70+ Hilarious Hat Puns to Cap-ture Laughter

Hats are stylish and provide shade from the sun. With many types come many opportunities to laugh. Read the funniest hat puns.

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Hats are one of the most popular and functional accessories.

Beanies, baseball caps, fedoras, bucket hats, and Panama hats are several of the many types.

You can wear a hat in hot or cold weather or for stylish or cultural reasons.

It’s also an excellent way to protect your skin from sun damage.

Whether wearing or shopping for one, read the following hat puns for a good laugh.

Funny hat puns

1. I hat a feeling.

2. You’ve got hat-titude.

3. I hat a great time with you.

Hat with a flower.
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4. Hatters gonna hat.

5. I’ve hat enough.

6. I find you hat-tractive.

7. The extra caps are in the hat-tic.

8. I can hat-test.

9. We meet hat last.

10. Hat’s how we roll.

11. A car that wears hats is a hat-chback.

12. You can find the best hats in Man-hat-tan.

13. Two hats are on a rack. One says to the other, “Stay here. I’ll go on a-head.”

14. Every morning, the hat salesperson drinks a cap-puccino.

15. Hats are falling from the sky. We’re under hat-tack.

16. A lion wearing a stylish hat is a dandy-lion.

17. Polar bears wear ice caps.

18. My barber does an excellent job. Hats off to him.

19. Con-hat-ulations!

20. I’m hat-tending the hat convention.

21. It was a great hat-tempt.

22. The cap company’s lawyer is an hat-torney.

23. Wide-brimmed hats are well-rounded.

24. You can go this way or hat way.

25. Call a cap.

26. Cap the change.

27. When it’s cold, a car wears a gas cap.

28. If you don’t wear a hat, it’ll hat-rophy.

29. You have all the right hat-tributes.

30. May I have your hat-tention?

31. The restaurant has a lovely hat-mosphere.

32. This is the main hat-traction.

33. In hat-making school, the teacher takes hat-tendance.

34. It’s a theor-hat-ical situation.

35. You’re a li-cap-le person.

36. Hats on a stick are a cap-ob.

37. When two caps sing together, it’s a du-hat.

38. It was a prop-hat-ic message.

39. I love the aest-hat-ics.

40. It uses a synt-hat-ic material.

41. Hats always cap-ture my interest.

Baseball cap.
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42. I’m learning the vo-cap-ulary of the hat industry.

43. We’re staying in a cap-ana.

44. There was a hat and run.

45. It’s not appli-cap-le to me.

46. You have impec-cap-le style.

47. Cap it to yourself.

48. It was a s-hat-ow.

49. Hat-ge your bets.

50. The ship was making little hat-way.

51. I’m reading the hat-lines.

52. I’m visiting the cap company’s hat-quarters.

53. It was hat-den in plain sight.

54. An ugly cap is hat-deous.

55. We’re working on creating new hat-vertisements.

56. Hat-mit it.

57. You must hat-apt to the situation.

58. Thanks for your hat-vice.

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59. I’ll make the hat-justments.

60. I hat-mire your dedication.

61. It may cause an hat-verse reaction.

62. It’s good to have an hat-vantage.

63. We’re going through hat-versity.

64. No worries hat all.

Puns based on hat types

1. This is beanie-th me.

2. I want to make a statement fedora-cord.

3. You look fedora-ble.

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4. How derby?

5. I’ll beret the treasure.

6. You ascot lot of questions.

7. The hat has a straw-ng smell.

8. I didn’t want to get a new hat. Then, I said, “Bucket.”

9. A sad hat is a somber-ero.

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