130+ Funny Bird Puns That’ll Leave You Flying With Laughter

Birds are fascinating warm-blooded animals. They come in many sizes and colors. Read funny bird puns for a laugh next time you see one.

Bird flying.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

There are thousands of bird species in the world. They’re the only animals with feathers.

Most can fly, but some, like penguins, ostrich, and emus, can’t.

You can also have several birds as pets since they can be fun and intelligent companions.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following bird puns. They’re perfect for bird lovers, students, and anytime you see a bird.

Hilarious bird puns

1. I don’t want to be a bird-en.

2. Happy bird-thday!

3. I took the li-bird-y.

Small bird.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

4. Ask the bird-ender for a drink.

5. They’re getting bom-bird-ed.

6. You’re im-peck-able.

7. There’s a long line at the bird-er.

8. I peck you.

9. I’m ready wing you are.

10. They’re the su-bird-inate officers.

11. A-bird the mission.

12. It beaks my interest.

13. That was e-peck.

14. The products are bill-t to last.

15. The building is surrounded by bird-ch trees.

16. You wing some, you lose some.

17. All a-bird.

18. I bird-sted with laughter.

19. Its days are num-bird.

20. Think about it from a different pers-peck-tive.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

21. Beak-a-boo.

22. You’re s-peck-tacular.

23. It looks like someone tam-bird with it.

24. I didn’t know what to ex-peck-t.

25. I’m go-wing to help.

26. I peck your pardon.

27. Join our peck-leball tournament.

28. They’ve reached the beak of their career.

29. There are ongo-wing debates about the topic.

30. Both ends of the s-peck-trum.

31. I got bird of sitting around.

32. I have a story to tail you.

33. Let’s walk the bird-walk.

34. I love playing bird-games in my free time.

35. Your name made it to the leader-bird.

36. Smile for the peck-ture.

37. The kids are going to bird-ing school.

38. Change the to-peck.

39. You can come over wing-ever you want.

40. It’s a ty-peck-al day.

41. I’ve bird it all before.

Small bird.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

42. A lot of jobs are in jeo-bird-y.

43. Learn from the ex-birds.

44. The news company is only interested in events that bird-ain to local issues.

45. They bought a new prop-bird-y.

46. Listen before you s-beak.

47. A bird’s favorite movie is The Lord of the Wings.

48. Better luck nest time.

49. The two birds that are in love are tweet-hearts.

50. Talk bird-y to me.

51. A chirp off the old block.

Funny bird puns by species

1. Toucan play this game.

2. That’s il-eagle.

3. Live life with no egrets.

4. That’s a bit of ostrich.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. I have a bow and sparrow.

6. I’ve been chicken you out.

7. She’s my gull-friend.

8. You can parrot with that.

9. The brand has raven fans.

10. I’m having egret time.

11. That was hawk-ward.

12. It’s time to crow.

13. I’m just falcon around.

14. Quail, quail, quail.

15. I duck myself into a hole.

16. There’s room for owl of us.

17. Ducks in a crate are also called a box of quackers.

18. Birds that stick together are vel-crows.

19. A funny chicken is a comedi-hen.

20. I add crow-tons to my salad.

21. One bird’s always out of breath, the puffin.

22. Kiwi make up?

23. I find it emus-ing.

24. When I’m in a sleeping bag, it feels like I’m in a cuckoo-n.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

25. The store’s security prevents a thief from robin.

26. I have a sprained eagle.

27. We’re condor way.

28. I’m going to see a duck-tor.

29. I play the cuckoo-stic guitar.

30. Crow away.

31. It’s dis-goose-ting.

32. The event is scheduled to hawk-cur tomorrow.

33. I’m wren-ning a marathon this weekend.

34. There are goose-ty winds.

35. The company’s launching a new pro-duck-t.

36. You’re a t-wren-dsetter.

37. A bunch of bo-goose.

38. Breaks help with pro-duck-tivity.

39. Here’s a toucan of my appreciation.

40. I was in s-hawk.

41. I was toucan aback.

42. Gull-ty as charged.

43. Swift is how we do it.

44. You can’t pick and goose.

45. I’m fowl-ling in love with you.

46. I haven’t seen heron a long time.

47. We’re wren-ewing our contract.

48. I’m reading a duck-ument.

49. Thanks for being transpa-wren-t.

50. It’s good to set gulls.

51. I like to stay cur-wren-t with events in the world.

52. I’m watching a duck-umentary about birds.

53. My cat had a parakeet-ies.

54. Ap-parrot-ly, that’s what happened.

55. I think I’m in dove.

56. Protect your digital identity from hawk-ers.

57. Not all who swan-der are lost.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

58. I t-owl-d you so.

59. Ostrich after a workout.

60. I’m wren-ting a home.

61. The basketball player shot a buzzard-beater.

62. It’s your tern.

63. A bird’s favorite green is aru-gull-a.

64. You’ve crow-n up so fast.

65. Give me a c-owl sometime.

66. The police told the driver to plover.

67. It’s not person-owl.

68. Poultry in motion.

69. You’re owl-ways welcome.

70. Tern the page.

71. Owl never give up.

72. The duck investigator couldn’t quack the case.

73. Make your best goose.

74. Invest in the stork market.

75. We’re going to the emu-sement park.

76. Toucan’t touch this.

77. Quail-ity over quantity.

78. I’m learning how to speak Portu-geese.

79. They were ostrich-sized.

80. It’s owl or nothing.

Owl on a branch.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

81. You’re a crane-gel.

82. The most religious birds are birds of pray.

83. Willet work?

84. Osprey cologne before leaving my home.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.