45+ Hilarious Brain Jokes to Make You Laugh

The brain is a complex and essential organ. It controls speech, thought, memory, and movement. Read the funniest brain jokes for a laugh.

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Your brain controls all the functions of your body. It’s also the most complex body part.

You can divide the brain into three parts, the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain.

The different aspects control various functions and responses.

The brain is fascinating and significant. It’s also perfect for humor.

Read the following brain jokes for a good laugh.

Funny neuroscience and brain jokes

1. What did the brain say about hard work?

No brain, no gain.

2. Why did the brain apply lipstick?

Someone told it to make up its mind.

3. What do you call someone without a brain?

A no-brainer.

4. How do brains greet each other?

They send brain waves.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. How did the brain win a race?

It got a head start.

6. What did the meninges say to reassure the brain?

I’ve got you covered.

7. What do you call a hat for a brain?

A thinking cap.

8. Why did the brain grab an umbrella?

It was brainstorming.

9. What do you call a brain taking a bath?


10. What do you call the main office of a brain?

The headquarters.

11. Why can’t a brain be 12 inches long?

Then, it’d be a foot.

12. What did the brain say to the wind?

You blew my mind.

13. What do you get when you cross a brain with a light bulb?

A bright idea.

Brain and light bulb.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

14. What did the brain say to its significant other?

I lobe you.

15. What’s a brain’s favorite country music group?

Lady Cerebellum.

16. Why doesn’t the weather affect your brain’s performance?

It works brain or shine.

17. Why did the brain work harder than others?

To get a head.

18. What does a brain say to decline a question?


19. When does a brain become afraid?

After losing its nerve.

20. What did the brain say after getting an electrical shock?

That was stimulating.

21. What does a brain wear to stay dry in the rain?

A cortex jacket.

22. Why are the brain and spinal cord anxious?

They’re part of the nervous system.

23. What did the brain say to tell others to be skeptical?

Take it with a brain of salt.

24. What kind of brain images do dogs and cats like to see?

PET scans.

25. What happened to the patient after a brain transplant?

They changed their mind.

26. What gets on a brain’s nerves?


27. How can you turn a brain into water?

Remove the B.

28. Why do brains sleep on sugar?

To have sweet dreams.

29. How do you know brains aren’t real?

They’re in your head.

30. What kind of fish performs brain surgery?

A neuro-sturgeon.

31. What do you call someone who makes fun of brains?

A brain teaser.

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32. What did the left brain say to the right brain to break up?

Let’s split.

33. Did you hear about the brain that stepped on a banana peel?

It slipped their mind.

34. What kind of bees eat brains?


35. What did the doctor say about the brain with land on it?

It looks like you have a lot on your mind.

36. What is a brain’s favorite chess piece?


37. What does a brain say when it’s surprised?

Oh synapse!

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38. What does a brain host to acknowledge a significant event?

A cerebral-atory dinner.

39. What did the person say about their mind being constantly irritating?

It’s the brain of my existance.

40. What did the brain say about sharing things?

What’s mind is yours.

41. Where do you go to learn about brains?

The hippocampus.

42. How do you clean sulci?

Use mental floss.

43. Why couldn’t the brain see?

There was brain fog.

44. Which part of the brain is the most spiritual?

The amygdala-ai Lama.

45. What’s a brain’s favorite rock band?


46. What did the hippocampus say about the vacation?

I made a lot of memories.

47. What does a brain say to tell you to take your time?


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