment.

62. Can you pass the movie? I’ll be right back.

63. If you want to motivate a basketball player, tell them to power forward.

64. They’re net-able members of the team.

65. We’re having a gathering for the best defensive players. It’s going to be a block party.

66. Chest pass the ball.

67. Chicken twins are also called a double foul.

68. Thanks for the opportu-net-y.

69. Division I basketball players ride on scholar ships.

70. A basketball player that hurts birds is a buzzard beater.

71. If basketball players on the bench were teachers, they’d be substitutes.

72. The basketball player made mistakes but felt no rim-orse.

73. The coach is net-picking.

74. I like to prank people with hoop-ie cushions.

75. We have a rim chance of winning.

76. The only time a basketball team chases a baseball team is five after nine.

77. Double or net-hing.

78. The basketball player joined a weaving club to learn how to make baskets.

79. A pig that plays basketball is a ball hog.

80. Your swish is granted.

81. Fish don’t like basketball because they’re afraid of the nets.

82. When a basketball player misses, they say, “Shoot!”

83. The basketball player was arrested for dunk driving.

Basketball player dunking.
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84. You’re a tough net to crack.

85. Ball aboard!

86. We’re having tea and baskets.

87. What’s all the bracket?

88. It’s a piece of dunk.

89. Saved by the ball.

90. A fantasy show about basketball is called Hooper-natural.

91. The bulls keep getting violations for charging.

92. Cinderella wasn’t good at basketball because she was scared of the ball.

93. The nose didn’t make it on the basketball team. It didn’t get picked.

94. Birds aren’t allowed to play basketball. They commit too many fowls.

95. The basketball player went to a bank because their checks were bouncing.

96. The basketball player failed in class because they didn’t want to pass.

97. I couldn’t figure out why the basketball was getting bigger. Then, it hit me.

98. When a basketball player misses a dunk, it’s called an alley whoops.

99. An angry rabbit and a professional basketball player have one thing in common, mad hops.

100. The basketball arena gets hot after the games because all the fans have left.

Puns about basketball players

1. A famous basketball player slipped. It was Scottie Slipp-en.

2. A basketball player that smells good is Kevin Deo-Durant.

Silhouette of two basketball players.
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3. Hey Paul, is Arizin okay?

4. Leave Karl Malone.

5. Cream Abdul-Jabbar.

6. Stephen is making Curry.

7. Yao is Ming-ling with his friends.

8. Lin-til next time.

9. Oh, just Wade and see.

10. The famous basketball player who uses tanning cream is LeBron-ze James.

11. Derrick Rose to the top.

12. Tim is always Duncan.

13. I’ve been a basketball Iverson-ce my first game.

14. Kevin makes Car-netts.

15. Dirk is trying to become funnier. Right now, he’s Nowitzki.

16. In his free time, Willis likes to Reed.

17. Tim waits for the clay to Harden.

18. This will McAdoo.

19. Bill won the Russell-ing tournament.

20. I’ve got Pippen my step.

21. I’m from LeBronx.

22. I’m doing al-Dwight. Howard you?

Basketball player dribbling.
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23. Caramel-o Anthony.

24. Hal got Greer-ended.

25. A shrimp that’s good at basketball is Le-Prawn James.

26. I’m getting a burger from Shake Shaq.

27. The best basketball player from Star Wars is Kobe-Wan Kenobi.

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