90+ Funny Lemon Puns to Squeeze a Laugh

Lemons are citrus fruits that are tart and nutritious. Whether growing or consuming, read funny lemon puns for a good laugh.

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There’s so much you can do with lemons. Examples include adding them to water, cleaning, or making lemon bars.

Lemons are citrus fruits that date back thousands of years.

The trees need full sun and produce an excellent source of vitamins.

Whether eating, growing, or seeing them, read the following lemon puns for a laugh.

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Hilarious lemon puns

1. Carpe lemon. Squeeze the day!

2. The lemons began dating, and the zest was history.

3. If a lemon curd, it would.

Lemon and leaves.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

4. Lemon-ument was magnificent.

5. Lemon farmers make a lot of lemon-ey.

6. Citrus got real.

7. They were e-lemon-ated from the competition.

8. You’re my main squeeze.

9. Don’t get me tart-ed.

10. You’re the zest.

11. A lemon that falls from a tree needs lemon-aid.

12. The zest is yet to come.

13. Lemon tell you how much you mean to me.

14. John Lemon was a member of The Beatles.

15. I dressed up as a lemon-ster for Halloween.

16. The lemon woke up and said, “I peel good!”

17. The inspirational lemon said, “Juice be you.”

18. After sneezing, the lemon said, “Ex-squeeze me.”

19. The sad lemon was lemon-ting.

20. Lemons and limes are bitter rivals.

21. A pre-historic lemon is a dino-sour.

22. I drank lemon-cello in Southern Italy.

23. The bright lemon il-lemon-ated the room.

24. A lemon apologizes by saying, “I’m sour-ry.”

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

25. The lemon stopped rolling because it ran out of juice.

26. If a lemon were a cowboy, it’d run through the Wild Zest.

27. A lemon answers the phone by saying, “Yellow.”

28. I zest my case.

29. The two lemons are in a citrus relationship.

30. You’re citrus-ly amazing.

31. I’ll meet up with you lemon-day after next.

32. Let’s play tarts.

33. You’re tart-ally my favorite.

34. I want to speak to lemon-ager.

35. I can’t decide because there are too lemon-y choices.

36. Life’s starting to feel too lemon-dane.

37. Please lemon calm.

38. I think lemons are sublime.

39. The lemon looks so ap-peel-ing.

40. I’m sour excited.

41. A dinosaur that eats lemons is a Tyranno-sour-us.

42. All hell broke juice.

43. I’m snacking on c-lemon-tines.

44. I’m in my e-lemon-t.

45. They imp-lemon-ted our advice.

46. My doctor recommended supp-lemon-ts.

47. Young lemons go to e-lemon-tary school.

48. Be careful because there’s inc-lemon-t weather.

49. You’re such a gent-lemon.

50. The company must pay a sett-lemon-t.

51. They have a sense of entit-lemon-t.

52. Everyone loves getting comp-lemon-ts.

53. In art class, we learned about comp-lemon-tary colors.

54. I cover lemons with a-lemon-um foil.

A lemon and a half.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

55. The house has lemon-ate flooring.

56. The room was lemon-ous with sunlight.

57. If you cross a lemon with a bird, you get a f-lemon-go.

58. If you cross a lemon with an amphibian, you get a sa-lemon-der.

59. I’m going to France to watch 24 Hours of Lemons.

60. I’m taking a pre-lemon-ary exam.

61. The store is giving out comp-lemon-tary samples.

62. Put the b-lemon me.

63. It’s made with thousands of fi-lemon-ts.

64. They were in lemon-ent danger.

65. I read a tart-icle online.

66. In lemons citrus-t.

67. If a lemon raps, it’d be called Lemon-em.

68. I’m trying to make lemon-ds meet.

69. Zest just how it is.

70. A lemon’s favorite dance is lemon Merengue.

71. Lemons wear sunscreen because they peel.

72. It’s a pro-zest.

73. Don’t be a sour loser.

74. Lemons in space are zest-ronauts.

75. I love you with all my tart.

76. Let’s get this tart-y started.

77. I’m waiting for a zest-imate.

78. They’re in-zest-igating the crime scene.

79. I subscribed to lemon-thly newsletter.

80. It has no lemon-etary value.

81. I’d like to thank my lemon-tor.

82. Thanks for lemon-tion.

83. You have lemon-tality of a champion.

84. It’s lemon-datory.

85. Did you read lemon-ual?

86. We met zest-erday.

87. You’re the ni-zest person I’ve ever met.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

88. I’m learning about my an-zest-ors.

89. We will get juice-tice.

90. I need to make a few ad-juice-tments.

91. That was a kind juice-ture.

92. Thanks for your su-juice-tion.

93. My kids go to a lemon-tessori school.

94. Allow me to lemon-strate.

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